An American Tourist Kidnapped in Uganda | The Daily Show

– So for those who don’t know, there’s a story of an American woman who was on a safari in
Uganda and she was kidnapped. Her and her guide were
kidnapped and then there was a ransom for $500,000, I believe. And if I understand your question, what you’re saying is why does
it seem like the news here is only talking about the
American woman who was kidnapped and not so much about the guide. And I’ll be honest with you,
that’s just story telling. You tell a story from
the point that people will most connect with the story. So if you say to an American audience, a Ugandan man was kidnapped
in Uganda and is still in Uganda, you’re like and the story is? No, I can see how people just, it’s hard to get people to care about. But when you go an American
woman was kidnapped, people are like I’m American. That could be me. (audience laughing) ‘Cause that’s, I don’t
know if you’ve noticed, that’s something that people love doing. Whenever there’s a tragedy,
people always like to make it seem like that could
have been (gasping). People be like, literally there’s like a, like when there was a plane,
ones of the planes that crashed and then someone was like, I was thinking of flying to Ethiopia. I’m like yeah, but that doesn’t
mean you were any closer to. Remember we were planning
that trip to Ethiopia? That could have been me. It’s like no, that’s not how it works. So I genuinely think that’s why
they tell the story that way because it’s hard to make people care. Because look, the honest truth is, human beings have a finite amount of how many things we can care about, otherwise we just become desensitized. And there’s someone being
kidnapped somewhere, everywhere in the world,
but it’s more of a story when it’s an American
woman kidnapped in Uganda. It’s like whoa, what is this thing. But I heard she was released
now, they paid the ransom. That was one funny part is like, with the Ugandan authorities, good news, we have rescued her. And then it’s like, oh,
how did you guys do it? We paid the ransom to the kidnappers. And I was like, that’s not a rescue. You should say I paid the
ransom and they returned her. Like no no, no, no, we
have rescued her, ah. Is she back? Then we have rescued her. (laughing) So yeah, I’m glad that
she’s back and she’s safe, but I think that’s what it is. – [Audience Member] And when
are you coming to Uganda? – When am I coming to Uganda? You want me to get kidnapped as well? That could have been me! That could have been me! (upbeat music)

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