An Irish Summer – Foil Arms and Hog

An Irish Summer – Foil Arms and Hog

It is a beautiful Summer’s day Darren do you have sun screen on? Ye doing it now. Factor 5? Darren you are not from Mozambique! Here… Seventy?? Its like gloss paint, I’ll never get a tan. A tan is a burn Darren. Right they were sold out of burger buns… so i have a wholewheat loaf And there was no relish so the raspberry jam will have to do. I’ll make a salad I will stop you there OK. You will make that salad and no-one will eat it. You’ll put it in cling film. Stick it in the fridge. 5 days later you will just be throwing it in the bin. Fair enough I’ll get started. Right now check this out lads huh? 10 burgers for 5 euro. Darren, your Dad can sniff a bargain can’t he? Those are bean burgers Dad. Ah for ff… sake. Its 11am I’m going to get that brother of yours out of bed. Don’t forget to put sunscreen on Paddy. I don’t burn I tan. Now I’ll fire up the barbeque. Dad shouldn’t we clean it first. Oh no the rust adds flavour Darren. Ye and the bird shit too. Its freezing in here can we put the heating on? Its 30 degrees Gran. I know but the wind-chill factor. We’re inside. Feel my hands they are like icicles. Alright little bro the sun is out Fancy a tin and catching some rays? No thanks Tom. Alright you loss little man So if anyone wants me I’ll will be in the back garden… practicing my Capoeira. Ice-cream van, ice-cream van! No, no Anne that’s not the ice-cream van That’s em.. That’s an ambulance. What? Ye somebody’s very sick alright. Alright go on there ye. Has anyone seen the tennis rackets? Oh they are in the bush where we left them last year Dad. You get two wheelie bins and an extension cord. For what? The net Darren, the net! We don’t have any tennis balls. Its OK I found two golf balls in the shrubs. Golf balls?? Darren if you are going outside make sure you wear a sun hat. Oh no I don’t want a hat. You are to wear it. Ye. Feel my hands, Icicles! Now Darren, what you think of that? Its raw Dad. The marinade, the Marinade? What do you think? I don’t know its raw. Ah for God’s sake I’ve been at that barbeque for an hour. Turn on the oven. Paddy did you put sunscreen on your head? Mary you cannot burn before 12 in the day. Oh Jesus I’m burnt to a crisp. Get the Aloe Vera, the Aloe Vera!! Ice-cream van! Doomdah Hi we’re Foil Arms and Hog Thanks for watching the video. We have a new video every Thursday. Please subscribe to the… Excuse me! Excuse me! We are playing in… Doomdah!! We are playing in Vicar Street on June 17th If you want to come see us it is our last ‘Oink’ show. And if you want to check us out at our brand new show ‘Craicling’ at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival Its on sale now. Wow that is so cool man / Legend! Doomdaaaaaaaaaaah

100 thoughts on “An Irish Summer – Foil Arms and Hog

  1. The tiny knife for the salad was the strawberry on top for me. It almost felt like I was home, spreading factor 50 on myself (I'm a shade darker than Irish).

  2. Love this. Was in Dublin two weeks ago, got invited to an Irish BBQ. Summer was lovely. It was a Sunday, I think.

  3. If anyone ever wants to know what it’s like to be Irish I’ll show them yer videos, this is just too accurate it’s hilarious!!

  4. if your Irish and a ginger your beter get factor infinity or get yourself a coffin you will die from the 3rd degree burns

  5. Just noticed I was unsubscribed from your channel. An unhappy accident but… I am happy to be back !!!!! What have I missed ? 🙂

  6. I lost it at "the rust adds flavor". Love your videos, especially the other one where they're getting ready to go on holiday.

    Although I'm not even remotely Irish, I'm Egyptian-American, this somehow reminds me of my family.

  7. Your guys always bring me laughter when I need a cheer up! Come to California soon! I would love to see you guys in a live show!

  8. I went to one of your shows in Edinburgh The on the 8/8/18. And before that I had know idea who you where, but after the show you became my worlds favourite actors.

    Ps: I bought one of your T-Shirts

  9. Ice cream van ice cream van no no that's no the ice cream van that's the ambulance somebody very sick – that line makes me laugh every time i watch this link

  10. If he was a red head Irish person in the summer he would be locked away under the stairs with factor 150 on and even then he would still go redder than a cherry.

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