Andaman And Nicobar Islands Tourism Video | Port Blair things to do

hello and welcome back to naturemoto99 in today’s video i am going to take you around india’s most beautiful destination andaman islands and things to do at port blair places that are must see, and must go around port blair so whats the wait, lets begin port blair airport of andaman island is well connected with all the important airports of india i took my flight from kolkata and it was 2 hrs 10 min flight time to port blair you will get cheap fare prepaid taxis after getting down at port blair airport i would suggest two wheelers as the mode of transport at port blair rent starts from Rs. 300 per day and is easily available to be rented around port blair first tourist attraction is cellular jail where one all the freedom fighters from india were kept first watch the light and sound show in evening and then visit the jail next day doing so you will have the knowledge of history about the Jail Corbyn’s Cove beach is port blair’s only beach surrounded by coconut grooves , this beautiful beach you can see beautiful sunrise and at night there will be flea market 20kms ride from port blair will takke you to wandoor beach and if you wish to visit jolly buoy island or marine national park.. you will have to start your journey from here, details of which i will share later in the video to visit ross island (netaji subhas chandra bose dweep ) you will have to take a ferry from Aberdeen Jetty, Port blair Ross island was also called paris of east during tthe british Raj according to me this island is a must visit best thing to do is reach here port luch and leave watching the light and sound show you will find lots of friendly animals, deers, rabbits around the island 17kms from port blair is Chidiyatapu for birdwatchers, hikers, and cliff walking this ths the go to place a must visit place where less number of tourists go is chatham government saw mill it is said that it used to be asia’s largest saw mill back at that time you can see a functional saw mill built during the british era a small forest meuseum too

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