An Alternative Travel Guide | New Age Creators

An Alternative Travel Guide | New Age Creators

-Sure, travel guides
can be helpful, but they can also be
pretty unrealistic. Here’s an inconvenient truth. You can read all
the travel guides you want. None of them can prepare you for
what will happen on the road. Full disclosure —
neither can I. What I can do is debunk
some of the things you’ve been told
about traveling. Most guides I’ve read
offer advice on how to make your adventure
as smooth as can be. I say screw it. Travel is rarely smooth
or comfortable and can even break your heart. I felt incredibly lonely
in San Francisco, insanely happy at an empty beach
in Oregon, and utterly lost in France. But I’ve always dreaded
the inevitable goodbye. I’ve said tearful goodbyes
to cities, friends, and old versions
of myself that I left behind
in distant places. But despite — or maybe because
all of those things, travel is always worth it. I think the only way to learn
how to travel is to jump in
head and heart first, even if…it’s sometimes more
of an uncoordinated stumble. So this is it — a guide full of delayed flights,
mess-ups, dirty clothes, tears,
and so much love. They will tell you,
always have a plan. I say screw the game plan. Throw away the map. Have days where you get lost or sit in a coffee shop
until it closes. I spent my 19th birthday
sitting in a cafe in Paris all day hiding
from the pouring rain. But then I met Tony
from New York, and we talked for hours about
old films and his grandkids. I remember more about
Tony’s smile than most of the places
on my must-see list. Your favorite moments
may be pure coincidence. Your favorite places
won’t be on a map. They are a one-time experience. They will tell you,
“Pack light.” We’re told to only bring
the essentials and not to pick up too many
random souvenirs on our way, but I say, take it all. On my recent trip I stole
a pencil from my friend’s desk, took a mental picture of friends
waving goodbye at the airport and collected paper cups
from my favorite cafes. Carry these things with you,
hold them close, and let them weigh
on your heart, even if it hurts sometimes. They will tell you,
“Meet new people.” I say, don’t just meet people.
Make actual friends. Find a sidekick, people you will
visit years from now who you’ll want to know
when you’re 80. If you find people you genuinely
click with, get real, be honest,
and get attached even if it scares the crap
out of you. Chase and I met for the first
time in person two weeks ago. Two kids from opposite sides
of the globe. When you travel,
you don’t have the luxury of getting to know someone
slowly. That’s why it took me all of
three days to bond with Chase and stitch him into my memory
and my heart. They will tell you,
“Stay out of trouble.” Sure, stay safe,
but make mistakes you’ll thank yourself for later. Throw yourself into the action. Hop the fence for that
incredible photo, laugh too loud,
and stay up too late. I slid down a muddy cliff to get
to a remote beach in Oregon, and even though it ruined
my favorite pair of shoes, it’s one of the best things
I’ve done. At some point, you’re going
to ask yourself, “What the hell did I
get myself into?” And that’s when you know
you’re doing it right. The best part is, there is
no one way to travel. As long as you start each day
with an open heart, curious eyes, and a willingness
to experience new things, you can’t really go wrong. Let your journeys change you. Don’t be afraid to leave
a piece of you in every place you visit. Welcome the mistakes,
the mess, the unexpected. Bring on the chaos. I’m curious to hear what you have to say What are some of your alternative travel tips? Leave them in the comments and I’ll see you guys next time.

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  1. This has to be one of the best videos I've ever seen.. I love the mix of beauty, excitement, fun, and doubt you poured in this video.. I love it so much, and you too Marie ! You're amazing, and I can't wait to watch your videos every week on NAC!

  2. aaaaahhhh I love this!!!! My alternative travel tip is: couchsurfing! I've only done it twice so I'm not an expert and yes it is kinda scary but it is so much more rewarding than staying at a hotel (… aand it's cheaper πŸ˜‰ )!

  3. Thank you soulpancake for all the light you being Into my day, and giving me the push to always do more and explore further, wether it be through videos like these inspiring me, or the heartwarming videos from kid president marking me be a better person.

  4. these last two vids by nac were really relatable, and i really enjoy these vids! thanks for all this, soulpancake and new age creators!

  5. Whenever I travel, I always search for a place to eat where the local people actually go to. Places for tourists are just bad and often expensive. Obviously to do that you have to get lost, which I love!

    One of my favourite memories of Rome is having dinner in an alley with views to the river and Castel Sant Angelo. It was so beautiful, the food was great and we were surrounded by such a relaxing atmosphere.

  6. Journal as you go. The world is just dirt and water and sky until you embellish it into a story. Journaling is an exercise in appreciation, an exercise in pondering the beauty or the mystery of a place. If you really think about it, traveling is about remembering, so a great personal journal gives you a way to go back to that epic travel day and relive it a more closely.

  7. Best travel tip I've learned along the way: ditch the camera! I know it's not easy if you're a blogger, youtuber, instagrammer or just a lover of capturing beauty. I've learned this a while back, when I was blogging, and here's the story of it:
    I was living in New York, but I knew from the start it was a temporary situation. So I tried to visit, and document, as much as I could. One day, my friends proposed a touristy adventure to cross the Brooklyn Bridge. I was rushing in the morning to make it to my train on time. I met with my friends at the station, and off we went.
    I met a few new people that day. Friends of my friends. There was a quite group of us, but somehow, it didn't feel awkward at all. I was all wrapped up in conversations I had, both with old and new friends. But not too wrapped up to forget about my mission to document this. So about halfway through the bridge we stopped and I wanted to take a picture of the river, of us, of the bridge. I reached to my bag, took my camera out, tried to turn it on and… in that moment I realised that my camera battery was still back at my place, charging, and that I forgot to take it with me in the morning rush. I was so angry with myself. But there was nothing to be done about it in the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge. So I put my camera back to my bag and I decided to take mental pictures instead.
    There is no image more vivid in my head from all the time I've spent in US, than the Manhattan skyline seen from Brooklyn, no better memories than those of the conversations we had that day, and till this day I remember the taste of gnocchi we had in Little Italy, of the very gnocchi I didn't get to take a picture of.

  8. Overall a great video, but my one problem is do NOT go hopping fences or breaking rules! They are there for a reason. That fence could be guarding a protected nesting site for an endangered species. That 'do not enter' sign could be keeping you out of harms way when a train flies through. A cute picture and an extra 10 likes on your social media is not worth what that rule is protecting (i.e. you and everyone else).

  9. I always travel with my school mates. On time I went to visit my friend to a different district which is around 5 hrs of train journey with only 5taka in my pocket. Life is exciting when you travel with or to friends. from Bangladesh Moon

  10. New age = satanic, therefore satanic creators. SOUL pancake – satanic creators. Coincidence? i dont think so

  11. Oh Marie, that was such a good video! It's so true – while traveling you bond way faster, so all I think everything should do is be open and friendly and not hold back anything they want to say to someone.

  12. I absolutely loved this Marie! It all came together so beautifully and you're so so right! You can't prepare entirely but you've got to jump in and make the most of what you have. It's so awesome to hear about your experiences having jumped in yourself, thank you so much for inspiring!

  13. loveddddd it. extremely timely video. as I'm planning adventure to Chicago. alone. 1st time. urghh. wow. excited. you nailed it girl.

  14. THIS IS INCREDIBLE MARIE. Dude I love your brain so much & travelling with you has taught me more than I could have ever imagined. How did you learn how to travel?

  15. Great video to face summer travels even more excited! For me it’s really important to get involved with the different cultures, although I don’t succeed always (european meals timetables are crazy for spanish people hahaha)

    This summer I’m going to your country, to the Black Forest and also to Berlin! I’m trying to learn a little bit of german but it’s so hard, so different from spanish or english; even though I won’t give up! Would you recommend me any german film?

    By the way, your notebook draws are so beautiful!

  16. All I really want is to be best friends with all the New Age Creators and Sonia from Sosonia because they all inspire me so much and we're all around the same age (ish kind of sort of) (Sonia and I are the same age) (there we go) and they all seem like such wonderful people to be around. In addition to that, I've lived my whole life in the same city in the Midwestern US, and while it's not boring, per say, I know it like the back of my hand. Absolutely, there are things I haven't done here that I want to do, but I really, really, really want to go explore the world and live my life away from the place that has defined me for so long.

  17. oh my god, you are so right! I traveled back home 2 weeks ago and while it should take me only 2 hours to get there, it took me 2 days. My flight got delayed for 14 hours, then canceled, then re-scheduled, then I lost my connection… During all of that I met a lovely family who saw that I was alone, and they were so so nice to me. After all of it I said I did not want to get on a plane for some time, but after this video you've made me want to plan my next trip already!

  18. This was by far the best video you have ever made, just incredible! Wonderful tips and the video was superb!

  19. This is such a clever video! i've always wanted to plan things when i travel because it can get stressful but this was a great visual that not everything needs to planned out perfectly and to make adventures instead!

  20. Hello there Marie! I really like this video and hope I can be your friend someday πŸ™‚ Oh by the way I'm from Indonesia and I totally recommend you to visit Indonesia to experience the real adventure in here!

  21. Great stuff, Marie! Awesome shots and places in this! You've become quite the travel connoisseur recently! I especially enjoyed the bit with the high five in the background haha! So good! Loved the drawings you did for this and how you included them! So cool looking! Draw me something and I'll love you forever πŸ˜‰ Best thing about travel is the unexpected experiences that you share with other people, not the traveling itself! You captured that feeling nicely in this video!

  22. Is that a Dark Seas hat? That's a cool hat. Also, these videos always make me tear up and this is no different. I'm excited to go on my next trip up the California Coast!

  23. The first thing I must comment before anything is that I adore yours and Chases friendship. <3

    Next, this video is flawless. Your calming, mellow voice still with a hint of up beat tone ties everything together. You make everything look simplistic and beautiful. I am so happy that you all (the new age creators) got to meet and share so many memories together and became life long friends all because of Youtube. The power of Youtube is so strong, connecting people all around the world. I only hope one day I can meet some incredible people like you all and become friends for the rest of life and enjoy crazy adventures around the world. This video was inspiring in more ways than one and i'm so proud of how far you've all come within this Youtube journey!

  24. But what about the money?? That's the hardest part of traveling is how expensive it is. Kind of wish you would have touched on that πŸ™

  25. This is such an amazing video Marie! I love your advice on how you should ditch the travel guides, and just let the city lead you around. My advice would probably be to savor the trip and remember to look back on the day while traveling. The feeling traveling gives you, is probably one of the best things about it, and it's nice to recap the day and remember the details of the day (A random stranger on the street, a detail on a building, the little things).

  26. Of all the incredible videos that youve made, this is, by far, my favorite ? Your advice is sooo good. These shots are beautiful and capture everything so perfectly. Love this so much! ????

  27. so beautiful! ill be travelling for the first time by myself tomorrow actually, not really sure what im getting myself into or how it will all be, but im trying to just keep an open mind, heart and keep my expectations low, just enjoy every moment i can. Beautiful work Marie πŸ™‚

  28. Another travel tip: be super open minded. Whether that be food, culture, or fun. One of my biggest pet peeves is travelling with someone who is afraid to try things that a new country or place has to offer. Why the (excuse my language) FUCK are you even travelling in the first place then?!

  29. This is exactly how I travel, dont just visit a place for the 'must see spots' for those attractions you've read and seen on tv since you were 10. Be present, enjoy whats around fall in love with the small things just as much as the big!

  30. Wow! Not sure how you manage that but all the videos you make are more than just videos, they are truly inspiring. They make me get up, grab my camera and keep on shooting. WELL DONE!!! ?

  31. My Travel Tip Would Be To Know Some Of The Country You're About To Visit… I'd Recommend Listening To Music From All Over The World.. You Don't Look Ignorant To The Locals And They Might Actually Be Amazed By How Much You Like Their Music…. Also, STAY AWAY FROM TOURIST TRAPS!! Eat Where The Locals Eat, Go Where The Locals Go And Party Where The Locals Party… If You Hear More Of English/Your Native Tongue Then The Language Of The Country You're In; You're Not Experiencing That Country Good Enough…

  32. Love this! (: All except maybe the bit about packing light, I'm a big proponent of that; having one small bag lets you veer off course much more easily, prevents airlines from loosing all you have, and seems to make everything much less stressful (I'm also all for collecting things, I'd just post them back)

  33. Best tip ever; Don't plan to far ahead! Totally true πŸ™‚
    This way I ended up cycling a free way in Thailand, met a interesting man in Rome, found an delicious restaurant in Paris and hope to discover wonders in Canada.
    I find it te best way to travel and to surprise yourself!

  34. This is such a great video, Marie. Wow, this isn't just a travel guide; it's a life guide. This actually made me emotional and contemplative – and I didn't even go on the trip with you! Truly amazing video, bud.

  35. im actually visiting some family in a place i am totally unfamiliar in. yes, i do understand the language and the culture to a certain degree, but it is hard for me to venture out of the house and explore the beautiful city and see what it has to offer because a) i know how horrible and cruel these people can be, b) i am petrified I'll get lost c) language and culture barrier and d) i am lazy and have lack of motivation because i have heard all of the horrible things that have happened in this country and city. do you have any tips and ideas for people like me to overcome their fear and be able to travel?

  36. I love this so much!! It was so great to see there's more people thinking outside the box!
    Continue to do that!! πŸ™‚

  37. my biggest plan in life is to travel. getting a passport soon and going out of the country for the first time this coming year. super excited and happy i found this video.

  38. So true! In my journey to Mexico my wife and I hung out at a taco cart on a side street with a couple of really cool local dudes and we chatted about all kinds of stuff. Went our seperate ways, then saw them hours later and we were like old friends reuniting after years apart.
    Memories like that are more vivid than our tour experience.
    Live with your heart open and experience life the way we were intended to.

  39. the best way is to not contemplate so much for when would you start travelling. when the moment of spontaneity comes, be bold, book a flight and fly!

  40. Ugh, this is heartbreakingly terrific. I wish I could travel more, I wish I was half as spontaneous as you appear to be πŸ˜‰ (or maybe you actually are? who knows!). Something about this made me profoundly sad about the things I must've missed and a time I not only can't "go back to" but I've probably never quite belonged to.

    Please see the world for me too πŸ˜‰

  41. I went to Austria for a study abroad trip last Fall, and wound up traveling to 13 countries, 8 of them solo. I wrote a guidebook for my classmates (recently published) on not only the logistics of studying abroad, but also the personal journey. Your travel philosophy sounds like mine by and large! My biggest tips are don't be afraid of traveling solo or making a fool of yourself, embrace the catastrophes as God's way of saying "I have a better idea", and wherever you are and whatever you're doing, be fully engaged in it.

    This was an awesome video and I'm psyched that I stumbled on it!

  42. Love this video! And I want to add an unpopular view by saying: stay home! Don't travel because you think you're supposed to have this thing called 'wanderlust'. Listen to your heart, and if it says 'let's stay right here', do as such.

  43. Most important travel tip: Eat ALL the food.
    This was so heart warming Marie. I can really tell you put a huge chunk of your heart into this one.

  44. i love this! i most definitely always have the best time on trips which are entirely unexpected and usually when i don't just go and see the sights- a couple of days a go when i was in paris, i went to a cat cafe- an alice in wonderland cafe- to see the rocky horror picture show- and so many things which i would never have found in a travel book, and they most definitely were more memorable than when i went to see the eiffel tower (maybe thats just me though πŸ˜› )

  45. this has been one of the videos i cant help but not stop smiling at. you did an amazing job making it and i cant wait to see more.

  46. This was such an amazing video Marie! I'd say always live in the moment and immerse yourself in your travels:) I find that it always gives me a fresh perspective in life when I do those things.

  47. Absolutely perfect advice! We travel a lot, see all the "must see" things, but the stuff that really comes home with us are the things that this video recommends.
    Biggest tip: Do NOT wait till you can afford it another conditions are "just right." Go now. The trip you take now will be a part of you for the rest of your life. AND, you never know when a place you want to go to now may not be available to you when you finally have time and money to go. We were going to Istanbul next spring, but now that doesn't look like a very good idea.
    Second tip: Go in the spring or fall, the times others are staying home.

  48. You made my day with this video.

    As a frequent traveler I agree with everything you said.

    When things go wrong makes for the best stories in the future. Travel is full of things going wrong. Learn to roll with them.

  49. Be mindful and attentive to your surroundings wherever you go. You never know when you'll come across that little tea shop run by buddhist monks, a friendly family wanting to practice english, or a stray cat looking for affection.

  50. Go for an aleatory walk as first thing at a new city – no maps alowed. But don't miss the guided tours later (or the next days), its where you get the most information and the chance to make awesome friends πŸ™‚

  51. Two days ago, it was my last day at a music festival/camp/program whatever in Colorado. I live in a midwestern suburb and go to school in Florida. We went for a hike where we literally could not find the trailhead (we definitely did some trespassing at some point), but what we ended up finding was a waterfall that poured over this massive cave-like opening. I stuck my hands and heart into the running water, got my sneakers wet and coated in red rock. It also rained in spurts. My flights the next morning (yesterday), my shoes were still wet, but it didn't even matter because it was the most enjoyable and fulfilling hike I have had in my entire life.

  52. (I'm a little late watching this video, sorry) but this is my favorite video so far…. And every time I comment, I think I have said this a lot of time but who cares :)…seriously love this one, love the advice you gave and also showing that we can travel alone too ! This is one of my debate with my friends, because I love doing both but being alone is also a real adventure.
    And you're right about enjoying every little things ! Can't wait to meet you at SiTC πŸ™‚
    Travel tip : Take a map but memorise it 2-3 days before and then leave it at your place, it's just because I love maps <3

  53. I love this video!! One of my alternative travel tips is to ask the server/barista what their favorite dish/drink is, and then order it. It's fun to try someone else's favorite thing.

  54. What a fun video!
    Something that I've done recently in my travels is to bring a sketchbook and some fun washi tape and collect things in my travels–business cards, a cool leaf, a brochure….and then tape them in and write a quick note about it. It's a great way to jog your memory. I try to sketch as much as possible too, sometimes on top of the paper additions. I always plan on printing pictures and adding them too, but I never get around to it. I just bought an instant film camera, which adds a whole lot of new fun to my little books.

  55. I wish staying in hostels wasn't such an extroverted endeavor. I would love it if hostels had structured socialization, like a drinking game night or something. As it stands, tour groups are about the only way for introverts to meet people. Sounds odd, but yes, we don't like unstructured socialization with strangers.

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