Ana And Cenk DUNK On Ben Shapiro

Ana And Cenk DUNK On Ben Shapiro

>>In an effort to demonstrate just how out
of touch Ben Shapiro is with the average American, he did a segment talking about low wages. And decided that the real victims in these
cases, are the employers who are being bad mouthed, because the bad actors here are the
employees. Let’s hear his argument.>>The fact is, that if you had to work more
than one job to have a roof over your head, or food on the table, you probably shouldn’t
have taken the job that’s not paying you enough. That’d be a you problem.>>Wow, wow.>>That would be a you problem, Cenk.>>Okay, this reminds me of Rush Limbaugh
when he’s like, I don’t get it. Why don’t poor people just go to the fridge? He literally said that.>>Why don’t they just sell, was that their
Range Rover?>>That was when he got sick on vacation,
when he had gone to, I think, it was a Caribbean country with like a gallon of Viagra. He got a caught in the airport with all the
Viagra that he took there. I don’t believe he has a girlfriend down there,
by the way, anyways, and then, he got sick at some point. You’re right. That might have been the Hawaii trip, not
the Caribbean trip. So in, and then, he said, it’s no problem. I went to the emergency room, and all I had
to pay was the price of a half a Range Rover. What, what are you talking about? So these guys are totally out of touch. Mitt Romney, like, you wanna start a business,
why don’t you just borrow $250,000 from your dad? Donald Trump, I got a small loan from my dad
of a million dollars. Did you? That small loan. Of course, it’s not true, you got $430 million
for free from his dad, but here’s Ben Shapiro like, if you take a low paying job, well,
that was a stupid decision. Why don’t you take a higher paying job? That’s a you problem.>>Okay, so let’s talk a little bit about
Ben Shapiro and who he is. Ben Shapiro forgot that he’s a talentless
hack. And I mean that in every sense of the word,
I get it, he speaks quickly, and it’s easy to trick people into thinking, you’re smart
when you speak quickly, but if you listen to the substance of what he’s saying, it is
easily debunkable, and we’re gonna debunk it today. But before I get to that, remember, Ben Shapiro
is a very well paid puppet for the right wing, right? They found him, they realized, hey, you know
what, he would be a great mouthpiece for what we want. And he received several millions to start
the daily wire by who? By Wilkes, I believe it is?>>Yeah, a fracking magnet.>>Exactly.>>Now, look, on that one, it depends, was
it an investment, or was it just a donation, if it was an investment, and Wilks got his
money back, then, okay, it’s a sound investment. But if he’s just like, here, say, fracking
is awesome, and say, taxes for the rich or fantastic, which is kinda what Ben Shapiro
says. And he paid him for that opinion, well, that’s
a different matter.>>Also, look, I think that it’s easy to develop
the sense of entitlement and think highly of yourself when you are making a lot of money. But he gets paid a ton of money simply to
give speeches on college campuses. Now, some might argue, well, his talent is
the reason why he gets invited to these college campuses, except you forget that the right
wing has this very well oiled machine for propaganda. And so, they all work together, and these
Republican groups get these conservative speakers, onto these college campuses, and he gets paid,
minimum, $50,000 per speech. And then, he turns around and points to the
average American, and blames them for their economic instability, which is pathetic.>>By the way, if you’re wondering, and you’re
in a college campus, you might get some TV stars, you might get a Bill Maher, and then,
he’ll yell at you and stuff like that. But you’ll almost never see a progressive
speaker, and you’ll see wall to wall right wing speakers. Why is that? Because right wing billionaires actually pay
the right wing speakers.>>Mm-hm.>>They’re like, go tell the kids that tax
cuts for the rich are awesome, deregulating people, so we could put poison in their atmosphere
is awesome, climate change is not a big deal, go. And they give them a ton of money per speech
to do that. There’s nobody on the left wing that does
that.>>Exactly.>>Right, so there’s no like, hey, go tell
people that being decent to one another is awesome, here’s $20,000, $40,000, $50,000. There’s no such thing. So that’s why you’ve got this crazy disparity. And yes, Shapiro apparently grew up in a wealthy
family, I have no idea how wealthy they were. But you could still have empathy for people,
saying like->>And you don’t need even have to have empathy,
right? Like, if you don’t have empathy, fine, but
just look at the numbers. I mean, we just gave the wealthy $2 trillion
in tax cuts over the next decade, and the whole argument from right wing hacks, like
Shapiro, was, well, it’s gonna create better paying jobs, higher wages. Did it actually increase wages? No. What did they do with that money? They bought shares of their own stock. That’s what these massive corporations did. And so, there’s this giant systemic issue
where the wealth is just completely flowing to the top, and the average American worker
is getting screwed. And then, Ben Shapiro turns around, points
fingers at the people who are struggling in this economy, and telling them, you’re the
problem, deal with it, come on.>>Yeah, so more on that. Even Trump’s Labor Department says, exactly,
as we told you would happen, that wages when you account for inflation have gone down since
the tax cuts, not up, down the average wages. The bonuses were a mirage, they have on average
gone down, not up since the Trump tax cuts. And we also told you ahead of time that this
was an artificial bubble they were creating in the stock market through the buy backs,
and it would pop, and guess what happened yesterday? The pop has begun, down 800 points, so look,
the Conservatives claim they wanna free marketplace of ideas, bring it, I love it, I have been
in favor of free marketplace of ideas from day one, and you know what’s happening slowly? Slowly they’re losing. So in the beginning online, there was just
us. And then, the right wing came, and they grew,
they did, right. And all of them combined finally passed us,
okay. Now, I would, they’re beginning to contract. And so, why is that? Well, they’re getting exposed, so Rubin is
now a joke, right, Dave Rubin is like the most common joke on the internet. And now, Shapiro slowly getting exposed, because
the internet catches you. We say that about corporate democrats all
the time, you’re gonna get caught, right? And Republicans, they’re caught all over the
place. But when you’re getting paid to say taxes
for the richer great, and if you’re poor, it’s your fault, you’re such a dummy. Why did you take a higher paying job? You’re gonna get caught. Cuz who’s your audience? Ben, do you think everybody in your audience
is millionaires and billionaires? No, it’s poor schmucks that you convinced
being right wing, and being offensive to people is such an awesome and wonderful thing. But they’re sitting there going, hey, wait
a minute. I didn’t choose to get a low paying job. It’s not like, well, I could get a job for
couple of $100,000, and I could get one for $30,000, I go for the $30,000, dope, I made
the wrong decision, who thinks likes that, only the entitle prick thinks like that.>>Yes.>>And everybody knows it.>>So I wanna also go to a trick the he does
in every argument against the average American worker, and it’s to take data, and then, twist
it to his advantage, to reinforce whatever nonsense argument he’s making. He’s about to do that in the next clip you
watch, and we’re gonna debunk this, so take a look.>>Also, it is not true, the vast majority
of people in the United States are working two jobs, it just is not true. According to the census, statistics, a small,
but steady number of American workers have more than one job, because either they need
extra income, or because they wanna gain more experience, or explore different interests. There’s a recently released US census bureau
report, and apparently, what they found, is that, approximately, 8.3%, this is as of 2013,
so it’s actually lower now. 8.3% of workers had more than one job. That’s as of 2013, it’s a lot lower now. So this notion that there are just tons and
tons of people who are working at multiple jobs, it is not really true. It’s not actually the reality. In May, 5% of Americans had multiple jobs,
5%. That’s really what’s bringing down the unemployment
rate, it’s those 5% of workers who have multiple jobs?>>Okay, so let’s play.>>We went and looked at the report that he’s
citing there, and we found out that there were some significant issues with the methodology
in finding these numbers, so how was this Bureau of Labor Statistics study done? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics
explanation of unemployment statistics, the Current Population Survey, administered by
the Census Bureau, depends on in-person or telephone interviews. By the way, specifically, land-line telephone
interviews of people over a period of time. To include some, it must be possible to repeatedly
find the person. Now, let’s give you some more information,
this is from Forbes. If people are working long hours at multiple
jobs and spending time traveling between them and home, successfully scheduling an in-person
interview is less likely. Poor people also move more frequently than
those with higher incomes, so there’s an issue of finding an accurate current address. A greater use of mobile phones rather than
landlines, and the lack of directories of mobile phone numbers, increases the difficulty
of reaching specific people. And then, there’s one other thing that should
be noted. Not everyone who works two jobs gets paid
through payroll. So for instance, some people moonlight and
take money under the table without it being taxed. They wouldn’t want the government to know,
and so, are unlikely to tell someone representing any federal branch that they work more than
one job. Others might not disclose information out
of general distrust of the government or concerns over privacy. This is similar to surveys about racial attitudes,
sexual behavior, use of drugs or alcohol, you guys get the picture. So the methodology is not sound, and when
you actually break things down accurately, I mean, just anecdotally, think of how many
people, you know personally who have to take on a second job just to be able to pay their
student loans, to be able to pay for the rising cost of housing, the rising inflation, which
our wages are not keeping up with. I mean, he lives in a different world, guys. He has this ridiculous entitled attitude,
because he gets paid 15 grand per speech by right wing groups. So he thinks, I mean, it’s easy for me. Why isn’t it easy for you? Why don’t you also become a right wing hack? And some people have taken that advice. That’s what Dave Rubin’s done.>>So-
>>And so, I don’t understand, why don’t they just answer the survey, wait in their mansion,
and wait for somebody to come by and give them $50,000. And then, answer the surveys and just have
one job. That’s easy, isn’t it? That’s a you problem, not a me problem, cuz
I already took the money from the billionaires. Okay, so.>>And I’m not done yet, by the way.>>Hold on, let me throw a couple things in
here. Look, actually, the one thing that he’s avoiding,
and a major issue is, and I can show you charts of American productivity, it is sky high. One of the things that’s happening is that,
in the old days, only one person in the household had a job. Now, most households have two people that
have to have a job, otherwise, they can’t survive. Let alone, some of them having multiple jobs. So the number of jobs that a household has
massively increased, inconveniently left that part out. And then, guys, you all know from your own
lives, I love the what he said, he said, no, most of the people that have two jobs are
exploring different interests. Now, come on, really, guys. I mean, if you live in the real world, a lot
of guys were like, you know what, I’m making plenty of money in my first job, but I thought
I’d take a different job to explore different interests.>>Right, right.>>Yeah, that’s the real world.>>And oftentimes, the hobbies that Americans
are interested in, don’t pay well, like they just don’t.>>Ain’t nobody taking a second job for a
hobby.>>It’s just-
>>Okay.>>So let me give you, so I told you, hey,
just talk to your friends, anecdotally. I mean, how many people do you personally
know working two jobs? Well, anecdotal evidence is not as credible
as looking at the bigger picture. So what is the bigger picture? According to a Gallup poll, 36% of us workers
are in the gig economy, which which works out to be a very large number of approximately
57 million people. 29% of all workers in the US have an alternative
work arrangement as their primary job.>>That seems higher than 5%, that’s interesting.>>It does, it’s weird. This includes a quarter of all full-time workers,
24%, and half of all part-time workers, 49%, including multiple job holders, 36%, have
a gig work arrangement in some capacity. Now, in his argument, he says, the vast majority
of Americans don’t work multiple jobs. But nobody said the vast majority of Americans
work multiple jobs, and increasing number of Americans need to work multiple jobs just
to make ends meet in this disastrous economy. And so, again, if you just listen to the substance
of what he’s saying quickly, it’s easy to debunk the arguments he’s making.>>Yes, so look, guys, I love this man, we’ve
been doing this online now for, since 2005, so that’s 14 years. 17 years old when you count radio, and when
we said the Iraq War was a disaster back in 2002 and we shouldn’t go into like, you guys
are nuts. How’d that work out? So all those Bush and Cheney advocates, they’re
gone, they’re buried, right? And then, all these new guys came along, and
they say, no, no, no, we got this thing figured out, intellectual dark web. Hilarious. Dave Rubin, he’s just turning up the ideas
too hot.>>Extra hot.>>The dial of ideas has been turned to hot,
right?>>So hot that he needs to recover from it.>>Yeah, well, he’s got a long recovery, cuz
it’s been turned to cold. The jury’s in on Dave Rubin. Even the conservatives think he’s a joke. Sam Harris, hey, you’re taking me out of context
until he did that trick 1,000 times, including to Noam Chomsky. And then, it turns out he agrees with racists
like Charles Murray. So yeah, you’ve got your deplorables who will
still like you, and now, once you’ve slowed down Ben Shapiro’s talking, you realize, it’s
like, we told you from day one, there’s nothing there. It’s nothing, but privilege. So you keep insulting your own audience, and
see how that turns out for you.

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