10 thoughts on “All The Ways That Americans Are Traveling Wrong In Europe

  1. As long as European men run around water parks basically flashing people every time they get off a slide because Speedos… They can't talk about what other tourists wear.

  2. It starts with entitlement, lol
    "Americans". Which one? The ones from the North? Canada?
    The ones from the South? Paraguai? Colombia?

  3. I remembered reading that Americans traveling to Europe has been declining for the last 2 decades and instead, are opting for travel to Asia, Mexico, and the Caribbean. I'm wondering now if it's because Americans feel less judged by arrogant Europeans and the money goes much further in those areas?

  4. 0:35 Chiming in from Florida to say if American homeboy is puttin' ice in his beer, he's gonna get a weird look. At best.

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