Alpkit’s Top 10 Tips for Winter Camping

Alpkit’s Top 10 Tips for Winter Camping

Winter can be pretty challenging and the temptation to stay indoors and turn the heating up some be really strong but with a few minor Adjustments it can also be a great time to get out in the mountains pitch your tent and enjoy the outdoors So here’s our top tips to helping you get out camping this winter As you can see we’ve pitched our tent in a nice open clear area We’re free from any overhanging trees. And then you potential Avalanche risks as nicely that looks underneath these trees It’s not actually the ideal spot for setting up camp the wind picks up in the night This snow is going to fall straight onto your 10 Nice Keeping your tent secure is critical for a good night’s sleep If you’re out camping in winter If you find that the snow is too deep or the ground is frozen And your little tent pegs probably aren’t gonna be up to the job If that happens find yourself some decent size sticks put them through your guide lines like so and bury them down in the snow to secure your tent Well surefire way to ruin a camping trip is getting moisture inside your tent There’s a few tips and tricks that we’ve learned over the years to really help minimize This one of those is getting your sleeping bag out of the tent as often as you can. Let it breathe Hang it over a tree drier out Doing this can avoid a buildup of moisture inside the bag which in really cold temperatures is going to freeze That’s going to lead to an incredibly uncomfortable night. Make sure you’re out your bag Another way condensation can sneak into your tent is simply barbering and snow in with you before you get into the tent Make sure you brush any snow off your clothing and off your boots So you don’t get any in your tent think of it as taking your shoes off before walking on someone’s fancy carpet Over the years we’ve let lots of tips and tricks to make your camp experience that much more comfortable For example pitching your tent parallel to the wind Generates a nice air flow through your tent to reduce condensation Chances are you’re going to be bringing yourself inflating sleeping mat with you for this trip? I’ve got myself a cloud base but to add a bit of extra comfort and a bit of extra insulation We’ve got a closed cell phone mount underneath as well this also acts as a handy backup in case of any punctures to yourself inflating When you get back from a day in the mountains chances are you’re gonna have worked pretty hard You might be a bit sweaty. The temptation can be to jump straight into there won’t be a sleeping bag They’d be changed into dry thermals first. You’re gonna get a much more comfortable night’s sleep This is probably one of our simplest tips on the list After you’ve had a long day on the hill and you managed to air out your clothes the best you can Just grab your base layers and your socks throw them in a dry bag just like that which you’ve got that just stuff it into the bottom of your sleeping bag and When you go to bed and you start to warm that bag up you close the start going to start drying out a bit more And they’re going to stop them from freezing overnight One of most important things to get right when winter camping is your fuel Pick the wrong fuel to stove combo and you’re in for a world of trouble Ideally you go for a propane gas which is down to about minus 40 However, they’re usually large and bulky and should not ideal for most environments We’ve got here a nice a butane canister which gives you the best of both worlds Just need to make sure that you keep them warm and offer the snow as often as you can Right that’s got to be done right now The thought of a delicious dinner when you get back to your camp is enough to keep you going through the harshest the days out in the mountains and when to camping isn’t any different make sure you cook your food well away from your tent so you don’t get Any condensation build-up and for a final top tip? It’s a really good idea to eat a hot meal before you get into your sleeping bag It might seem like a lot of effort but it’s really good for getting your core temperature up before you go to sleep at night Well, let’s see So there’s our top tips for making the most out winter camping every time you go out Make sure you follow all the Leave No Trace principles And leave your camp area as you found it if you’ve got any tips that you think we’ve missed feel free to let us know

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  1. Any chance you can list the clothes the two guys were wearing (especially trousers and gloves)!?


    PS, great vid!

  2. So funny seeing him pour the full cooker Haha instead of unscrewing it. Genuinely still think they've never done a bit of camping

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