Animal Cruelty Rampant in Thailand Tourism [Warning: May be upsetting to watch]

Animal Cruelty Rampant in Thailand Tourism [Warning: May be upsetting to watch]

I’ve been traveling up and down Thailand
and I absolutely love it here. I walked through the temple ruins of Ayutthaya. I’ve eaten a lot of good food and well… …different types of food. I sweat buckets hiking to a mystical cave, walked the tracks the Maeklong Railway Market, took part in the world’s largest water fight, and I met some really amazing people. But, with only so much time here and so much I want to see, I fast-tracked a couple days by joining a couple of group tours. My mistake was focusing on the few stops I wanted to see and not reading the entire itinerary. There’s a couple places here that include stops that are really… …not that cool So, instead of getting a ride with an elephant or getting a selfie with a tiger, I used the opportunity to film. I took out my camera and here’s what I saw. Animal tourism is everywhere in Thailand
and some places are especially bad. If you’ve seen my previous video about
Tiger Kingdom, you’ll know why. After spending some time in Chiang Mai, I
headed down south to some of the islands. And, here’s what I saw in Samui. This place is really just a
demonstration. Most of the coconut plantations are on
the mainland so these really are kind of just set up for tourists. In fact, the coconuts aren’t even on the trees. They’re actually tied with ropes
dangling from a tree and the monkey takes off about three, gets dragged down
and then everyone lines up to get a photo with the monkey. It’s stupid. And the monkey really just hangs out
till the next tour bus comes through. This is an absolutely terrible place and
it’s only going to continue if there’s people like this, behind me. So, the show is still going on but I’m
done. I’m not watching anymore. You can hear the music. Really what upsets me most is that
I actually paid for an entry fee to get this footage and I supported it. So, the elephant show’s over. If you can’t hear me that well…sorry… the speaker is going on. But, I just want to point out what’s happening next. Everyone got ushered over to the monkey show, where I’m going to guess they’re going to be plucking some coconuts. And, of course, it wouldn’t be a
complete elephant experience without some trekking. And they keep on trying to keep me away
from where the elephants are really just camping out. I wonder why. They’re tied so tight to the railing
they can’t even move. And, here’s the next round coming on in. That’s it, pretty sad eh? You know this video is kind of negative, it touches on some pretty dark topics. But, Thailand isn’t all like this. There’s so much to see and explore. So like the 30 million other people that visit every single year, I still say go for it. It is probably going to be one of the best trips you’ve ever taken. Just be aware of some of the negative sides of it. If you want to bring awareness to animal tourism in Thailand, you can help out by leaving a thumbs up and sharing this video with your friends. I’m still going to be travelling lots so if you want to follow along, you can do so by subscribing and I
hope to see you next time.

21 thoughts on “Animal Cruelty Rampant in Thailand Tourism [Warning: May be upsetting to watch]

  1. Great video highlighting an unfortunate reality in the Thai tourism industry. This is exactly why I avoided everything animal related when I was there. Keep up the awesome vids!!

  2. Only when the last of the horns, tusks, skins and bones are sold, will mankind realize that money can never buy back our wildlife. Don't support animal tourism like this. God bless

  3. Very well documented. It's a sad thing knowing that unless the Thai Government steps in to do something about places you featured, nothing will be done to end these types of establishments. Probably wont happen…

  4. Soul destroying watching these animals being used and abused in this way. make sure you research before you spend your money in Thailand when it comes to anything to do with animals; there are people out there really trying to change Thailands tourism with animals

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