Applying for a Visitor Visa (TRV) to Canada – what is the purpose of your visit?

Applying for a Visitor Visa (TRV) to Canada – what is the purpose of your visit?

Hi everybody! Welcome to our channel once again! Where we answer your immigration questions. Today the question I’m going to answer is with respect to visitor visas. And the people ask me, what is the purpose of my visit when I come to Canada. What should I put as being the purpose of my visit? So in order to get issued a visitor visa, it’s important to demonstrate the reasons why you’re coming to Canada. When people ask me “What should my purpose be?” I tell them, “Well, why are you coming?” So sometimes what happens, there are individuals who want to come here to visit, often they want to visit their boyfriend, or fiance, or husband. And they don’t want to actually say that they’re coming to visit their partner, because they think that the visitor visa application might be refused. So what I tell them is, well, if you’re coming to visit your boyfriend/fiance/husband, That’s the purpose of your visit. And it’s very important to be truthful when it comes to immigration. My experience has shown me that when you’re honest, and you come forth with all the right information, The chances of getting the visitor visa are much higher. Obviously there’s always a chance of refusals. Even if you, whether you say you’re coming to visit a partner. Or you coming for tourisim, you’re coming for a month, you’re coming for two weeks, you’re coming for conferences, you’re coming to visit a friend. No matter what there’s always a chance of refusal, because it’s a discretionary application. It depends on the officers assessment and it also depends on the documentation that you submitted and how you prepared your file. But if you’re coming to visit a partner, then indicate that information. So what I recommend to my clients, is say that you’re coming to visit your partner. How long you’re coming for. Obviously it has to be for a temporary time. If you say you’re coming to see your boyfriend for six months or a year then there might be a higher chance of refusal. Because the purpose of a visitor visa is to show that you’re coming for a little while and then you’re going back to your country of residence, or citizenship, in order to resume your life. Whether you’re studying or your working. Whatever activities you’re doing. You have to demonstrate your ties to your home country. So you should talk about, in the application, with documents or a letter, how you met your partner. What your future plans are. Are you planning on getting married? Or getting engaged? You’re just dating? Maybe your partner visited you in your country. And now you want to come visit Canada so you can meet his friends and his family. Do you have a future intention, let’s say if you are getting married, maybe you’re going to file a spousal sponsorship application. have you looked into it. I always say, you know, write out your plan of your relationship, if you are coming to visit your partner. And it’ll be up to the immigration officer to decide whether they grant you the visitor visa or not. Another example, I had a client recently ask me; well I have my girlfriend overseas and I want her to come visit but she also has a sister here, can she just say she’s coming to visit the sister? She could. The truth is she’s coming to visit the sister and she’s coming to visit you as her boyfriend. My recommendation is, why don’t you say both? She has a sister in Canada, which she hasn’t seen in a little while. And she’s been in a long term relationship for a few years with you and she’s coming to visit both of you. I think there is a better chance of getting approved if she says both. Which is the truth. It’s honest. Because if she doesn’t say she has a boyfriend, And then she gets the visitor visa Then later on let’s say you do a spousal sponsorship application or other application and then the officers see at one point there’s some sort of inconsistencies. Well why didn’t you say in the past that you had a boyfriend. But you said you came to visit your sister, or Or even worse let’s say that you were common-law partners, You came here but you didn’t say you had a Canadian common-law partner. It could, it doesn’t necessarily, but it could. You could encounter complications later on. So the best bet is always to be very upfront and honest with your documentation, your information. I think officers actually appreciate that, because there’s a lot of people that try to go around the law. Try to hide things. And there’s no point. I mean, if you have a boyfriend that’s Canadian or a permanent resident. You are entitled to go visit them. If you meet the requirements of the visitor visa. If you can show you have your ties, if you can show whatever you’re doing in your country (you’re working or studying). You show that you’re going to come back.You are legally allowed to go visit. Obviously it’s the officer that has the ultimate decision. But chances are, you will hopefully get that visa. And it’s always best to be truthful. So that’s my advice with respect to purpose of a visit. There are also other purposes of visits. So for example, some people are coming here for tourism. They don’t know anybody. They just want to come and see Canada. They want to go to Niagra Falls, they want to Vancouver, they wanna go ski, they wanna go to the Montreal festivals. They wanna go to the CN tower. Write out your plan. You know “I’m coming for two weeks. I’ve never visited Canada. I’ve always wanted to visit -this-this-this.” “I’m coming for 4 weeks, I’m a student. i have a 4 week break. This is how I’m going to financially support myself. I’m going to get a plane ticket from this time to this time. I’m going to stay at this hotel or this airb-n-b.” The more specific you are, the better. So, if your purpose is you’re coming for tourism, then clearly indicate that. If you’re coming to visit a sister, a brother, an uncle. Then indicate that information. Put documentation about your family member. If you’re coming to visit a partner, a boyfriend, a husband, a wife. Put that information. If you’re coming for a business conference, put the details. So purpose is really imporant. An officer wants to understand why you’re going. There’s always a reason why you’re going somewhere. So what ever it is, as long as you clearly indicate the purpose of your visit with supporting documents, the chances of getting your visitor visa are going to be much higher. Thank you for watching and see you next time!

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  1. I just was rejected .the reason is purpose of vist.i had airplan ticket reservation along with hotel reservation but I forgot to write that I has been rejected for us visa and also I didn't put my marriage and my identity card of my family .do you think what's the true reason and what I should do to reapply?

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