13 thoughts on “An introduction to Smarthistory

  1. This is my favorite channel! I watch at least one video per day, and your videos help me better understand art and architectural terms even though I wasn't able to study art appreciation in school. Hope you could feature architectural wonders in the Philippines. Ours are of a unique blend of pre-colonial, Spanish/Latin American baroque, Chinese, and sometimes, American architecture ^_^ These are exemplified among bahay na bato (stone houses) and colonial churches (such as UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Miagao Church and Paoay Church).

  2. Someone gets paid to do this, talk about having a great life, I'm so jealous. Thanks by the way for your Hard? Work.

  3. when i went to the rijksmuseum i listened to the smarthistory video on rembrandt's nightwatch, in front of the painting!!! so cool!!

  4. This is my favorite channel, deserves to have a million subscribers. Love the new intro except I don't like that white placard, too obtrusive. Find a better solution, your channel deserves it.

  5. I always like to see your videos. Some of the philosophy I don't agree with but I learn something from every one and you do an excellent job in presenting the artwork.

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