Annoying Orange – Picnic Massacre

-(Midget Apple)
The lid, it’s opening! -Aw, shut up now, y’all. Everybody get your
beehives outta here. -(Grapefruit) About time.
-(Midget Apple) Neato burrito! [swoosh!] -Whoa! Looks like we’ve
parked in a park. [laughs] -Whoa! Is this a picnic?
I’ve heard about picnics. -Oh, is this your first picnic? Well,
I promise it’ll be your last. -What?
-Uh, no-no-no-no, oh, I mean it’s gonna be a
blast. Yeah, that’s what I said. -Yay! I love explosions! -Wait, wait, wait.
That’s not what she said. -Ah, just ignore her. She’s obviously a “basket” case.
[laughs] -Oh, you’d better
watch yourself, honey. -What? What did I do? -You’re probably right, Orange.
It’s a picnic, right? What could possibly go wrong? [dramatic organ plays,
chainsaw buzzes, screaming] But seriously, AM I THE ONLY ONE
CONCERNED ABOUT THIS? -Yep. Pretty much. -[chuckles] Classic Pear.
-Seriously. I told you this is why
no one reads your tweets. -Uh, you should really
quit with the jokes and start listening
to that Pear. Picnics are a dangerous
place for food, sugar. -Why am I being
dragged into this? -I know, right?
-Sorry, guys. But I have a really bad
gut feeling about this picnic. -Picnics aren’t for worrying. They’re for one thing
and one thing only. -Not dying? -No, silly. Picnics are for fun! ♪ Picnics are for playing ♪ ♪ Rice cake Frisbee
with your friends ♪ -♪ Picnics are for
toothpick lawn darts ♪ ♪ Fun that never ends ♪ -♪ Picnics are for
playing fun sports ♪ ♪ Like fruit basketball ♪
[grunts] -♪ Picnics are
for cloud gazing ♪ ♪ Hey,
that one looks like an apple ♪ [slice!]
[laughs] -See, Pear? There’s nothing
to be scared of here. Picnics are just plain fun.
-Yay!! -Yeah. I guess you’re right. -Go ahead, Pear. Give it a try. -♪ Picnics are for
fun food stuff ♪ ♪ That foods all like to do ♪ -Yay!
-♪ Picnics aren’t for worrying ♪ ♪ They’re for saying “Yahoo!” ♪
-Yahoo! -♪ Don’t get so uptight ♪ ♪ Go out and frolic in the sun ♪
-Go, Pear! -♪ Picnics are for
one darn thing ♪ ♪ And that one thing is… ♪ -Frisbee!
-Huh? [slice!] [all screaming]
-Whoa! Suddenly,
I feel very “melon-choly.” [laughs]
Eww. -Incoming! [food screaming] -Whoa! I haven’t seen carnage
like this in a long time. [laughs]
Ohh! -See, what did I tell you? Nobody wants to
listen to Basket. -No, no, no, no, no.
We can still save the picnic. We can still find a way
to have fun. Right, guys? -Yeah-yeah, yeah.
I mean, look at that cloud. It looks like a unicorn. -Yay! My favorite cloud! -(Orange and Pear)
Aww. [thunder rumbling]
-Huh? [thunder crashes] [food screaming] -Well,
this picnic didn’t turn out quite as fun as
I thought it would. -[shakily]:
Yeah. A lot more death and destruction
than I thought there would be. -Maybe we should “bolt,” huh?
[laughs] [lightning crashes]
Ugh. -This place is terrible. Captioned by -[Orange laughs]

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