77 thoughts on “AN ELEGANT PICNIC DAY WITH MY LOVE | Angelis & Nina | lesbian married couple

  1. i love you both so much. I'm sending u a lot love and support from Serbia. Thank you for showing me that i dont have to be afraid <3

  2. Hello you both are looking nice looking cool love you both. 💞❤💗💖💞💞💞💕💕💕💕💕💯❤💗💖💞 may god bless you both always I Am your fan Nina

  3. Hi Angelis & Nina 🙋I totally love your channel and l always enjoyed watching your videos 😉😘👍

  4. Can you follow me on instgram my name is zamera_w1 and the I love you both you'll are my favorite YouTubers I can't wait till you'll do more videos

  5. Unfortunately I haven't been with you from the beginning, but now you are definitely stuck with me until the end… Enjoy your picnic! 🍷🍇🧀❤

  6. Dear Beautiful girls and beautiful heart, its a joy watching you both. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart for replying.You both are just like my daughter's.. watching you guy's make my day. Om shanti. 🙏🙏

  7. Good morning Angeli…l love you l love you l love you from THAILAND

  8. Eu estou apaixonada nos sotaques britânico/brasileiro 😍😍😍
    Descobri hoje que a Angelis é BR (releva que eu sou nova no canal kkkk) XD
    Adorei o vídeo!

  9. Angelis meu anjo por favor fala mais devagar, não consigo acompanhar (lê) é muito rápido, tenho que ficar pausando o vídeo pra lê, mais curti e muito, sobre o vinho amo😋 bjs Angelis 😘

  10. Nina and Angelis, Iam so Happy that you guy's know my name..iam like a mother to you both.It make's me so happy to see you both love each other so very much. Keep it that way for now and EVER..

  11. Happy 3rd wedding anniversary angelis&nina love u both….! Wishing both of you more wedding anniversary too come!!

  12. anhe and nina…..sooo cuuuute! I just finished and I thought it was so cute. Chanel is in it! love the video!!!

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