an INTENSE holiday transformation

What’s up you guys so it’s been a rough year 2018 is basically over and I still feel like it should be July. So that’s a problem However, it is the holiday season and a lot of stuff is coming up and I need to fix my look So today I’m jumping on the whole bandwagon of doing a transformation video. This isn’t gonna be your normal transformation video It’s gonna be an intense holiday transformation. Here’s a little overview of what I plan to do. Eye lash extensions, nails, laser hair removal Intense skincare, makeup, and a full holiday outfit. Okay, there’s a lot we have to do and not too much time to do it So let’s get started. So for the first part of this transformation, I’m gonna be getting my eyelashes redone This is what they look like now. They’re getting kind of sparse I always like smash my face into the pillow like on the side. So one side always has less eyelashes which isn’t You’re not supposed to do that, but that’s just what I do I’m getting them redone because I have like a meet up Sunday, and I also want them to look nice for the holidays So that’s what we’re doing. Two hours later. They look so good. Yeah He did a good job I’m really happy with them. I feel like lashes make such a big difference. So alright, we got that done. Oh my gosh This is what they look like in better lighting I remember I used to not get eyelash extensions because I didn’t think it was worth it Boy was I wrong I know he’s not watching this, but Jon you’re the best Okay, so for the next part of this video I’m going to be doing my nails and I wanted to thank impress for sponsoring this video Let me tell you guys I used to use press-on nails religiously when I was like 6 or 7 years old So this really brings me back to a time for a while I was using acrylic nails but I just kept banging them against stuff and it would hurt so bad because Acrylics, if you get them really long and you like bang them against anything they hurt and as of right now I’m too lazy to go do that. So I’m just showing you guys how I use the impress press-on manicure at home Look how freaking cute that is. I really want to use red. So I think we’re gonna go with this one This is the one i’m gonna use. I want to use the red color I’m so excited because it’s literally like getting a gel manicure but in minutes I don’t know if you guys remember this But I did show myself using these in another video and they stayed on so long the glue holds really well plus since you don’t need glue, there is no dry time Which is perfect because I’m so lazy and whenever I paint my own nails I always end up smudging them because I can’t be patient enough for them to dry Like I said, I did try these out before and they don’t chip Let’s put these babies on I decided to get a little bit creative with it So this is the order that I’m gonna put them on in. I’m gonna use this little cleansing pad And clean my nails because who knows what’s on there? its the moment of truth and Press. okay why does that look like? Professional also if you do this, make sure you do your thumbs last otherwise, it’ll be very difficult This is what it looks like so far I will come back to you guys when I’ve done all my nails Oh my god. These are the final nails. This is what I chose to do kind of festive and fun This literally took me five minutes which I am all for Because I just don’t like waiting for things but here’s some of the other Options that impress has for their limited edition holiday collection. They’re really cute that is it for this part of the transformation I didn’t want to show you guys me putting on all of them because it’s literally just the same thing you peel the thing off And then you stick it onto your nail you press down. So this is the final product for me I just like having my nails look nice because you’re always using your hands and I feel like people always know it so we are Done with this part of the transformation and now moving on to the next part Okay, so right now we are on our way to get my laser hair removal This is my fourth or fifth time going. Originally I just went to get my arms done So those are looking really good but This is going to be the second time I’m going to be doing my armpit and I went like the first time I went it was so just uncomfortable like it was a very Foreign feeling to me and I did I cry I have a video but when I insert it cuz you guys are gonna be fun of me Oh my god, oh my god Oh I hate shaving daily. It’s a very big hassle. So that’s why we’re doing this and I’m ready to have smooth skin. So let’s go We’re here I’m about to get some laser hair removal This is Joe, he’s the best ooooo i forgot that yeah im okay Okay, so we just finished the laser on my armpits, they’re so clean And my arms are super smooth. So that was actually the armpits were actually really sore today the laser is done now I don’t have to shave and I will probably be back in ten weeks okay so for the next part i wanted to Focus on skincare I have so much stuff that I haven’t even used yet So we’re just gonna see what we can find. a lip mask Apparently it protects and repairs lips. So we’re gonna try this oh my god this is so weird See, oh my god, it opens how long am i supposed to leave this on for? 15 minutes. I don’t know if you guys can understand me but I’m gonna use the under eye mask too Breaks teeth. All right, I’m gonna let these sit for a little bit and then I’ll get back you guys with the result. I don’t know exactly how much that did but it does feel nice For the makeup, I’m just gonna add a couple finishing touches because I already have on like face makeup I’m gonna use the Tarte captivating blush Maybe this will add some life into my face That’s so cute. Blush always makes the biggest difference. It makes you just look so much more like awake and alive And I also add a little bit on my nose to give me a sunkissed look. I don’t know if that’s a thing I remember when I was little I used to put like blush on my nose religiously and I’d end up looking like Rudolph and it really just wasn’t the look but I still wore it out in public I was Just a mess when I was four. I don’t know then I’m gonna take this palette. It’s from Urban Decay I think it’s called the Born to Run palette i’m gonna use this gold shade and this champagne shade and mix them together You’re not supposed to put on eyeshadow when you have eyelash extensions, but what can you do? This just adds a lot of light and sparkles to your eyes It looks so pretty and then in the crease I’m gonna use this color right here. It’s kind of like orange And to finish it off i’m going to use the Sephora collection lip stories in After Hours I don’t want to use it all the way but I kind of just want a tint of red on my lips did i mess up. Yeah, I messed up What this is really good here is the little outfit that I’ve put together So the top and the bottom is both from princess Polly. This is what the finished makeup looks like and also my nails much So much with this I’m so happy with how they turned out. I would say I’m on my way to a party, but I’m not so I’m just staying home that is it for this transformation video as you can see from the beginning of the video to now A lot has changed. We did eyelashes, nails, skincare, makeup, laser hair removal, and I think that’s it I hope you guys enjoy this video if you stay till this point in the video First of all, you’re amazing and second of all comment down below tree Kind of into nature lately. Here’s today’s babe of the week. Thank you guys so much for your support It means the world to me and if you’re not already make sure you subscribe to My channel it’s a great time and I would love to have you here I am feeling sick as I film this so I’m sorry if the energy is different or anything like that I’m probably gonna go ham with the medicine and hope for the best and we’ll see what happens. Okay? peace out jingle bells Jingle bells jingle all the way Oh, what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh jingle

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