Amsterdam drug tourism 🍄🇳🇱 “It kinda works”

Amsterdam drug tourism 🍄🇳🇱 “It kinda works”

If you’re going to do drugs, please do it responsibly. If you’re going to smoke something, like a joint, it goes into your lungs, into your blood, into your brain, in about 30 seconds. So you almost know, instantly, how much you’ve taken and, most important, how much more you can handle. When you’re going to eat drugs, for example, the truffles, or space cake, or a marijuana cookie, or a hash brownie, or whatever, if you’re going to eat something, it has to go through stomach, into your liver, then into your blood, and into your brain. And that whole process takes about one hour. So if you’re going to eat drugs, please, please, please, wait for at least one hour, before you go and take more. Cause a lot of people, they think it’s not working and after about 45 minutes, they’re going to take an extra dose and then they’re going to take too much, so they’re going to overdose for a bit. You won’t die or something, but you’ll have a bad time. You’ll get stomachaches, you might throw up for a bit, your heart rate will go up, you will get a bit paranoid. You might see a doctor. He’ll probably laugh at you because you were irresponsible. So please just wait for at least one
hour before you’re going to take more. So is there a drug problem here or you’d say no, it’s for tourists? No, it’s mainly for tourists because if
you compare the figures, the percentage of people using marijuana in the Netherlands, is actually lower than, for example, England or France or Spain or the United States or Italy. Basically it’s one of the lowest percentages in Europe and in all the Western countries. So it kind of works!

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  1. Amsterdam isn't the only place in Europe famous for its open drug use. Check out Christiania – an autonomous anarchist communist – in Copenhagen, Denmark:

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