Åre, Geveströmmarna och Handöl – Gone Camping forsränner, nattfiskar och njuter av Jämtlands natur

Åre, Geveströmmarna och Handöl – Gone Camping forsränner, nattfiskar och njuter av Jämtlands natur

Welcome to Jämtland and Åre,
where we’ve parked our camper. The amazing landscape behind me
offers an endless choice of activities. We’ll try something thrilling
and something simply relaxing. You’re welcome to join us. Åre makes most people
think about snow and skiing, but it has even more to offer
during summer. Mountains, valleys and lots of H2O provide optimum conditions
for water activities like rafting. I’m going all-in and will spend
a full day in the Gevsjö Rapids. The age limit here is 18. I really get off on doing things for real. This is the real deal,
you can’t just tag along. The crew needs to work well together. We always start with a short briefing. We put on all the gear
and have a safety briefing. We practice a lot before
heading down the rapids. Nature seems to have obliged us
when creating the not too steep “Stairs”, giving us a taste
of what awaits us further down. In some places,
the rapids are too fierce to navigate. You have to carry the boats and
relaunch them in less turbulent waters. The water isn’t
the only potential danger. The “Guillotine” is the next challenge.
We have to duck to not lose our heads as the water pushes us
against the protruding rocks. If all the passengers make it through
safely, you celebrate with a high five. Then it’s time for lunch
and a chance to experience the rapids outside the safe confines
of the rubber boat. It’s important
that you get something action-packed, but also get to experience
the calm and beauty here. You take a break, have some coffee, and enjoy watching the rapids.
It makes for a nice contrast. Full and happy, I’m ready
to face today’s biggest challenge. Let’s go! Forward! Ahead of us is Storforsen, offering
all we could wish for, and then some. The adrenaline is pumping and
there’s not a dry eye in sight, literally. People really enjoy
challenging themselves. We want our guests
to get something out of this, to feel they’ve grown as people
and challenged themselves. Facing the famous Åreskutan,
we find Åre Camping. This is where we’ve parked our camper
during our stay in Jämtland. It’s an excellent alternative if you prefer
a small, family-owned campground. It has 74 lots, 5 cottages
and newly-renovated service facilities. The calm setting offers
a nice contrast to today’s excitement. We’re looking at the footage
from our rafting experience. It looks just as fun as it was. Now we’re hungry, time for dinner. We’ll have sautéed reindeer
with whey cheese and lingonberries. We start by finely chopping an onion. Put butter in a pan and fry the onion
with the reindeer meat. If the meat is frozen,
use a fork to tear off slices. Add salt and pepper as seasoning. Then keep it warm in a pot
while you boil the potatoes. Then it’s time to fry the chanterelles. If they’re not in season,
you can always use mushrooms. Time for the sauce,
made with water, game stock, cream, whey cheese and thyme. Let it cook a few minutes and add a few
tablespoons of uncooked lingonberries. If you want a thicker sauce,
add corn starch stirred into water. Here we have sautéed reindeer
with chanterelles, whey cheese sauce,
lingonberries and potatoes. Time to re-energize for tomorrow,
when we’re going fishing. Find the recipe at Camping.se Fishing in general,
and particularly fly fishing, is something that I all too rarely
find the time to enjoy. I didn’t want to miss out on the best
fishing spots and booked a fishing guide. We make our way to Handöl,
one hour closer to Norway from Åre. For me, the best part of fishing
is the serenity and freedom. You just sit there
and see the fish feed a few feet away. You select a fly, the right fly,
and introduce yourself properly. The main attractions here
are trout and char. But first,
I have to brush up on my technique. Imagine a clock and try to aim
between eleven and one o’clock. Like a pendulum. It looks so easy,
but it’s incredibly tricky, at least if you have
poor coordination and timing. I’m not getting it… -Relaxed…
-Relaxed but firm. I finally get it right
and get to experience nature in a setting fit for
just about any Hollywood production. Nice. I finally catch one. I get something
to remember and the char gets a kiss. I’m not sure
which one of us was more delighted. Time to re-energize
before a full night of fishing. On the menu: Boiled coffee,
reindeer wrap and a 5-star view. Experienced night fishers know about
the almost mystical feeling you get under the bright summer sky. It’s all quiet and despite being way
past midnight, no one is at all tired. This is camping vacation at its best. The time is 2:15 a.m.,
Saturday morning. The sun is about to rise over Åreskutan
and I’ve gotten a strike. A cute little char heading in.
Check this out. We want to thank you
for joining us here in Jämtland. I hope to see you again soon,
on this channel or out on the roads. The rafting
was hosted by Äventyrligt i Åre. The fishing guide
was booked through Duvedsfiske. And we stayed at Åre Camping. Subtitles: Mattias Anulf

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