An Unforgettable Year of Travel | Our 2019 YouTube Rewind

An Unforgettable Year of Travel | Our 2019 YouTube Rewind

– Happy New Year!
– Happy New Year, everybody! – Wow, 2019 was an incredible year, and it was also a bookend
to an epic chapter in both of our lives as we
slowly invite a new little human into the world. So if someone asked us 10 years ago what we’d be getting up to,
even in our wildest dreams, we couldn’t imagine it. So we just wanted to dedicate
this video to all of you guys. Thank you so much for all your support. This is what we got up to in 2019. (intense note) In January, we unboxed a huge milestone, our 100 K silver plaque from YouTube. – That’s so crazy to think
that that’s like, ours. – I know. It doesn’t even look real. Made our predictions for the year. – So this year, – [Both] Nordic countries. – Reflected on 2018, and then
packed our bags for Sri Lanka. There we had our first taste
of street food for the year, climbed the eighth wonder of the world, caught the most scenic train
ride across the country, went on an Asian safari, before
swinging into the sunset. So later in the month, we
finally headed to the Philippines to go to a shopping mall? – It’s so big! – No, no, no, no. We headed out to the more
untouched regions of the country, making our way north
to hike for three days through rice terraces, while
staying at local villages and even camp for one
night on an active volcano. I’m so glad we did this. This is definitely the highlight. Before once again,
swinging into the sunset. Oh, and seeing some of
the most beautiful islands in the world. After having a month of
beaches and sunshine, we decided February would be
the month to hit up the snow, as the goal for Jess in 2019
was to finally learn to ski. So we jumped on a flight to Japan, ate our weight in udon noodles,
before hitting the slopes. Jess owned the mountain. – This is like the best
skiing I’ve ever done. – Whilst the mountain owned me. (screaming) Oh my gosh! Woohoo! The winter activities didn’t stop there. We had a barbecue dinner inside an igloo, went snowshoeing through the forest, and had the cutest
Japanese man cook us fondue in the middle of the snow. (speaking japanese) – And eat? – Yeah, go! (laughing)
Just eat, yeah. It’s nice. – Mmm.
(speaking japanese) Oh my gosh it’s so good. (laughing) – Our time in Japan
came to a close by doing two very traditional Japanese experiences, spending the night in an Onsen hotel and going to Harry Potter World in Osaka (dramatic music) (laughing) As March rolled in we headed
back home to Australia to say hello to the friends and family whilst also squeezing in a
cheeky getaway to Byron Bay. This little Aussie escape
was filled with brunches, beaches and barbecues. But really the main reason we came home was to wait for a special
envelope to come in the mail. Another goal for us in 2019 was to become a bit more spontaneous and nothing gets more
spontaneous than this. We’re here at the Perth
Airport and we have no idea where we are going. Before we knew it, we were on
a flight headed for Taiwan. Our mystery trip was filled
with tasty street food, high speed trains and high speed bikes. Guys, I just don’t think you understand just how cool we look at the moment. (dramatic music) A country that has been on
our bucket list for a lifetime is India and this was the
year we would finally visit. Our Indian adventure started in Delhi where we watched epic sunrises,
ate some of the most unique street food, fell in love with
chai and were crazy enough to cycle through the streets in one of the busiest cities in the world. As everyone’s heading to work, dodging rickshaws, motorbikes… From there we headed north
to volunteer at temples, visit the Pakistan Indian
border, ride the toy train to Shimla, ticking off another
wonder of the world at the Taj Mahal, exploring
the pink city of Jaipur and ending our time covered
head to toe in color. (shouting)
– Happy Holi! In April we said goodbye
to the chaos of India and made our way to Korea. We arrived in the capital city of Seoul and had 48 hours to do and
see as much as possible. Which included visiting temples,
taking a Taekwondo class, checking into one of the
tallest hotels in the world and we even had a Korean makeover. After staying in such a modern city, we decided to mix things up and go live with the Monks in the south. We spent the next few days
learning about their way of life before catching the train to Busan to experience cherry blossom seasons for the very first time. April was a really big month for us, we absolutely love traveling
and sharing experiences with others and this month
would mark the first ever Flying The Nest Expeditions
where we invited a bunch of you guys to come and
travel Vietnam with us. We all met in Hanoi and
had an eight day jam packed adventure across the country. We slept on a luxury overnight
cruise in Halong Bay, spent 13 hours together on a
sleeper train, tried Vietnamese street food on the back
of Vespas and explored one of the most beautiful
cities in the country. We both just wanted to
say a huge thank you to everyone that came, making
this a trip of a lifetime. Jess’ birthday month rolls
through and she couldn’t of picked a more complicated
country to celebrate in. Oh boy, that Russian Visa
still gives me nightmares. So after jumping on a flight
we didn’t think we would make, we touched down in Saint
Petersburg and were blown away by the beautiful architecture
and the tasty doughnuts. So after too many shots of vodka… – Two, three, go! – Ahh.
– Vodka! And an interesting Russian
spa experience we made our way to Moscow to celebrate
Jess’ birthday in an old Soviet Bunker. ♪ Happy Birthday to you! ♪ I’m starting to catch on to this whole birthday month celebrations as
Jess conveniently found that the cheapest flights out of Russia– – Just happen to be the
French Riviera, so I was like, “Ah, may as well fly there.” – So of course the birthday
celebrations seemed to continue. So after almost meeting Leonardo DiCaprio we rode around the
French Riviera in style. And visited one of the most
smallest countries in the world. Jess’ birthday month
just never seemed to end, but the icing on top was
catching up with our good friends to spend a week cruising
through the North of Spain and drinking wine in Bordo. To kick off June we
decided to let you control where we went next and you all sent us to our 70th country, Sweden. Where after a day of flying, you still made us spend
the night in an airplane. Here we ate too much Fika,
went on a moose safari and had Swedish meatballs
around the campfire fire whilst Jess’ love for
ABBA cam out of hiding. So halfway through June we
hopped off a plane at LAX and had the worst jet lag we’ve ever had. But a second exciting
envelope kept us awake. I think we’ve become addicted
to these spontaneous trips. Where are we going?
(rustling) – Okay, kay kay kay kay,
I’m pulling out something. I’m shaking! – Where is it?
– I don’t know yet, – Turn it around
– I’m not looking! Oh my gosh, we’re going to Texas! As before we knew it we
were back at the airport on our second mystery trip of the year as we headed for Texas. If there were two words
we had to choose to sum up our trip to Austin, it
would be food and axes. So a place we’ve always
wanted to get lost in is New Orleans, Louisiana and
that’s where we headed next. We started each morning
with beignets and coffee, danced along to the sounds of the streets and even looked for
alligators in the swamps. So July was a month we’d
been waiting all year for as we dedicated the next 31
days to a friends vacation filled with theme parks, roller coasters– – Steve no! I hate this bit! No. – Bye Jess! (screaming) Mickey shaped food, dining with Donald and acting like big kids. ♪ Down that road ♪ ♪ I’m gonna ride til I can’t no more ♪ (laughing) (photos snapping) Our exploration through
the south continued as we made our way through
Savannah, Charleston and South Carolina on an epic road trip. So as July reluctantly came to an end, we said our goodbye to the Grinceri’s and jumped on a plane back to Europe. The first day of August was
spent on a 24 hour layover in the most visited city in the world which was completely
opposite to the less explored countries we’re about to visit. We flew into Slovakia, hired
a car and had one of the most unexpected road trips of the year. If there’s one country we visited in 2019 that needs to be on your
list it is Slovakia. We stayed in log cabins,
explored fairytale castles and witnessed the beauty of
the High Tatras Mountains. From there we revisited a favorite destination of ours, Germany. With this time exploring more
of the south of the country. With the perfect German getaway
through the Bavarian Alps. Next up, our first time
stepping foot in central Asia. We went on a five day
tour through Kazakhstan with some days looking
like we’re on the moon and others looking like
we’re on the lakes of Canada. We ended that month with
another huge milestone, being invited to guest speak
at a travel conference in Kazakhstan’s futuristic capital city. As September rolled through our love for road trips and
untouched countries continued as we made our way to Romania. Here we hung out in the mountains, became best friends with a goat, explored the castles of Transylvania, headed back to Disneyland Romanian style, ate way too much papanasi and drove on one of the
greatest roads in the world. From there we headed to Poland to find colorful medieval towns, cute villages and some of the best
dumplings we’ve ever had. Oh and did anything else
exciting happen in September? We found out we’re having a baby – It’s like my
(gasp) Oh my god. Oh, I like don’t even believe it. So I was just about to say that it looks like a really little faint line was coming up on this one. I did not, oh my god
Steve’s gonna be so excited. As our life completely changed we celebrated with Peter in Venice before boarding one of
the most luxurious trains in the world, The Orient Express. As October began we headed
home back to Australia to tell everyone the exciting news. And to see the little
one with our own eyes. Before we could blink we
made our way back to Italy to resume our travels with our little puff pastry growing away. There we hopped on a Mediterranean cruise to celebrate Stephen’s birthday, went back to Greece to
reminisce on our wedding and dressed up for our very
first Halloween in Ireland. So if you’ve been around
this channel for awhile then you just know our love for japan. So November marked our second
trip to the country for 2019, here we ate flaming ramen– – So good – What just happened? Fed some cute deer and took in the colors of the autumn leaves. Times goes super fast
and before we knew it Jess needed her 12 week
ultrasound back at home. And whilst we waited for the results we decided to head on a
summer getaway to Tasmania. Only to find out that Cradle Mountain isn’t so summery in November. So our summer trip was
filled with fireplaces, warm soup, snow storms and cuddly wombats. As the final month of not only 2019 but this entire decade rolled
through Jess’ childhood dream of having a European Christmas
would finally come true. We need to know–
– We’re in Finland, we are really in Finland. After taking the longest
flight in the world we met up with Santa in Finland and borrowed his sleigh
to get us to London. There we joined up with my parents and dragged them across Europe to as many Christmas
markets as we could find before waking up on
Christmas Day in Prague. So to end the year we flew out to Canada to spend New Years Eve with
our good friends the Grinceri’s to bring in the new year. And we are so excited
to see what 2020 brings and I hope you’re not too sick
of my voice in this video. – I’ve kind of lost my voice so I couldn’t help Steve talk at all,
in this whole video but (laughs) I just want to
say Happy New Year everyone thank you so much for all
your support throughout 2019 and I think 2020 is gonna
be one amazing year. – Thanks so much for all your support guys and we will see you next time. – Bye

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