Amazon Holiday 2019 – Brand :90

Amazon Holiday 2019 – Brand :90

♪ Everybody ♪ ♪ needs somebody ♪ ♪ Everybody ♪ ♪ needs somebody to love ♪ ♪ Someone to love ♪ ♪ Someone to love ♪ ♪ Everybody ♪ ♪ needs somebody ♪ ♪ Someone to miss ♪ We missed you. ♪ Someone to kiss ♪ ♪ I need you, you, you ♪Singing Badly
♪ Everybody ♪Singing Badly
♪ needs somebody ♪ ♪ Everybody ♪ ♪ needs somebody to love ♪ ♪ Someone to kiss ♪ ♪ Someone to miss ♪ ♪ needs somebody ♪ ♪ I’ve got a little message for you… ♪ ♪ when you have that somebody, hold on to them ♪ ♪ give them all your love….wherever they are ♪ ♪ I need you, you, you ♪ ♪ I need ♪Vocal ScatOh! That’s the man I married! ♪ I need love ♪ ♪ Everybody needs somebody ♪Kids ScreamingMommy! Mommy! Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!

100 thoughts on “Amazon Holiday 2019 – Brand :90

  1. Just aired during Sunday night football.
    No….no. NO!
    They just sh*t all over a classic Blues Brothers song.

  2. Well this isnt very festive "Holiday nope" in fact id go so far as to say this is rubbish.
    And im pleased to say ive never spent a penny with this company and never will
    Have a Merry Christmas and God Bless everyone

    "with the exception of money grabbing companies"

  3. Are you F*** kiding me ? ? after kid's singing and old couple dacing , we see Lesbians kissing each other , in free acces online ! isn't it to open for a promotion ?

  4. Everybody . . pays their taxes . . ohh except Amazon! . . Happy Holidays . . shop elsewhere . . support your local businesses . .

  5. Why can't you just do what you do…….shipping packages and providing stuff. Amazon won't be getting MY money $$$ until they learn to mind there business! No one gives a crap about ones sexual deviance's. Get it through your thick skull. It definitely won't make their stock go up. Stupid move man. Hope I was clear…..and I already know that this speaks for the majority of Americans. So bring on the comments from the few who disagree.

  6. When I first saw the lesbian couple I couldnt tell that the mohawk person was a woman so I thought that woman was kissing her son (I was shook)

  7. 01:00 Amazon literally showing their profits from local businesses. BUSINESS! Amazon hub at a local convenience store? hmm so Amazon literally showing the world a bunch of boxes with all the items they sell at a much lower price than a local business can….interesting showing their success as proof on an ad. Rethink where you power your money.

  8. This Ad got me in tears, happy tears, the first time I heard it. Happy Christmas everyone! And to Amazon family, Thanks for making this lovely video!..???

  9. HEY AMAZON..So you used one of the MAJOR CHRISTIAN holidays (which you profit from immensely) TO PUSH the IMMORAL LGBT agenda (like that has anything to do with Christmas)….no Christmas tune etc….just a tune so you can work in a lesbian relationship scene….. well me and thousands of others will now avoid using your services…. no hate …. but if you want to use this holiday to push lifestyles that are an offense to GOD than you lost us as customers..

  10. You done get time to smile when delivering for them. It's all about hitting targets. Be nice to be able to stop and chat to customers. But no.

  11. Typical globalist corporatist approach to a Christmas advert, they don't even mention Christmas once. They want us to worship consumerism instead. Sad times.

  12. 0:50 I am boycotting every advertiser that slips homosexuality into mainstream commercials in prime time television for children to see. That is some devious evil bullshit from Satan

  13. Same old liberal crap,, too offencive to include Christmas music but just fine at 0:50 to throw in the gay lesbian kiss! Pathetic company! On a side note, the lesbians both have a job at Amazon in the mailing Department licking package envelopes closed! I hear that they are married so they have a liquor license!

  14. Won't do business with Amazon. They advertise free shipping with orders over $25. I had an order totaling $30 and some change. Caught them adding another $10 to the total. Called customer service, told them what I caught them doing, cancelled the order and made them give me a refund. Told them I will never do business with them again.

  15. Support local businesses. Amazon using family ordeals to promote purchasing from amazon to make their family happy?? Yeah right.

  16. 0:50. Confusion of the sexes agenda. Not sure if this is a feminine man running up to his girlfriend like a girl jumping on his girlfriend or if this is a lesbian couple. Either or, its obvious amazon does not promote the necessary family ordeals that really brings the unification of a family. Rather its false ideologies to diversify the family all in the name of false love and its naive customers are being duped by this stuff. Shove your gifts up your ass Amazon!!

  17. You'd think only a small minority of British couples were straight and white going by this, and similar big company adverts, nowadays. Metro-liberal crap.

  18. I liked the "Can You Feel It" ads from last year better.

    Also: Amazon, you're never going to be the American John Lewis.

  19. Look at Amazon's membership site. Why is it that people living off the government only pays $5.99 month for membership. But if you work you pay $12.99. BS I'm not renewing.

  20. Geez a lot of negativity in these comments and I’m just here enjoying my paycheck from them.. considering this is the highest I’ve ever been paid anywhere.

  21. The most crap advert ever made? Perhaps? Like it's everything that's wrong, writ large, right there in front of everyone's eyes. So cold, so cynical, so awful.

  22. Plays an advert about Christmas ignores the concept of mentioning Christmas the birth of Christ Jesus…. SHOWS 2 DAMN LESBIANS KISSING. seems legit amazon good job aholes. ?

  23. If Jeff bezoar was a real genius he would show the amazon packages jumping around like belushi and aykroyd in the blues brothers movie nearly 40 years ago.

  24. Aww this is my favourite ad I've seen in ages, it's so sweet and doesn't just choke us with Christmas, so it's great for everyone

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