100 thoughts on “Aloe Blacc – Brooklyn In The Summer

  1. The only reason this video has a lot of views because Noah said this was his favorite song xD

  2. Lol everyone who commented here 1 month ago must have been because of Noah Schnapp's video?
    Great song tho…?❤

  3. Raisa Bruner says: " a breezy recollection of romance, evoking the highs and lows of a love story on its final chapter "

  4. My goodness Aloe, you should give Noah a sponsor! He literally sent most people here, including me. I will most likely listen to this way more now because it's actually a great song. I just never knew about it. Great Job!!

  5. Love this song! Head to our channel to hear David Owens do a cover. You may remember David from season 16 of The Voice!

  6. I don't get it are you people supporting Noah or aloe blacc cause it seems to me you guys are talking about how Noah brought you here what about giving credit and praise to the actual singer smh

  7. I am here because I heard this song playing in JCPenney tonight while school shopping for my son and grandson. I had to listen to key words so I could search for the song when I got home. And guess what…Im here! This is a really nice and soothing song.

  8. Is it just me or does anyone else thinks that he kinda sounds like the singer Brian McKnight especially when he goes up on high notes?

  9. When I first heard this song in the gym last year…..my ears perked up and I was curious….some singers on the radio, their voices didn't appeal to me, it was more of a bubble gum child tone and weak belts. U sir….have a great and gorgeous voice…….your voice and the lyrics to this song is one of my favorite songs……keep singing!!!!

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