[GONG!] Greeting and welcome. We live in a world where people are outraged
about everything and with social media the outrage can easily spread like a virus. The latest outrage is the fires in the Amazon
rain forest. Stay tuned and I will tell you why you should
stop getting worked up over this. [Hello, Something ever surprised you so much when you see it you are like, Woah?] So, the Amazon rain forest is on fire. Over the fast few weeks there has been a surge
in attention towards this issue. Which is good. People paying attention to the consequences
of deforestation will lead to policies that will help preserve the forest that breathes
in what we breathe out. But like with any subject that is trending
there is a lot of mis information being spread about this issue that made me feel compelled
to make this video explaining a few things. This by no means will be a comprehensive look
at this multifaceted situation but this is what you need to know. First of all, these images. Recognize them? These images have been circulating around
social media with the hash tag paryforamazonia but none of these images are from this year’s
fire in the amazon. This one is from 30 years ago while this one
was taken in India. Far away form the Amazon I blurred it because YouTube is a little sensitive
to these types of images but it shows a monkey clutching what appears to be its dead offspring. I’m sure you have seen it with the hash
tag prayforamazonia. These images are used to attract an emotional
response from people and you should be weary of people ruining your day with mis information. So what is really happening in the amazon? In the Amazon region, fires are rare for much
of the year because wet weather prevents them from starting and spreading. However, in July and August, activity typically
increases due to the arrival of the dry season. Many people use fire to maintain farmland
and pastures or to clear land for other purposes. Typically, activity peaks in early September
and mostly stops by November. It is important to note that the amazon is
the word’s largest jungle and it is shared by nine countries in south America with the
largest portion sitting in Brazil. The recently elected president of Brazil Jair
Bolsonaro who many say is Brazil’s version of Donald Trump threatens to withdraw from
the Paris Agreement on Climate change and introduced policies that weaken environmental
regulations paving the way for more deforestation to open up lands for agriculture and logging. The fires that are happening are not in the
dense green forested area. They are in areas that have been cleared. So, don’t go on thinking that the entire
amazon is burning down. Ever year there is a fire season in the amazon
and according to NASA the total fires across the amazon basin this year has been close
to average in comparison to the past 15 years. So yall please calm yall skunt down with this
prayforamazonia nonsense. We should pray for the world. While deforestation is in itself bad news
if you really want to help the situation don’t just pray. Get up and go plant a tree or two. If you like this video please give it a like
and consider subscribing to this channel for more videos like these. My name is Mudwata, Boomout! [Hold up!]


  1. LMAO, thank you ???????, i start thinking about how much hotter Guyana will get in the future, and tell my skunt i need to move before that time comes,
    THIS PLACE HAT MS ??????

  2. I wonder if anyone knows that these fires are normal. Liberal ppl hate the current Brazillian president, they desire trillions of dollars to fight their fake crisis and thats why the noise is being made.

  3. Mudwatta u de cartoon with a real dick n some balls, can you plz dick slap ANDREW KHAN n shove 1 of your many balls, just one down his throat, where de hell he gets his FAKE NEWS FROM, how he knows the dead animal count is real, if he said CNN ( cockbrand news network) jumbhee lash him with his own pencil dick, plz
    I love your style, real breakdown on the true happenings, my question to you is, why do COOLIE PEOPLE EXAGGERATES over the top every time n every thing? Anticipating your answer, ty n thanks for that update, keep up the good work mud.

  4. These Type Of Fake News That Leaked Social Media Had Made Everyone Think That It's Something To Worry About But What Mud Stated Here Was That It's Normal And It Had Happened Before! PEOPLE SHOULD LEGIT STOP SPREADING NEWS AND TRY DOING SOME RESEARCH BEFORE EVEN LEAKING News ON SOCIAL MEDIA #NoHate

  5. Omg I must say thanks for clearing that up for me I was one who got emotional especially when I say the animals. So I will calm the skunt down lol. Do have a bless day.

  6. This is a setup just to build more buildings. And yes this amazon is very important for our planet but since when politicians give a fuck about planet earth when their is money to be make .

  7. Mudwata, you could do journalism for cnn..You bring the facts,now this is what I call News before the News!!!! Tfs as always

  8. No Sorry but these fires are more than the usual, they have been an 85% increased in fires this year, the Brazilian military had to get involved, the fires are even being discussed at the G7 meeting if its at that meeting then we are in trouble, google around and check sites like PBS and BBC, dont take my word for it or an even a YouTuber get your facts, please its important

  9. Don´t worry Guyana! Esequibo forests won´t get fire but deforestation from chinese logging, russian bauxite mines, canadian gold mines and activities from garimpeiros….

  10. Brasil goes through a fire season annually and are quite capable and experienced in dealing with this situation. In a couple of months, when the rainy season starts it will all be over and the doom and gloomers will move on to something else.

  11. I live in a Brazilian Amazon State Capital. Just saying. Yes, there is the political wrangling going on over the rainforest fires this year. Yes, it is an annual recurring feature of the Amazon region. No, it's not ONLY on claimed lands that the fires are taking place this year. The ranchers and farmer are emboldened by Bolsonaro´s blatant anti-environmental protection pronouncements and his government's subverted actions against public entities constitutionally established to monitor and protect the natural environment in the Amazon region in Brasil from any and all adverse impact thereupon. Every year these fires have a negative economic impact on the region in terms of the costs of health services (because of smoke inhalation), electrical consumption (because of elevated temperatures), and of course, the resources that are needed to put out the fires. People here in this region suffer in other ways as a result of these fires year after year. In urban and rural areas the effects are disturbing, to put it mildly. Atmospheric pollution increases tremendously during the dry season when the fires are more propense. Let me mention two factors (of many) that are relevant to this issue. 1. The #PrayforAmazônia Tweeter campaign is a means by which the South American Amazon population can bring attention to the devastation caused by these fires not only to the people here but also how they impact the global environmental crisis. And this is happening in the interest of large exploitive economic unscrupulous players. 2. The rhetoric of economic development for the entire country (Brasil) has no viable foundation since the ultimate cost (including all aspects of the impact caused) is far superior to the economic gains which are never distributed fairly to the benefit of the entire population. The most well-thought-out solution to what should be taking place here in this Brazilian Amazon region is sustainable development. I will not impose boredom upon you by elaborating on what this means since I am absolutely certain that you possess all the relevant knowledge and information on this issue.

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