Always 1992 | A Colorado Travel Film About Brotherhood

Always 1992 | A Colorado Travel Film About Brotherhood

(touching music) – [Matt] My family started
visiting these cabins, in Colorado in 1992. I was five and my brother was only two. – Michael.
– What? – Fishing.
– Big trout. – [Matt] Creeks. Horseback rides. For kids with too much energy, this was the perfect place
to spend a week every summer. – [Father] Yeah, gonna get that. Buy mom! – [Matt] Time seemed to
stop here or more correctly, time slowed down to the
speed of the forest, as slow as the spruce trees
around these cabins would grow. To me and my brother, in this
forest, it was always 1992. Five and two year olds grow
faster than pine trees though. And soon, we weren’t so young anymore. Carefree childhood gave way to the worlds reality and strife. But we could always return to this place to remember our youth. Like a fire, the world burned
away our childhood dreams and soured our relationship. Back in Colorado, a fire nearly took our
forest retreat as well. Fires cleanse as well as burn though and in the end, our brotherhood returned with a stronger bond than ever. New life springs up
after every forest fire and though our cabins
were surrounded by smoke, in the end they still stood. This summer, we came back
to our Colorado cabins. It’s being 27 years since our first visit, but to us, this place
still feels like 1992. These cabins may be unchanged, but we are. This time, I brought
along my own daughter. And it’s my hope that
she’ll make memories here, the same as I did. – [Father] Ah, that’s my boy. – [Matt] Here, it’s always 1992. Here we’re always five and two.

54 thoughts on “Always 1992 | A Colorado Travel Film About Brotherhood


    This is definitely one of the most personal films I've ever made, hope you enjoy watching it.

  2. Nice job! As a big fan of you and your work, its neat to have a glimpse into your life and family memories! Keep up the great work!

  3. I LOVE this! My sons are 7 and 2 and I wish I could freeze time. Focusing on creating memories like this for them.

  4. Incredible. A good reminder that even crappy video (VHS) is better than no I should just shoot memories on whatever I have next to me.

    I feel like the last line of this was the first line you wrote, and the inspiration for the whole film.

  5. Dude! Talk about trying to open up the tear duct flood gates. Love this and have the same memories up in Arkansas!

  6. Matt… this is a masterpiece!! Beautiful man!! Thank you so much for sharing.
    I’m not crying…..shut up!

  7. Great work, Matt! The archival clips look really good– looking forward to the BTS; hope you will include as much detail as you can on your VHS workflow as I just got through digitizing 200+ analog tapes from when my brothers and I were young. This film inspires me to use those clips to tell our stories in a new way.

  8. This my friend is why I subscribe to your channel. You are more than just a tech guy, wedding film guru, you are a family man. Your personality is one of the best on youtube and again you inspire me to be better and do better. May 2020 be the most amazing year for you and your family as I'm going to make it an amazing year for mine. Love from Iowa.

  9. Matt I have watched a lot of your videos and this was honestly one of my favorites! Great edit and great story! It really catches you in the feels and makes you feel like you were right there with yall!

  10. Thanks for sharing this, it’s wonderfully well made, and I’m excited to learn more about one of my favorite creators. Also, your hair was crazy blonde as a kid?

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