Angry Birds Camping

Angry Birds Camping

Yellow Bird: “Hey, guys, we got a brand new used trailer!” Yellow Bird: “Oh yeah, brand new used!” Red Bird: “But Yellow Bird, doesn’t that mean it’s used?” Yellow Bird: “Get outta here! Come on let’s look at the map.” Yellow Bird: “Okay.” Yellow Bird: “We’ll be following this red line” Yellow Bird: “Right here called Hi Five.” Yellow Bird: “Observe!” Yellow Bird: “Okay, did you get it?” Red Bird: “Oh yeah, now I know our route.” Yellow Bird: “Ah, I’m driving, oh yeah.” Red Bird: “What about me?” Yellow Bird: “You can be captain of the back seat.” Red Bird: “Okay.” Red Bird: “Wait a minute! Wait a minute!” Yellow Bird: “What?” Red Bird: “What does the captain of the back seat do?” Yellow Bird: “He sits there and does nothing!” Red Bird: “Okay.” Yellow Bird: “Blue Bird, you navigate.” Blue Bird: “Why is this map so confusing?” Yellow Bird: “You imbecile!” Yellow Bird: “It’s upside down!” Blue Bird: “Oh, okay.” Yellow Bird: “That’s why I’m driving!” Yellow Bird: “Okay, we’re finally at Florence, Oregon, campsite.” Yellow Bird: “Yeah.” Yellow Bird: “Parked our trailer here.” Yellow Bird: “Okay, Red Bird, you unhook the trailer.” Red Bird: “Okay.” Yellow Bird: “Blue Bird, you come with me to prepare the trailer.” Blue Bird: “Okay.” Yellow Bird: “Okay, Blue Bird, put in the stoppers.” Blue Bird: “Okay, Yellow Bird.” Good night Yellow Bird. Good night Blue Bird. Oh yeah. Yellow Bird: “Ah, it’s a nice beautiful day today.” Yellow Bird: “Uh.” Yellow Bird: “I think we should go to the sand dunes today.” Red Bird: “But Yellow Bird,” Red Bird: “You promised that we’d go kayaking.” Yellow Bird: “Well, we’re going to the sand dunes.” Blue Bird: “Hey, I thought you said we’re going to Crater Lake.” Yellow Bird: “Well, we’re going to the…” Yellow Bird: “Wait a minute.” Yellow Bird: “How about let’s split up.” Red Bird: “Okay, that sounds like a good idea.” Yellow Bird: “Let’s go.” Yellow Bird: “Do you mind?” Red Bird: “It’s so fun kayaking.” Red Bird: “Oh, it’s so beautiful.” Red Bird: “I wonder where Blue Bird is.” Blue Bird: “Oh, look at Crater Lake.” Blue Bird: “I wonder where Yellow Bird is.” Yellow Bird: “Yay, we’re at Seaside, Oregon, campsite.” Yellow Bird: “Oh, yeah.” Yellow Bird: “With our brand new used trailer!” Red Bird: “Yellow Bird, how many times do I have to tell you.” Yellow Bird: “Get outta here!” Yellow Bird: “Okay, Red Bird, let’s go do some marshmallows.” Red Bird: “But Yellow Bird, I thought you said” Red Bird: “You wanted to explore the beach.” Yellow Bird: “But what about marshmallows? They taste better.” Red Bird: “But exploring the beach is more fun.” Yellow Bird: “Marshmallows!” Red Bird: “Beach!” Yellow Bird: “Marshmallows!” Red Bird: “Beach!” Yellow Bird: “Marshmallows!” Red Bird: “Beach!” Yellow Bird: “Marshmallows!” Red Bird: “Beach!” Blue Bird: “Break it up! Break it up!” Yellow Bird: “You want to break it up.” Yellow Bird: “Hold that.” Yellow Bird: “Marshmallows!” Red Bird: “Beach!” Yellow Bird: “Marshmallows!” Red Bird: “Well, why don’t you want to go to the beach?” Yellow Bird: “But the beach is so boring!” Yellow Bird: “Marshmallows!” Red Bird: “Beach!” Yellow Bird: “Marshmallows!” Red Bird: “Beach!” Yellow Bird: “Marshmallows!” Red Bird: “Beach!” Yellow Bird: “Okay, let’s do this.” Yellow Bird: “We can roast marshmallows tonight.” Yellow Bird: “And explore the beach tomorrow.” Red Bird: “Okay.” Yellow Bird: “It’s getting dark already.” Yellow Bird: “Ah, Blue Bird, what are you doing?” Blue Bird: “I’m drawing what you just did earlier.” Blue Bird: “Come see.” Yellow Bird: “Wow, that’s great.” Blue Bird: “Oh, yeah.” Yellow Bird: “Okay guys, time to roast marshmallows.” Red Bird: “Well, where’s our fire.” Yellow Bird: “That’s our fire.” Blue Bird: “Okay.” Yellow Bird: “Okay, let’s roast some marshmallows.” Red Bird: “My marshmallow!” Red Bird: “Oh no!” Red Bird: “What do I do with it?” Blue Bird: “Oh no!” Red Bird: “Well, we’re all the same.” Yellow Bird: “Finally, a perfect marshmallow!” Yellow Bird: “Hey guys, we’re at Seaside, Oregon.” Red Bird: “I built some sand castles.” Yellow Bird: “I’m going metal detecting.” Blue Bird: “Oh, I think I want to go metal detecting with Yellow Bird.” Yellow Bird: “Okay, you build your sand castle” Yellow Bird: “We’ll go metal detecting.” Red Bird: “Okay.” Red Bird: “Ah, a nice sand castle.” Yellow Bird: “Ah, a nice day to go metal detecting.” Yellow Bird: “Blue Bird, go dig it up.” Blue Bird: “Okay.” Blue Bird: “Okay.” Blue Bird: “A quarter.” Yellow Bird: “Nice job Blue Bird.” Yellow Bird: “I wonder what’s in there.” Yellow Bird: “Blue Bird, go dig it up.” Blue Bird: “Okay.” Blue Bird: “What’s that?” Red Bird: “I got buried.” Red Bird: “My sand castle fell apart.” Yellow Bird: “Yay, we’re at Long Beach, Washington, campsite.” Yellow Bird: “Yeah, with our car.” Yellow Bird: “Oh, yeah.” Pig: “Hi guys.” Pig: “We’ve been hearing about you.” Pig: “So we just wanted to tell you a couple of rules” Pig: “To keep everyone, including me, safe.” Pig: “And less painful stay.” Pig: “Okay, rule number one.” Pig: “Our quiet hours are within seven to eleven.” Red Bird: “Oh, SevenEleven, I like that gas station.” Yellow Bird: “You!” Pig: “Rule number two.” Pig: “Do not intrude on other people’s property.” Blue Bird: “Hi guys!” Yellow Bird: “Blue Bird, get over here!” Blue Bird: “Why?” Yellow Bird: “Just get over here!” Blue Bird: “Okay.” Pig: “And rule number three.” Pig: “Don’t kill…” Pig: “Any…” Pig: “Pigs!” Angry Birds: “Aw, why not?” Angry Birds: “I mean, okay.” Pig: “Okay, you guys have a nice stay.” Blue Bird: “I dropped my penny.” Yellow Bird: “Go sneak over there and get it.” Blue Bird: “Oh, penny.” Mario: “Hey, you’re trespassing on my property.” Blue Bird: “But I need to get my penny.” Mario: “I’m going to report you to the office.” Yellow Bird: “Oh yeah?” Yellow Bird: “That takes care of that.” Blue Bird: “Hey, look, a park.” Blue Bird: “Hey guys, I have an idea.” Blue Bird: “Since we don’t have our slingshot” Blue Bird: “Why don’t we use this swing as a swingshot.” Blue Bird: “Just sit on it and jump off.” Yellow Bird: “Why you’re the smartest bird brain I’ve ever seen.” Red Bird: “What about me?” Yellow Bird: “You’re just a bird brain.” Yellow Bird: “Here bird brain, try out the swingshot.” Red Bird: “Okay.” Red Bird: “Help pull me back, guys.” Luigi: “Hey, you nearly killed me!” Luigi: “I’m gonna report you!” Yellow Bird: “Okay, new rule.” Yellow Bird: “Whoever dares to report us will be taped up!” Yellow Bird: “Hey guys, look. We’re at the world-famous kite festival.” Yellow Bird: “Oh, look at all those kites.” Yellow Bird: “Oh yeah.” Yellow Bird: “How are the people going?” Blue Bird: “Come take a look.” Yellow Bird: “I can see that.” Blue Bird: “Okay, wait a minute!” Blue Bird: “Open that thing again.” Blue Bird: “Where’s Koopa?” Blue Bird: “Oh well.” Pig: “Excuse me, this is the piggy police.” Pig: “You have violated more than one rule.” Pig: “And since innocent Koopa that told me.” Pig: “Okay, get out! Get out! Out! Out!” Yellow Bird: “Red Bird, this is all your fault.” Red Bird: “But I did absolutely nothing.” Yellow Bird: “Exactly!” Blue Bird: “Oh, we’re back at home now.” Yellow Bird: “Uh, I think I forgot something.” Red Bird: “Oh, I don’t think so.” Yellow Bird: “Let’s go back home.” Yellow Bird: “Okay, we’re back at home.” Yellow Bird: “Now what do we do? Thanks to you!” Red Bird: “Sorry.” Yellow Bird: “Okay, let’s see.” Yellow Bird: “Here piggy, piggy, piggy.”

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  1. 11:23
    GingerBrave : I wonder is is a beach
    Shane : Thats because its a beach and kite festaval i like.
    12:00 Kites spin altogether
    GingerBright : Oh OK

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