Alternative Holiday Destinations in the UK! ✈️

Alternative Holiday Destinations in the UK! ✈️

Hi I’m Joel and I’m Lia and today we’re
talking about places to go in the UK that you might not thought of before for
a holiday so before we start don’t forget to click
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post on regularly yep so these are destinations that we’ve
been to ourselves that we really like in the UK but you might not necessarily
have heard about them to go on holiday yes and as we know Airbnb is huge now
you can stay in someone’s house and it’s amazing if you haven’t heard of Airbnb
go and check it out we also got links to some discounts you can use below. yeah
so here’s some destinations like Joel said that we’ve been to all of these places on
this list so 100% recommend these places to have a holiday so we’re going to
start with cities so some cities obviously there’s London um maybe we’ll
skip over London because it’s such a huge pace and it’s the most obvious of
all holiday destinations in the UK other cities that you can check out. Near
me, where my family live is about an hour away from Birmingham and Birmingham
is an amazing city and it’s got incredible shopping… just shopping really um
shopping and culture theatre, cool just really nice city um and also great if
you’re trying to learn the Birmingham accent just go around there just
listen and take it all in it’s quite entertaining
I love Birminham, I know you do you’re saying it wrong it’s Birmingham
Birminham anyone who’s not from like the Midlands calls it anyone from London
calls it Birminham it’s Birmingham. It annoys her so much It annoys me so much. If you wanna annoy her just call it Birminham.
Anyway next one Manchester’s really nice I’ve only been
there once or twice it’s a really good city it’s sort of like the northern
London like loads of media companies like the
BBC have moved up to Manchester from London so it’s like quite booming at the
moment there’s good theatre there’s good shops it’s just quite a nice city also
Manchester’s got a really great university and so has Birmingham so if
you’re thinking about places to study for university the cities are incredible
you’ve obviously got Manchester Birmingham Leeds any of the London universities
you’ll have an amazing time yeah Newcastle has got an incredible vibe
we went there for some screen tests and we only spent sort of like nine hours in
the city but just the bars and the nightlife as well there’s a really good
chicken shop as well, when we used to eat chicken yeah that was fun that was really fun
everything was so cheap, compared to London not like not like ridiculously cheap
but just cheaper than London and Birmingham prices only a bit less than
London but yeah if you branch out. Also, Cardiff is really nice they’ve got massive
castle there called Cardiff Castle and it’s just amazing loads of lovely grounds
and yeah really good night life as well if you’re into that sort of thing yeah – partying. Joel and I aren’t really into that no we’re more into work rather than partying. Married to the job Married to the job yeah let’s move on from
cities so moving away towns or not not quite countryside but just a little bit
more rural like sort of seaside as well as seaside towns yeah Brighton Brighton is
really good amazing, is Brighton technically a city, no? yeah, I think so. What makes a city? Cathedral I think. Is it? Yeah I think if it’s if you’ve got a Cathedral
that makes it a city if it doesn’t have a cathedral then it’s a town oh all right
that makes sense yeah Coventry Coventry Cathedral so if I just
think of if it’s got a cathedral then Isn’t that interesting? It’s a
weird rule in England and then towns are just the surrounding places, yeah slightly
smaller or they might not even be smaller it’s just they don’t have a
cathedral I don’t know why that’s the rule
someone let us know why that’s the rule there’ll be some of you know it alls that will know it. So Brighton is really good I
the lanes in Brighton yes it’s so nice. there’s cobbled streets with lovely little shops
and once you’ve kind of explored it for about an hour or two you’re kind of like
oh I’m done but then you realise there’s more yeah oh never been down these parts of the lanes before. Also have you been to Bournemouth? It’s really lovely. Don’t think I have been to Bournemouth, no.
But has Bournemouth got sea? Yeah. Just checking! My geography’s amazing! I’ve been to Weymouth, is that far? That is far, it’s really far down. So, you’ve got lots of like surfing culture when you go a bit more towards the sea
seaside in England like theres surfery shops and like suddenly you’re like
oh we do water sports here interesting like you just forget there’s an optional
when you live in London. Such a Londoner yeah you completely forget and it actually feels like you’re going on
holiday if you live in England and you go somewhere else it’s just different
surroundings like oh this is really nice I took a really nice bike ride and over
Easter, along the sort of there’s like almost along the coast of like
Brighton, and it was so nice, I was like this is a gorgeous Easter day! It’s called promenade isn’t it?
promenade but then just further, so I was in the middle of nowhere! So countryside so um
countryside we’ve got Stratford-upon-Avon which is sort of
like a little bit of the town but has also got loads of countryside and loads
of green and what’s really nice about Stratford-upon-Avon is that it’s the
birthplace of Shakespeare so you’ve got loads of sort of like touristy things
and historical things to check out whilst you’re there it’s amazing you’ve
got the RSC so you can actually go and watch a Shakespeare play outside of
London and just really sort of take it all in submerge yourself in like British
culture and theatre writing it’s like amazing it’s so good it’s really really
nice another place which is where I’m from is Winchester which used to be the
capital of England before it was London back in the day like, hundreds of years ago but again that
classes as a city because it’s got a cathedral but it’s surrounded by loads
of countryside so it’s a really great place to go for historic buildings I
think they’ve got one of the oldest buildings in the UK
and it’s just really lovely cobbled streets nice it looks a bit Hogwarts-y
really but again close to the countryside so you can go on day trips
out of the city speaking of Hogwarts you can really see
where JK Rowling got her inspiration from if you go to Edinburgh coz
obviously she was writing Harry Potter while she was living up in Edinburgh and
sometimes when you’re walking down some of these cobbled streets,
it’s so Harry Potter-y and Hogwarts-y it’s unreal you’re like oh my god I can see
her vision it’s so amazing so obviously you’ve got Edinburgh which is a city and
you’ve got all the amazing shops and stuff but if you come more into sort
of like old Edinburgh, you’ve got Edinburgh castle there’s so much going on there especially if you were to go in August time because there’s a huge the
biggest theatre festival in the world going on, the biggest theatre and comedy
festival the Edinburgh Fringe so if you manage to get over there in August if
you book in early before it gets super expensive then you can have an
incredible summer in the UK never been to Scotland really want to go oh
definitely got to go it’s the best. It’s cold
though cold place! it’s cold and don’t forget with Scottish currency you can
use British Pounds over there and they do use sterling but all of their notes look
different yeah so it’s quite annoying when you come back to London because
people look at you a bit funny but you have to say it’s sterling you can use it
it’s legal tender another lovely place in the countryside which is honestly
deep into the countryside there’s no town sort of nearby, in Surrey if you
go to Dorking um I went to school near there and in Holmbury St Mary there’s the
house that is used in The Holiday the film with Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz
like sometimes tourists drive past it and stop and have photos with the cottage
it’s like adorable and just the Surrey hills and
the countryside there you’re so cut off and away from everything is amazing if
you want a really really rural experience like Dorking but different is
the Yorkshire Dales I went there a few years ago literally in the middle of nowhere
just rolling hills full of sheep and stone built walls and everything the
cottages are all made out of stone it’s so beautiful that’s amazing we went to
it was near a place called Wensley Dale which is where Wallace and Gromit they like their cheese from Wensley Dale and we went to the
cheese factory and we got the loads of samples of cheese for free and we were just like eating all the cheese it was so good I remember when I was driving down to
Weymouth we drove past somewhere called Cheddar and I was like Britain is
amazing have you been to the Cheddar Gorge no amazing, there’s so
many places that I want to go to in the UK and I live here and I’ve not been to
these places so good and also Britain is so green there’s so many different
shades of green definitely I know that sounds really like you know “ra-ra” but
sometimes you’re just looking and you’re like there’s so many shades of green
beautiful and the thing is because our country’s so small even if you’re
visiting London you can always go on a day trip out somewhere else get a train
somewhere else one hour to Brighton you can even go to Paris for
the day you can, it’s ridiculous You can get the train there. Why haven’t we done that? too expensive. No we can book it in advance and just be like “oh we’re going to Paris that week for a fiver” yeah so good! Anyway, hopefully you found those helpful do let
us know if you’re planning on going anywhere else in the UK other than
London and if you want any specific recommendations we might be able to make
another video on this subject yeah pending this yeah and we are thinking of
doing a little series, aren’t we? Of going to places in the Uk and like vlogging it and giving you
facts about each different place I think it’d be really cool if Joel and I went
to a place that went off found stuff separately and then came back. Imagine that as a TV show ok guys I hope you enjoyed this video and
we will see you next time thank you

98 thoughts on “Alternative Holiday Destinations in the UK! ✈️

  1. My family's actually planning a holiday to a few smaller, cozy towns (including Bath) and we are also going to Birmingham; but London is my point of entry into the UK. We'll also be in Newcastle for a couple of days, too. My uncle's already booked flights, and we're coming in December. Unfortunately, my mother doesn't want to come because if she's there with my aunt around, there's definitely going to be an argument over something insignificant like shoes, or even something like parking the car perpendicular to the house rather than parallel. So my mother was adamant because of that "sisterly love." But her brother is a barmy character, he'll book flights, hotels, and attraction passes like an expert, and he's great with computers and software… But when he's on holiday, MY GOODNESS!!! He loves to make poo jokes, sing, and dance in public and he and my aunt have 6 kids, so no wonder, he's been driven mental! So yeah, we're taking along a few friends too, and we'll be a huge herd of 20! I have definitely saved up for shopping, because I am a shopaholic! One of my cousins living in Finsbury Park is a huge guitar freak like me, so yeah, nightly jam sessions will be quite a thing! Madness all around, my younger cousins throwing tantrums, but it's gonna be great!

  2. I'm going with my family on a holiday to the uk, we're doing London, Brighton (for a day) and Edinburgh
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  5. Ive been to Brighton and it's super amazing. Feeling great when I was there at the ferry pier and the breeze just blew to me. and the temperature is really nice over there very cosy. I literally wanted to stay there and never come back cos I cant experience such a comfortable weather over here in this scorching humid city……But next time if I visit the UK again will definitely go the places you recommend 🙂 xxx

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  12. Just visited the London for 8 days 2 weeks ago, we went to Paris for the day, and also took a South West train to Wool to visit the Tank Museum in Bovington, and also see the Lulworth Cove. Both great day trips. P.S. the Holiday cottage was a movie prop and torn down after the movie per

  13. „cause our country is so small“ funniest thing to hear when you‘re from Austria 😀 btw thanks for all the holiday tips! Found some good ones to go to next time 🙂

  14. i lived in winchester all my life, until 4 years ago when i moved down to cornwall. i feel so lucky to have experienced both lifestyles. when i lived in winchester i used to travel into london a lot and 'live the city life' (so to speak), and then since i moved down to cornwall i basically spend every day surfing. it's amazing how those two extremes can exist within a relatively close proximity to each other.

  15. Cities have either a cathedral or a royal charter.
    Brighton is part of the "City of Brighton and Hove" by (quite recent) charter – it does not have a cathedral.
    A "town" historically had to have a parish church and a market and a village had to have a church. A hamlet is anything smaller.

  16. I just never get used to hearing the word holiday used for what we call vacation. To us, holidays are Christmas, 4th of July, Memorial Day, etc.

  17. As an ex-pat Brit living in the USA, we took a weeks cruise on the Norfolk Broads last year. We rented a boat and had a wonderful time!

  18. We took a day trip to Eastbourne (seaside town) in East Sussex. That was nice. The cliffs in that area are iconic. I really want to go to Edinburgh too. I also want to go to the Yorkshire Dales (I love Wensleydale cheese) but I think Yorkshire is hard to do without a car and I don't think I can drive there. I think we'll go to York at least on our next trip in September. I've traced a lot of my ancestors to that area.

  19. Waiting for Vlogs 🙂
    Hello from Brighton! 🕺💃

    Wanna go to Blackpool and Liverpool( I’ve been there once and absolutely loved it !)

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  22. Dorking, makes me laugh. In American, dork is a slang term for a penis… So, Dorking sounds like a verb of the activity one would use their dork for… Sex…

  23. brighton and hove got city status just a few years ago.
    bridlington is a nice place to visit the remake of dad's army was filmed there also for atrip out there is the hogwarts station is close by

  24. also castleton in the peak district i beautiful while there visit the blue john caverns ( not so good if you dont like small places) as universities go you forgot york uni.

  25. Don't listen to these two idiots, they don't know what they're talking about. If you want to travel to nice places in the UK, try Cambridge, York, Bath, Whitby, Polperro, Devon, Cornwall, or Isle of Wight.

  26. I would like to add Liverpool, which is just BRILLIANT, and lovely Chester,which is ….quintessential England 😉

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  28. I went to York for a few days last year. It is beautiful and quaint. Things not to miss are the Minster Cathedral, the National Railway museum, the Shambles and the very popular Bettys Cafe which has amazing afternoon tea. It is 2 hours train from London. There is a great little pub called Golden Fleece which I would strongly recommend as well.

  29. I feel like you guys use the word “holiday” like we would use “vacation” A holiday is typically just like Christmas or Easter or Thanksgiving .. St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday haha Valentine’s Day.. things like that

  30. I love that the phrase "Back in the day" means something vastly different for a Brit than for an American.

  31. Slowly catching up on your videos– really enjoying them! For a Jane Austen lover, Brighton (only 1 hour from London!), Bournemouth, Weymouth (and Bath)… I would love to visit these. Of course, I love Stratford-on-Avon. Didn't know about Winchester being the capital. So much to see!!! Also would love to visit Scotland. Could you make a video on your recommended literary-related destinations?

  32. I absolutely expected this video to be about national holidays like Guy Fox day. I forgot that y'all also use the word "holiday" for what we in the U.S refer to as a vacation. Lol

  33. Went to Bath last year. Amazing! Not just the Baths (which are worth doing once) but also the Georgian architecture and the Cathedral are awesome.

  34. A city needs to have the following 3 things:
    – a cathedral
    – a university
    – signed documentation from The Queen (Monarch)
    My GCSE geography teacher taught me this and it’s one thing that stuck with me!

  35. I love you two and binge watched your channel in preparation for my wife and I going on holiday in the UK. We went to Aberffraw on the isle of Anglesey in Wales. What a FANTASTIC time. We were able to blend in with the locals because of y'all's help 😊. Seriously a lot of your tips helped us not act like typical Americans and made our vacations very enjoyable. Thanks and keep the vids coming.

  36. The difference between a town & a city is the size. Smallest to largest: hamlet, village, town, city.

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  40. You are a nice couple but the vid is a bit lacking in site visits 🤔
    Get out there with your camera guys

  41. Hadrians Wall, Lake District, Scottish Highlands and Islands, Bath, Oxford (not Cambridge, it's a trap) Northumberland Coast, Peak District, West Country, Channel Islands, Dartmoor, Cotswolds, Chilterns. The big secrets: Gower Peninsular, Pembrokeshire, Northern Ireland's loughs, Isles of Scilly, the Marches, Bedruthran Rocks, Chester, Rye, Dungeness.

  42. I can finally say that I have lived! haha! We had the best time in the UK. Landed in London, spent time there, off to Cardiff and lots of places in Wales for a good few days, over the ferry to S. Ireland (we had to drive the Ring of Kerry: talk about green!), Dublin (Guiness Factory 😉 ), and a few more days in smaller towns, back over the ferry to Edinburgh (sadly, as far north as our tour took us but certainly loved it beyond words!), down through the rest of England (basically, the middle back to London. Would love to go to Brighton next time!). So, Stratford-Upon-Avon, which was so very quaint, the Cotswolds (those thatched houses!), having a cream tea there and down through Manchester back to London. A long trip that we will never forget. Priceless! So very obsessed with the UK, which is why we chose this way to travel, and skipped Paris. 😉 No desire! Xx

  43. OMG!! Lol, I went to Hawes Primary School as a child (definitely not as an adult hehehe) which is just down the road from the Wensleydale Cheese Factory. Needless to say – I still receive grommitty comments now, and I live in London! How about the Lake District?

  44. LOL You two crack me up. London is so big, its 1.12 sq miles (2.9 sq km) Wait until you going to NYC it's 302.6 sq miles (784 sq km). I'm from what is called Upstate NY (Syracuse). It's called that because if you say your from NY everyone first thinks of NYC. There is so much more than the city. Upstate is absolutely beautiful. Mature trees and mountains.

  45. Have you both ever been to Darbyshire? Of "Pride & Prejudice" fame (Jane Austin). Being a Yank, I don't know much about it except I guess its countryside. My beautiful friend and actress, Charlie Welsh (Manchester), told me it isn't fictional and does exist (much to my delight). BTW … what does the "sterling" in your money mean?

  46. @joelandlia I'm going to Northern Ireland over Spring Break! Have either of you been there? I would love some suggestions! 😍

  47. The UK has changed so much since I visited. Here are some suggestions for your “travel series”; Cornwall, Penzance, Liverpool, The Lake District, Coventry, Leeds, Oxford & Cambridge, Bath, Dover. When I win a multi-million dollar lottery I will visit again.

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    Perhaps next time??

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