It was during monsoon season . A white women came to my tea shop with her son. I offered them tea in my cup. She said, “I prefer to drink in my own cup.” Which was three fold bigger than our normal size. Everything was good before she asked the price of tea. She said, 150 rupees was way too much for a cup of tea and insisted to decrease price but I tried to explain my hardship. She wasn’t listening to me at all. She threw money in-front of me using harsh words. Also, she took pictures of my tea shop and threatened to post it on medias and report local police. 
I told not to do so saying this will not help my business in anyways and asked her to delete that photo. But, in return, she took her knife and pointed towards me. She was a devil, she was constantly irritating and triggering my anger and I couldn’t stop myself. [Pasang Gurung, Manang] 
British women used her biased GoPro footage to ruin the hospitality image of Nepalese people, now it’s our turn to let the world know what really happened before that video was taken. What actually happened ? It was during monsoon season . A white women came to my tea shop with her son. The Woman asked for a tea her son was not interested, in fact he did not want to stay Since his mother wanted a tea her son waited for her So they both shared the tea So they both shared the tea Well she did not asked for the price of a tea at first Well she did not asked for the price of a tea at first The big cup is 150 and this small cup is priced 100 The big cup is 150 and this small cup is priced 100 After she finished her tea, i told her its 150 for a tea She instantly got angry and threw the money in the floor She instantly got angry and threw the money in the floor After that mother and son went outside and started talking, i don’t have any idea what they were talking about Woman first bought her camera and started taking my pictures, she was continuously talking Woman first bought her camera and started taking my pictures, she was continuously talking At that point i was getting angry, i did not cared if she threw the money in the floor At that point i was getting angry, i did not cared if she threw the money in the floor When she started taking pictures i was really getting angry When she started taking pictures i was really getting angry And i told her you cant take the picture without my authority, please stop !! i tried push to then But she pushed me back till the door But she pushed me back till the door She pushed me by saying you Shut up She pushed me by saying you Shut up She then straight went to her bag and took a swiss knife and tried threatning me After that i did not know what to think i came inside and saw this wood Actually this wood was a single piece before although in the video it seemed to be 2 woods By the time i had the wood even she manged to get a log But my wood became two piece when defending her I went after her after that Actually i even came back, but she was planning to connect her camera by the time She again started taking videos of me She again started taking videos of me After that i thought she was going too much After that i thought she was going too much After that i chased her She reached to a place and sat and started begging me with sorry After that i did not know in anger i started shouting at her After that i did not know in anger i started shoutingAfter that one of my known brother was on the way and i went back with him Thats all that happend Although it seems very wild I did not use the log to hit her, seriousy But not lying i did hit a stone in her thigh in that turning But not lying i did hit a stone in her thigh in that turning


  1. but still though…i mean u cant be chasing ppl w machetes…so if she asked for a 150 rupees, whats the standard rate?

  2. I'm a local and tourist are so rude they act like they can just walk up and act like bunch of animals…. I wish they will learn before stepping another foot because you wouldn't like it if i come to the USA and go to your Texas road house and started to through a fit

  3. Poor british lady, there is no justification for a violent reaction like that… clearly that nepalese women has some issues going on. But anyways… Lol!!

  4. I believe the issue was that she charged them more than the price was advertised. If there was a miscommunication or maybe wrong info posted. Chasing someone in the mountains is not wise. What if the son or the woman fall off the cliff? What if the woman injured on of them? What if it's the other way around?

  5. English people are dumb and short minded people .they are senti…..they are very loud and less manners.english people like only… drink/smoke,sex and rest.canadian,south American and European people are good…

  6. Crazy tourist,she thinks Nepalese are like animals or some kind of object? She teases her? I am with the Nepalese woman

  7. दुई तर्फी कुरा नबुजी एकपट्टी मात्रको कुरालाई सही मान्नु कहॉसम्मको मुर्खता हो? आफ्नी चेली भन्दैमा गलतकुरामा प्रोत्सान गर्दा भोली आफ्नै सन्तान खराब रछ भने कसलाई हानी हुन्छ ? यदी सही-गलत छुट्टाउन खोजेकै हो भने अर्को तर्फको पनि बिबरण समाचारमा प्रसारण गर्नुहोस।बिदेशीहरु त्यती मुर्ख हुदैनन अर्काको ठाउमा गएर छुरीले आक्रमण गर्ने सम्मका।बिदेशमा मुल्य सरकारको नियन्त्रणमा हु्न्छ जहॉताही मनपरी गर्न पाउदैन त्यसैले पनि उसले भिडीयो गर्न थाली।नेपालमा जता हेर्यो त्यतै लथालिंग छ प्रधानमन्त्री देखि साधरण जन्तासम्म।पर्यटकीय निकायले यो कुरालाई गहीरो संगले अनुसन्धान गरेर यदी यि महीलाको गल्ती भए उनको चिया पसल बन गराएर कारबाहीमा अघी बढाउनु पर्छ कि पर्दैन र ति ब्रिटीस महीलाको गल्ती भए नेपालको कानुन अनुसार कारबाही गरीनु पर्छ कि पर्दैन?त्यतीकै हाम्री बिरंगना दिदी भन्दै प्रोत्साहन गर्ने? भोली अर्कोले त्यसै गर्ला..पर्सी अर्काले हत्या नै गर्देला त्यसो भयो भने कस्को समाज खराब हु्न्छ???

  8. Some people done understand..they r illetrate.they don understand the pain of hilly people of nepal..go n see the pain of hilly don judge for 150 ruppee of mountain area people in Nepal..

  9. ofc this women is going to say " the mean white lady treated me bad".. nobody knows the truth… but i don't think someone who chases a person across a mountain side with a big knife or sticks is a trustworthy person.

  10. I think that the nepalese lady should had hit the foreigner, at least one tiny hit with that wooden blunt xDD. Poor people should be never pissed off, that rich bitch shows that WE, the peolple of the "first world" are very selfish. If you go there and can't live without your tea, you pay the price and shut the fuck up. Maybe this could have finished with a smile.

  11. That shitty britisher hag needs to haglle her prostitution.Britishers have exploited the Neplaese much during World War times till the Independence , Its great seeing this.Salute this woman .And for you If you dont have such kind of money , go jump off your westminster bridge with your stepson

  12. yo sudii guff dinxaa yo videoo ma k vanii ra xa arkoo video maa chaii k vanii raa xaa guff panii sudii koo besii voo haii !!

  13. Sorry but the Nepel woman is still at fault. If what to says is true then yes the British woman was incredibly rude BUT that doesn’t say you can assault them by throwing rocks at them and trying to hit them with planks of wood.

  14. good keep all the white people out of there look what happened to the Yokuts ancestors in Tulare California also known as the Tule people

  15. The outcome is I (a Euorpean man, will NEVER go to Nepal) and many foreigner sl ike me will never go. Good luck with your miserable life Mrs !

  16. That explanation of what happened I don't buy at all… that woman behind the camera is not a woman who just pulled a knife. Get real. She was in fear for her life… and who would chase someone down who was carrying a knife? What a liar that nepalese woman is. If you believe that story you're a total idiot and ridiculously naive

  17. If the foreigner lady was filming her and taking pictures, where is the film? She would have posted that film as well. She didn't start filming until she was running away I presume in case she was attacked

  18. Anyone who believes this "truth" video is retarded AF. Look at the description, The British woman pulled a knife over the price of a tea? In a foreign country with her young son with her???? Get real you drones. If you believe this video you're DUMB.

  19. What a tight fisted CUNT! It’s these idiots that give white tourists a bad name. Nepalese people are the most even tempered and laid back folk I’ve ever met so for this Nepalese woman to kick off you KNEW it would be something insulting by the British woman. Imagine griping with someone about a poxy DOLLAR for a lovely cuppa on top of a bloody MOUNTAIN!!

  20. When I visited Nepal, the owner of the hotel we stayed in robbed our rooms while we went out. We went to the police, and when we told him we spoke to the police he became very worried. I have travelled the world, and OFTEN ignorant locals will try to take advantage of the 'rich' foreigner (they don't realise we have to save all our money for 2 or 3 years to make a trip like this). And we work much longer hours with more stress than most people in the world.

  21. I am an India and I live in Lucknow.I can understand how much effort she has to do in carrying all raw material to that place,my grandmother has her ancestral home in palpa,Nepal on a mountain top.She has to work hard for her survival.the Indian guy who was criticising the Nepalese lady needs to think about the vendors in the hilly areas of India,like of kedarnath,rohtang pass region,etc.there you won't get tea for 20-30 rupees and by the way the Nepalese rupee is 1 rupee and 60 paise in exchange of an Indian rupee.

  22. I passed a long time in Nepal and it is true that often they are very angry people like if all they care is money, if a tourist refuse to buy their products, they can get terribly insulted by angry nepalese faces. Do not dare to protest in Nepal or you can find yourself into troubles. My watch was stolen in a guest house outside Pokara, we were the only people on that guest house beside the owner and she was so also angry when i asked for my watch, sure it was her who stole it from the shower outdoors…I was happy when i kicked the road back to India. Nepal is a beautiful country but is full of angry people! By the way 150 rupees is way to much for a tea in Nepal and people who work with tourists are not the poorest of Nepal! Think in terms of nepalese money, 150 rupees is like paying the equivalent of 20 euros for a tea in Europe, not fair from the nepalese woman.

  23. The nepalese authorities should punish this nepalese woman for giving a terrible impression of Nepal to the whole wordl! After seen the video of the angry psycho nepalese woman chasing the tourists, many westerners will cancel their trips there and that would affect the tourism industry on the Himalayas and in the whole country!

  24. Yo aunty lai mental condition sayad thik chaina jasto cha. Yasto aunty lai kasari khula ma chodi de ko. Ye le ta manche Marcha. Pheri video ma jhoot dhari bolnu aako chaina, hawa hawa boleko boleko cha.

  25. This woman had a whole ass Go-Pro, also had enough money to pay for a trip to Nepal, but couldn’t even pay 1.50 for a cup of tea. She really a lil bitch. I feel bad for her son. I hope he doesn’t take the same personality as his mother. Cheap bitch.

  26. All you dummies are agreeing with a woman who threw rocks at a woman over a dispute over the price of a cup of tea.

  27. Stop saying "Westerners". People from Europe, USA, and Canada are not the same. It's like if we just said "Asians" are all the same.

  28. Yes like someonesaid the price of tea is to high. It is the same everywhere. A cup of coffee costs a dollar or two on the city. Outside of the city, on the top of a mountain out costs a lot more. Hell it costs two or three times as much inside the airport of the same city. Besides that, you agree on a price them you should honour today price. Throwing your money at her well get you a bunch of trouble. She is poor not without dignity.

  29. This comment section is mental, the tea lady threw rocks at her! The story she said about throwing the money on the ground and flashing a knife sounds completely made up. Tea lady is a crazy liar!

  30. "biased footage" of the Nepalese woman throwing rocks at the tourists who are trying to run away from her on a narrow road at the edge of a CLIFF and threatening with heavy wood sticks. We can all see who the biased one here is.

  31. That woman was running and apologizing for something. You don’t apologize profusely if you didn’t do something wrong. Why is there a debate at all?

  32. The Nepali woman did say "why you bargain, why you filming."…so I think Nepali woman is correct. And yes in mountains nepal150rs for tea is pretty reasonable.

  33. I’m beyond annoyed and disgusted at the tourist. She does not know how much even a dollar can mean to someone else. Hope she does not get any shelter the next time she travels .

  34. Then they manifest in to our homeland's and birth out there Foreign children.
    Demanding the same legal rights and job opportunities as me, if not more.
    They become over privileged and self entitled.
    Befriending and breeding with there own kind which is hostile movement.

    They open up 3 restaurant's in each town (coz we are stupid enough to allow them to rent or purchase property). And don't create job's for the locals but only there own peaple who send money back home ? probably to that woman ?.

    There homeland's are extremely homogeneous as they reject racial discrimination Laws and equality Law's.

    That women is emotionally unstable and the price was the Racist foreigner face price.

    Very hostile environment.

  35. If the shop keeper says price of tea is even 20$ or 200$, it's your call to whether order it or not. Let alone the fact that it's in a remote place where price is 1.50$. The customer hasn't obviously travelled enough to expensive places.

  36. What the fuck ya tyo Randi baula ko ho lado kalo chya mongo tw vayo fuck that bitch Nepalese have to polite
    Auta cheya ko lagi testo gornu hunw 100 nai leya ne dayrai faidha xa kalo cheya ma hey don't support that fucking bitch hey i am Nepalese to i apologised for that tourist ganta yo dayrai bolyo tyo Laure ahc la khatya ko ho lado xuos I can't this bitch

  37. You can't justify violence with whatever reason. Unless the tourist was angry and aggressive towards her. The nepali woman is crazy

  38. If you can afford to fly from the UK to hike in Nepal with your son, you can have the decency not to haggle over $1.50 for tea, even if it was more expensive than other vendors.

  39. Well… 150 rupee is €1,20 / £1,05.

    Is that a normal price in Nepal for a cup of thee? What is the everage price for a cup of thea there..

  40. I don't see how the other side of the story is necessarily the true one. Just because this lady says that this is the way it went down doesn't mean that she's telling the truth. Interestingly, the hiker contests virtually every point that the tea shop owner makes in this video. I'm not saying that I think the hiker is right; I just don't see how you can say that you know that the tea shop owner is certainly telling the truth.

    The hiker contends that she did not use her own cup as she did not even have her own tea cup or mug. She says that she does not bring a mug because (1) the maintenance is not worth it and (2) it's one more pointless thing to carry when you can just use the cups at the tea shops. In response to the people saying that the hiker should have just paid the equivalent of $1.5, the hiker contends that she agreed to a price but was charge 3X what was quoted. She argues that she can only bring cash on these hikes and can't readily get more funds while on the trail if she runs out of cash. So, if she pays 3X the cost at every place she stops, she might run out of money and be in a bit of a sticky situation.

    Again, I'm not saying that I believe the hiker's story, but we should not rush to say "TRUTH EXPOSED" simply because someone gives an account contrary to the narrative initially promulgated. Otherwise, someone could make a video about the hiker's response to the tea shop owner's comments and call the video "TRUTH EXPOSED" again.

  41. Nepalese woman is blatantly lying about the knife bullshit and the English woman is a pathetic coward and so is her son

  42. How convenient that the tourist woman only started filming while she is running as if she is the victim of an assault. I wonder where the earlier parts of the video are. If u can make videos while you are "running for your life", then u were definitely filming videos earlier when all the negotiations and arguments were going on. where are those? Why not release them?

    In the video the nepalese lady says several times "why u barking barking barking".meaning that the tourist lady was misbehaving for quite a long time…and when the nepalese lady said "u people are dog, donkey, etc,.", mark my words, these are not the type of swearing words which this nepalese lady can readily come up with for no apparent reason. I can understand that the british women said those words to the nepalese lady earlier, and thats why the nepalese lady just repeated those here.

    All in all, local people in those tourist places will never, NEVER be this hostile unless seriously provoked. I can 100% guarantee that.

  43. I can also say that's don't you judge without knowing the other side of the story or without reading the statement from the British lady. And as far as I think being a tourist & throwing money on the floor or pointing knife would be suicide for her & can lead further to police case. Lil did she know tht when she had a go pro why would he record from the camera guess this liar didn't know anything about go pro hahaha what a rubbish. Trying to deny things with her foolish idea. & Lastly at tht kind of area tht British lady wouldn't have use an android or iOS she was using an old keypad phone cause the battery last long and you guys think he can capture photo with tht fucking keypad phone..

  44. You can say these people are poor and not well developed but you as a tourist throwing money to her disrespectfully, even though you are coming from the cities but your mind is not yet developed well enough..

  45. I don't think what the foreigner did is totally unacceptable, but you, stupid Nepali should not carry a big sword and try to kill a tourist lady and her son just over some tea. The poor Nepalis are very poor and heavily dependent on tourism. You people will be poor for centuries to come if you treat the tourists like that. That's the harsh reality. Foreigners should also respect the locals because they are not your fucking servents.

  46. Violence is always shocking and I’m very sorry that this woman had this scary situation but consciousness is very important.
    You belong from a country that made a crazy mess in that region, you can really feel it there nowadays too, there is a mix of huge admiration and hate towards England, a kind of Stockholm sindrome. You have to understand this and be aware of every steps you make.
    Plus is true that you are a white tourist being a rich Traveller in a region in which there is a lot of sufferance, you should be aware of it. Take some extra money before you leave to help someone that you think is in need on the way with no stupid ATM excuse, money are not heavy and if you keep in a secret pocket you don’t have the excuse to be scared of being robbed.
    If you, in order to make a bad review, take the picture of the place in the middle of nowhere in which their only income is from tourists, probably with a huffy and upset attitude, you are not a champion of justice, you are just a stubborn last creation of a colonial empire.
    I can understand that traveling can be tiring and a certain point you are not just able to be generous with somebody that is making a (very little) fraud on you, but if you can’t stand it you just avoid to go there.
    Violence is not only about fighting and hurting people, there is a very nasty violence embedded in the tourist existence in these places, smiling and being lovely in a very superficial way from their upper position but with no interest of having the shock of the context in which they are passing by, where there is a beautiful nature but people starve and die easily. There is no thing such “I help poor kids in a school” so I’m doing good when I can, your position is uncomfortable every moment every day , only acknowledging this can make you a conscious traveler. I’ve seen from her husband website the joy of being adventurers around the world with the full family and offering service as travel photographer and writer, but it look like they are the center and the world is the scenography. A small example about the first article I quickly read in their blog

    “Beyond Bromo the city has absolutely nothing of note, and any non-Muslims may be surprised to be woken multiple times during the night by the call to prayer which is loudly throughout the entire site and the inability to get alcohol almost anywhere in Probolinggo.”

    This is a fucking snobbish and rude attitude towards a place that can’t be modeled on your needs, it is just what it is and you should have different eyes.
    Really, this kind of tourism has no generosity and can’t help the planet, but just some people to live their life in permanent vacation. The expert travelers that think they know the world but they just find their selfish way to use it really make me nervous

  47. Within Kathmandu there are places that charge 50 per cup of tea, so what's the big deal about 150 up there in the mountains ??

  48. Stupid piss taking tourists, if you cant afford the tea , Don't buy it. Don't drink it and then complain and throw the money on the floor, would she have done this at a Starbucks ? No, because the people are poor she thought she could take the piss. I would have made the Woman and her son eat the 150 rupees then administer a good thrashing before pushing over a cliff.

  49. The title of the original video should have been "entitled foreigner steals tea then cries victim when true victim gets pissed"

  50. Message from an American to the Nepalese People(and that woman in the video): From the very beginning we assumed you had a valid reason for being angry. Don't be troubled by this British woman. We know some traveling Westerners are demanding and arrogant. Stay beautiful, the World loves you! Everyone knows how generous and kind the Nepal people are.

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