Amritsar Tourism | Famous 13 Places to Visit in Amritsar Tour

Amritsar Tourism | Famous 13 Places to Visit in Amritsar Tour

Amritsar the city that still bears the scars
of battle for Independence It is known as the Jewel of Punjab. A place that is so rich in culture and history
attracting people to visit this amazing hub to know more about India’s freedom and its
deep rooted history. 1. Golden temple
Golden Temple is the epicenter of Sikhism and is the most famous place to visit in Amrisar. It is a stunning complex with golden domes
and hence is called as Golden temple. It is built amidst a pool which was made by
Guru Ram Das, the fourth Guru of Sikhs. 2. Wagah Border
It is the only road border that connects the two neighboring countries India and Pakistan. The ceremonial display of Beating Retreat
and Change of Guard is what gathers the tourists here. 3. Jallianwala Bagh
It is famous for the sad day that once our country faced back in 1919 when the British
Army Soldiers under the command of General Dyer held an open fire on the people who were
gathered there including women and children. The firing lasted for 10 whole minutes and
killed about 1579 Indians. 4. Durgiana Temple
This temple is a dedication to Goddess Durga; the place is famous for the detailed carvings
of the Goddess in her different incarnations. 5. Akal Takht
‘Akal’ means Timeless and ‘Takht’ means Throne; hence the meaning of the name
is ‘Throne of the Timeless One’. It is considered as the highest seat of the
Sikh authority, this is where the highest council of Sikhs sits. 6. Tarn Taran Saheb
It was built in the memory of Guru Ram Das, under Guru Arjan Dev’s (fifth Sikh Guru) orders
adopting Mughal architecture. 7. Harike Wetland
It is the largest wetland in the Northern India
which is spread across three districts of Punjab namely Amritsar, Ferozepur and Kapurthala
it houses various famous species of snakes, turtles and amphibians. 8. Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum
It was made as a dedication to Maharaja Ranjit Singh who was known as the Lion of Punjab
as he freed the city from the cruel shackles of Mughals. 9. Bathinda Fort
It has an impressive architecture and resembles a sheep in the sea of sand. The highlights of the fort are the stones
that were used in construction which dates back to Kushana Period. 10. Pul Kajari
The village is the same place where Maharaja Ranjit Singh used to halt and take rest with
his troops while travelling. It’s associated with a small story which
is once a dancer was on her way to perform at the King’s palace and her shoe fell into
the water, she denied performing without her shoe hence, a bridge (pul) was constructed
to extract her shoe out of the water. This is how the place got its name. 11. Ram Tirath
This place has great Hindu significance as it is believed that this is where Goddess
Sita gave birth to her twins, Luv and Kush. Also, it is believed that much learned Valmiki,
the writer of the Ramayana started writing the great Epic here
12. Goindwal Sahib
A Baoli (stepwell), paved with 84 steps was constructed here. Some devout believe that by reciting Japji
Sahib, the divine Word revealed to Guru Nanak Dev at each of the 84 steps after taking a
bath in the Baoli provides Moksha, liberation from
84,00,000 cycles of life of this world and unity with God (mukhti).

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