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Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a group of
islands at the junction of the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea. It is one of the seven
union territories of India which includes 572 islands among which only 37 are currently
inhabited. Today, we are going to share 9 nights and 10 days tour plan for this beautiful
location. Let’s begin.
Day-1 On day-1 of your tour, first, reach Veer Savarkar
international airport of Port Blair from any part of the country. Port Blair is the capital
city of Andaman and here we will start our tour from Port Blair.
Upon reaching Port Blair check in to your hotel.
After lunch, go to visit Cellular Jail. Cellular jail is the most infamous British
Colonial prison situated in Port Blair. The prison came into action in the year 1906.
Cellular jail was mainly used to exile the political prisoners, where they faced horrifying
violence from the then ruling British Government officials. The prison is now a national memorial
monument which showcases the life of prisoners during the British era.
In the evening you can watch the light and sound show here which depicts the terrifying
and darkest period in the history of India. From Cellular Jail, go to visit Corbyn’s
Cove beach. Corbyn’s Cove beach is close to Port Blair.
It is a popular tourist attraction of the place. The Beach has some seating arrangement
to get a good view of the horizon from a little height. Here, you can find some local shops
selling local garments and accessories. If you are a shopaholic you can indulge yourself
in some shopping. Day-2
On day-2, morning first go to visit Baratang Jarawa Reserved forest.
Baratang is a beautiful little island in the North and Middle Andaman Administrative district
and is located 100 kilometers away from Port Blair. You can visit the island interiors
by the government ferry. The charge of this ferry service is Rs700 per person.
Baratang Island is well-known for its mangrove forests. Some part of this island is the residence
of the Jarawas, the native tribes of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. That part of the island
is closed for public visit and in most of regions photography is prohibited.
From the forest move towards the Limestone cave. You need to take permission from the
Forest Department at Baratang to explore these caves. The naturally-formed limestone caves
near Baratang island of Andaman is a much-loved tourist attraction for the travellers who
love adventure and exploring offbeat places. Day-3
On day-3, first go to visit Ross Island. Located 2 kilometers east of Port Blair, the
Ross Island was once the administrative headquarters of the British. Currently, Indian Navy is
taking care of the island and it is named Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Dweep. The entry fee to this Island is Rs 30 per person.
This is a plastic free zone and outside food is not allowed here. You may also avail a
golf cart to take a tour of this island. The fare is Rs 80 per person. It will take around
20-25 minutes to cover the whole island tour in this cart. Other than availing the cart
you can cover the island tour on foot. It is an uninhabited island and is a famous
tourist spot due to the scenic beauty. Due to its growing popularity, the island experiences
a large number of visitors every day. Here, you can see beautiful peacocks and many
other native birds. There is also one deer. You may also enjoy snorkelling and other adventure
water sports here. From there go to visit North Bay island. This
grey-sand beach is covered with tropical trees. This island has a long stretch of coral reef.
You can enjoy a sea walk here to view beautiful coral and other sea creatures. You don’t
need to know swimming to join this sea walk. Other than this you can take a ferry ride
to watch underwater life. These facilities are chargeable.
Day-4 On day-4 first visit Chatham Saw Mill.
After entering the complex, first visit Chatham Forests Museum. The museum showcases a rich
collection of photos of the islands, underwater lives, and tribal handicrafts.
Next, take a tour of the saw mill. Chatham Saw Mill is a 19th Century sawmill in Port
Blair which is the oldest and the largest sawmill in the continent.
Next, go to visit nearby Wandoor beach. The beach is famous for its rich biodiversity
and quiet shores. Enjoy a beautiful sunset from here.
Day-5 On day-5 morning, go to visit Havelock Island.
Havelock Island is one of the largest islands in Andaman and Nicobar. It is situated 57
km north-east of Port Blair. The Island is covered with white sand beaches, crystal-clear
blue water, rich corals and lush green forests. Overall, it is like is a paradise on earth.
Upon reaching Havelock Island Check in to your hotel.
In the afternoon you may roam around the beautiful white sand beach of Havelock island. The coral
view of the island needs a special mention. You can enjoy snorkelling to get a closer
look of this coral reef. Day-6
On day-6 morning, first, go to KalaPathar beach.
Kalapathar beach is a long stretch of white sand beach with big black rocks beside the
blue sea. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Havelock Island and is less crowded
than Radhanagar beach. The natural rocks found on this beach is of
different shapes and sizes. And quite interesting also.
Day-7 On day-7 morning, first, go to Radhanagar
beach. Radhanagr beach is a beautiful white sand
beach with turquoise blue waters. It is almost 12 km away from the main Havelock Island and
is the prime tourist attraction of this place. Next, go to visit Vijaynagar beach. Vijaynagar
Beach is one of the most famous beaches on Havelock Island and is the most frequently
visited for beach exploration, bird watching, and other water sports activities.
In the evening return back to Havelock Island. Day-8
On day-8 go to visit Neil Island from Havelock Island.
Neil Island is a part of South Andaman Administrative District. It is separated from Ross Island
and Havelock Island by a large part of Bay of Bengal. Neill Island is the main supplier
of vegetables to most regions of the Andaman Islands.
Upon reaching Neil Island first check in to your hotel.
Next, go to visit two most popular beaches of this island- Lakshmanpur and Bharatpur.
Located on Neil Island, Laxmanpur Beach is a spectacular white shell sand beach ideal
for sunbathing and swimming. The Laxmanpur is one of the most visited beaches in India
due to its magnificent beauty. This beach is a great combination of blue and clear water
with tropical trees. You can take a guided tour of this island.
In this trip you can get a closer view of the marine lives of this island.
The prime attraction of Lakshmanpur beach is the famous naturally shaped bridge-like
rock formation which is also known as the Howrah Bridge.
It is best seen during low tide. From there go to visit Bharatpur beach. Located
just half a kilometer away from the jetty at Neil Island, Bharatpur Beach is a pristine
white sand beach with clear blue water that surround the Neil Island.
You can enjoy speed boat ride, swimming and other water sports here.
Day-9 On day 9, return back to Port Blair.
After lunch, go to visit Chidiya Tapu Biological Park.
This place is home to a large variety of animals. It has different species of Deers.
You can see plenty of monkeys at this place. You can also see many birds.
And don’t forget to meet the crocodiles and lizards here.
In the evening, go to visit Chidiya Tapu sunset point.
The place is known for its natural beauty and gorgeous views of the sunset. Enjoy the
sunset from this point. Day-10
On day-10 head back to the airport for departure. Where to stay
There are numerous hotels available in Andaman of different budget range. A typical mid-level
hotel will charge around Rs 2000 per day. Please let us know your opinions regarding
this tour package in the comment section below. Your suggestions mean a lot to us.
Thanks for watching.

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