Annual Alaska Winter Camping trip – Men And Boys Big Campout

Annual Alaska Winter Camping trip – Men And Boys Big Campout

Hello welcome to another video from far north bushcraft and survival Every year a group of men and their boys go on a campout up in the mountains and We’ve been doing it for I don’t know probably over 20 years So I thought this year I might bring you along let me show you what it looks like here and We’ll take a look okay, I got the snow machine all ready to go I got things all packed and This is the area where we’re headed All right now before we get started. Let me show you how I pack the sled Somebody asked how I pack my sled How we Prepare to go on trips, so this is the sled all packed up You notice I got my thirty gallon barrel stove made from a 55 gallon barrel stove kit Okay, I’ve got Got everything stacked on here, there’s the Snow machine all packed with my self rescue Come-along, rope-alongs, extra ropes On the back there a shovel, okay now something I wanted to share through the years. I’ve learned see All along the side here, I’ve got rope Rope loops tied in Okay, I started going Lashing you know taking rope Going back and forth With rope to secure the load, and I eventually learned that Bungees work much much better So that’s what I’m using now is, is bungees because this sled is made out of UHMW plastic entirely out of UHMW plastic it flexes and twists and gives with the trail So as a consequence everything on the load shifts and moves and When it’s tied down with ropes The knots and everything loosens up and things fall off bungees however Things bounce around the bungees tighten it back up and bounce around tighten the back up, bungees keep the load tight and Once I started using bungees Then my problems were solved Okay, I’ll go ahead and Cover this up, and then I’ll show you how? I do that This is the next step I put a tarp over the whole works and a poly tarp, and then I cover it with a bungee net This is a bungee net designed to put over typically used in pickups to cover loads Loads of garbage or whatever in the back of a pickup to keep it from blowing out, but it works ideal for my sled now And as you can see I put my snowshoes on top in case they’re needed during the trip now I will Go all over the whole load with these Bungees here at least some of them And further secure the whole load Then we’ll be ready to go And this is the sled all finished We’ve got everything all bungied down secured and we’re ready to go Well here we are in the camp and Let’s just take a walk around I Find that extremely fascinating to see everybody’s Shelters and their fires Their stoves, I mean their sleds see how everybody’s got everything set up So this is an old military tent Here’s a wall tent of some sort, well no that’s not a wall tent either It’s got a peak on it Yeah, did I find some? That’s a true indicator right there Okay, here’s a traditional-style wall tent it’s got a wood stove in it you can see the hopefully you can see the Heat waves coming out of the stovepipe all right. Let’s go see what else there is Now here’s somebody that staying in a more modern tent, and they have a little ice Shack here, ice fishing shack also they’re utilizing to camp in looks like in the Yellow tent they’ve got a stove in there if I’m not mistaken that might be an Arctic oven made by Alaska tent and tarp Okay Now here’s a standard wall tent With another tent added on to it with a stove in each tent And here’s our communal area a fire and where everybody can gather round and visit And then we’ve got our boys in here too quite a few boys Part of the group is gone. They’re out snow machining in the backcountry So let’s go on in and see what one of these tents are set up like inside So he’s got a 55-gallon barrel stove kit here on on Barrel that’s been cut down so how many years? You’ve been doing this Tim. Oh, we’ve evolved over 21 years now And basically all the… the boys grew up here in central Alaska we decided we’d like to do some winter camping and then we tried tents and surviving and really didn’t arrive until we started staying in wall tents and That’s the only way we kept real warm and comfortable so for us, it’s wall tents and wood stoves and No propane no high tech. Just real comfortable living and we got Eight guys sleeping in the back tent now and so it’s hard to keeping an……They’re all playing and it’s hard Trying to keep the camp clean and cleaned up and organized, but everybody’s having fun. Yeah so this is the Kitchen area he’s got it set up this this tent the original tents more, or less kind of the gathering area in the kitchen area and Then the the back tent is is That’s where everybody is sleeping in the back in here on their bunks All right, let’s see what’s what’s else around Okay, here’s another wall tent Now some of these wall tents are like Tim’s tent there that we were just in he has a Plywood floor that he freights in And this one if I’m not mistaken…..yeah it does have a plywood floor also some tents They just dig down in the snow and build the tent Set the tent right over the bare ground. There’s another wall tent Back in the trees there Let’s go back and see that wall tent a little bit better angle Okay Kind of stumbling around the snow here Okay the reason why I’m showing you this wall is because this used to be my wall tent It’s 12 by 14 4-foot walls And Heavy duty canvas with a stove Jack up in the front for a a good stove I I sold the tip because it was just too heavy Too big for just me by myself All right, let’s continue on Not everybody comes in on a traditional snow machine This thing is pretty awesome It’s a motorcycle with a conversion on it a track conversion And here’s another standard wall tint Notice the supply of firewood out front We see all kinds of Sleds being used there’s a homemade sled right there, as well as an otter sled behind it and We come to my tent Now this is a little bit of an oddity here in this camp with the traditional canvas tents Let’s go take a look inside All right, we’ve got it opened up, let’s take a look Well there’s my stove that I’m using This is a stove a barrel stove kit See if we can see the front it’s kind of dark There you go you can see it a little bit it is a standard 55-gallon barrel stove kit on a 30 gallon barrel running a 6-inch pipe And it is toasty in here It’s been very comfortable, it’s got down to I think five degrees above zero is the coldest and it has been very warm in here warm all night There’s my cot that I sleep on let me pull this back a little bit There’s my cot and There’s my table. It’s a mess yeah, I know And There’s a tote my food tote Okay, some of you may be thinking okay well you got your food in your tent isn’t that a safety hazard with bear and wolves and No, no not during the winter and not with this many people camped around not a safety concern at all As you can see I’ve got some indoor/outdoor carpets on the floor those At least one this one here goes on the bottom of my sled and all Of this gear came in on that one sled load that I showed you earlier Speaking of sled load. Let’s go take a look There’s been several people asked me about my sled Yes, I built this sled Probably 15 years ago It is made out of one sheet of UHMW plastic And I….you can see how I made cuts folded and and and bolted it together And then I drilled holes in the side of it and put in that Polypropylene rope I believe it is polypropylene Okay the hitch the the black plastic. That’s a UV resistant Plastic it is 3/16. This is half-inch UHMW the white the hitch So you can see how that’s mounted hopefully and then I attach it to the sled via eye bolts There you can see where they’re eye bolts are bolted through there and there This sled has done very well All right Well, thanks for joining me out here in the wilds of south-central, Alaska And I enjoyed having you come along and seeing how we camp at this Father and son campout so We’ll see you on the next video you guys take care if you enjoyed this video be sure and give it a thumbs up and to share it as Well as subscribe so you don’t miss any more and check out these suggested videos here. Thank you

17 thoughts on “Annual Alaska Winter Camping trip – Men And Boys Big Campout

  1. Do you find your sled dragging the performance of your snow machine down? Seems like it would with a full load. You could reinforce it with some skis and then you wouldn't run as much a risk of the hitch tearing through the plastic at the u bolt junctions…

  2. Great video….such a good thing for boys to experience together. One can tell u are the man who knows from experience what is essential and comfortable…lean, serious, not much fluff! Have to say your tent looks like a cacoon of cozy warmth to curl up and read your books. Thanks for sharing!

  3. @ 8:29 don't burn garbage. That will cause toxins to be released and others to breathe in. Other than that great video!

  4. Old men imparting their hard learned wisdom on the young men; campfires, hunting, fishing, depending on each other for survival… doesn't happen much anymore in our culture….. maybe that's what part of our problem is today. Not sure what your personal beliefs are but, take a look at "Wild at Heart", a book by John Eldredge. Other than the "religious" parts of the book, there is a lot about man, fathers and their sons.

  5. I set up a teepee in Smoot Wyoming in the winter really cold 1979-80. I did cheat though, cuz I was at a KOA camp. I had one little tiny electric heater in there electric hot plate and an electric blanket. Still had to sleep with my coveralls on. Great memories

  6. What would a guy have to do to come up there and join you guys? My son goes to Alaska about every other year goes fishing

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