Are You a Cocaine Tourist? | Colombia Safe Travels | World Nomads

Are You a Cocaine Tourist? | Colombia Safe Travels | World Nomads

Every time a traveller do a line of cocaine they’re actually literally killing people. There’s a lot of violence in the process. The reality of taking drugs is meaning that people are killed that women are raped. That children lose their parents. Every single family in Colombia has been affected by the cocaine trade Colombia has emerged as one of the must-see destinations but it’s hard to escape the fact that some travelers who come here are on the hunt for one of the country’s most notorious exports…cocaine for those who have a taste for the drug back home the relatively low cost in Colombia compared to skyrocketing prices in the West is an increasingly attractive reason to travel here. Also with TV series like Narcos on Netflix, there’s a popular fascination with the life of drug baron Pablo Escobar and more people are traveling to Colombia to see where the billionaire kingpin enacted his criminal reign. If this sounds like you it’s important and take the time to know what you’re really buying into. In the 1970s cocaine exploded in popularity and for a number of decades Colombia was by far the world’s largest cocaine supplier with such high demand for the product around the world, this led to a massive criminal enterprise. No one exemplified this criminality better than drug baron Pablo Escobar. At the height of his power Escobar’s cartel was bringing in 420 million dollars per week and would you believe one thousand dollars a day just on rubber bands to tie up the money. But as his power grew so did the bloodshed. It’s difficult to determine, but estimates suggest that Escobar’s people executed well over 4,000 Colombians and this included an orchestrated plane explosion. The effects of Escobar’s cartel, and the other cartels which followed are still felt in Colombia today and it’s fair to say the Colombians are still feeling pretty raw about it all. There’s definitely increases our crime rate you know, for locals and for foreigners you know putting yourself in danger of going to buy the product. They assume that when they’re doing cocaine oh they are just having fun and they’re just having a party but in reality it’s caused so much death and destruction that it would totally offend somebody here if you walked up and asked them for cocaine. Given cocaine trafficking is caused so much damage to Colombian society you can understand why locals have such a poor view of travelers who come here with a hunger for the drug. Colombians do get upset when somebody asked them about drugs and cocaine and we have suffered a lot for a long time because of the drug trade and for us it is just not funny. I know that it has done a lot of harm to the community and the Colombians don’t really like to speak about it that’s what we found out. You really are interfering and helping fund a conflict that has run for more than 50 years. Now to get things clear it’s illegal to sell it so if you are purchasing cocaine in Colombia you are committing a criminal act. The simple reality is if you come to Colombia and ask around for drugs you’re immediately putting out signals that you’re someone with money and someone who wants to get involved with criminal elements. This means by involving yourself with criminals you are opening yourself up to be robber or worse. And finally by purchasing cocaine you’re buying a product that continues to have devastating effects on Colombia as well as the rest of the world so in effect and it might be hard to hear but if you’re purchasing cocaine you’re the problem so if you’re headed to this beautiful country you’d be well served to have a think about the ethics and consequences of consuming what can truly be called a conflict drug.

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  1. "Sky rocketing prices in the West". Colombia is a country in the Western hemisphere it's very culturally western as well. Thank you for this mini documentary that puts depth on the impact cocaine has on the country!!

  2. They should just legalize and regulate it. As sad as it is, there will always be a demand for cocaine. The problem is the current laws and regulations which have put the whole manufacturing and sale process in the hands of criminals, who will do anything to get their money. It's easy to blame an individual consumer, but this problem goes much deeper than that.

  3. The entire problem started because USA wanted to interfere in this whole thing. Before that, there weren't killings just the smuggling corruption.

  4. thanks for posting this video!there are lots of foreigners who do nor know the constant damage made to Our an image and the colombian society!.

  5. I have heard that there is a very bad stigma towards cocaine use in Colombia, but that people smoke joints like cigarettes walking down the street and there is no stigma towards cannabis at all. Sounds like a very rational way to view this topic and my views are quite similar 🙂

  6. I'm not a cocaine user but in my opinion the guys who travel to colombia for cocaine do not support the mafia that much like european or north american users who pay nearly 100$ per gram

  7. All this bloodshed, death, destruction, killing/murdering, rape, and war, just because its illegal…

  8. Does the guide mentioned in the end tell us what locations are popular to purchase cocaine.

    You know… so I can stay away from those places!

  9. They blame all these deaths on people that use coke, but who was it that decided to make Cocaine illegal? And who is it that makes is extremely difficult for cocaine to move across borders? The only reason people die from the cocaine industry is because the government has built such high barriers to try and stop it, the Narcos will do anything to get over those barriers. If coke were legal, it would be cheap and no one would be willing to kill over it.

  10. Believe me people come up to you in those country's ..I have been to Brazil and you don't need to ask ..They are right out in the open

  11. they are not dying because one takes the drug, they are killed because the DEA is killing the sellers!!!!! no user has ever went to Columbia to kill the person that was selling him/her the drug. PERIOD……the cartels would not be killing snitches if it was not illegal…!!!!!

  12. Pretty easy and convenient to blame drug-related crimes on foreign tourists.
    It is not the tourists who create Colombian legislation, though. If they want to make cocaine illegal, it is up to them. Honestly, they are just burning money by doing that, since they are the largest producer in the World.

  13. Do as Portugal did,"" decriminalize all drugs """"and all the bullshit will go away.Take notes and lean America from them!! America is so called the land of the free, then why is the Government telling use what we can and can not use as if we were their little children needing to be disciplined …

  14. I get and I do genuinely sympathise with the very first man shown who insists, that whenever we buy/use cocaine, we are, "literally" killing people. He's clearly not familiar with the what the word, "literally" means.

  15. Dumb foreigners blowing their neurons away. Killing people in the process just for a high exemplifies the selfishness of so called "civilised" societies.

  16. The real criminals (Many Politicians Not all) are to invested in the profits from the war on drugs. So who is really responsible those committing the crimes of outdated laws or those that keep the outdated laws on the books. Decriminalizing drugs is the only solution. Take your head out of the clouds and do some research of the facts. Countries that have made strides decriminalizing it end up with less crime less murders, and surprisingly less usage. Thats right usage goes down because it becomes more readily apparent how dumb it is to take drugs. Look at Portugal and the Netherlands . I admit it is not the best answer but it is far better than what is happening. And what is happening is it gets worse every year except countries decriminalizing it. I am not advocating drug use so don't even go there. I am advocating anything that will lessen the families and lives being destroyed everyday by doing the same thing that is not working.

  17. It is so easy to point the finger of blame but the reality is: there are so many contributing factors here. Legalising all drugs would be the best option – drugs get cut with all sorts of harmful chemicals ect so if drugs were legal & clean plus came with guidelines then perhaps we wouldn't have such a mess right now. Before anyone tells me that drugs are dangerous let me just put it out there alcohol is dangerous, prescription pills are dangerous & half the food in stores is dangerous given the amount of chemicals they contain. People aren't just putting on weight for no reason & kids aren't starting puberty so early on for no reason. How about getting the world's food & drinks right first seeing as everyone eats & drinks & then we sort out stuff that not everyone does.

  18. Another reason why ALL drugs should be legalized. Its pathetic any grown man can tell another what he is allowed to use in his own body.

  19. Legalize all drugs = no violence ..just look at alcohol prohibition in the states back in the day… simple ..

  20. They blame the violence on North Americans and Europeans lust for drugs for the violence but, we never pulled the triggers. They made it violent rather than doing good business.

  21. Sounds like the problem is keeping cocaine illegal. I don't like cocaine it makes me anxious. But I'm an adult and I made that decision on my own because I have my own mind and I decide what I put in my body. Period. You want to stop these drug cartels and deaths? You want to really hurt them? Make it legal. It will make the world LESS violent by default. Sure I can hear the "But our children" argument. To which I reply…." but our parental guardians!" It's your job to educate your kids. When they become of age they can make up their own minds. Hopefully you raised them to be conscious of drugs instead of curious of them. Hiding them from drugs makes them more curious. The DARE program has caused more harm than good.

  22. A street level dealer will sell you cocaine and then tell the federals you have done so and then the real criminals will take all you own. The last place in the world to do cocaine is in south america. Tourist guides will tell you the same thing and there is nothing you can do about it except get out with your life. They live in a developing world that Ronald Reagan ripped off decades ago.

  23. Coke is fake isn't it? i mean get you high but it also get you lower than you have ever been…don't bother with it kids. it ruins lives.

  24. Are you kidding me? What a guilt trip. Why dont you blame the process, prohibition, gang violence or policing methodology? Blaming end users is like blaming the effect while ignoring the cause.

  25. "Locals have a poor view of travelers that visit Colombia to buy drugs, as buying cocaine fuels the violence and destruction it's known for, and makes you part of the problem."

    No, Colombians have a poor view of rowdy Australians and Americans who walk around major cities in shorts and sandals like they're on a beach. There are plenty of Colombians drinking coca tea for breakfast (totally legal) and more than a few who use cocaine, just like their grandfather and great grandfather did. The so called drug problem comes from prohibition as well as the roughly 10% of the human population that can't manage the addiction potential of anything. On the other hand, opioids like heroine and fentanyl are a real and serious health threat because of their potential for rapid addiction and fatal overdose. Far too many other less harmful substances are lumped together with opiates for prohibition, and prohibition is where the violence and destruction come from.

  26. The drug war made good quality Cocaine enjoyed only by the rich and privileged.
    STOP THE WAR, and just with any other substance, enjoy responsibly.

  27. In Europe there are many injection sites, there are programs that provide the drug. The results are impressive with overdose declining, crimes declining, etc. It's a shame that USA aren't taking the proper action, for example to decriminalize drugs and provide safe drug usage. Even Canada knows how to handle their epidemic…….. Such a shame

  28. Cocaine is less harmful than alcohol and alcohol can be bought at any corner convenience store. This video is stupid! The illegality of cocaine is a scheme by the elites to get rich.

  29. Bullshit… my wife is from there and we have seen the truth. People in Colombia sell it all the dam time. Go to a bar, and the bartender or waiter will get you a big bag for 20 bucks.

  30. Thanks for the info, I didn't know the drug trade is bad, wow! Mind blowing! It is smart to stay away from that isn't it? As a 20 something American Gringo when I was in Peru 20 years ago, every cocaine tourist was young, dumb and from Argentina (South American Gringo variety). I'd be sipping on my Cusquena beer trying to take a piss and they were in the toilet stalls sniffing and laughing. I thought they had a cold or a runny nose. Not that I know better, I realize they never even offered me any. Cheapskates.

  31. I'm Canadian but, my mother is from Colombia so I've visited this country over a hundred times since birth.
    All I have to say is, there are Cocaine tourism in Colombia where you'll be taken up the mountain region of Colombia to experience the making of Cocaine that you bring home all for a small fee but if you're foreign or a tourist and looking to have this experience please please think twice.
    IMO there's about a 70% chance nothing bad will happen but, if you run into someone with bad intentions there's a very good chance you'll run into life threatening trouble.
    Please think twice before you do something like this because the results can be devastating and life threatening.
    Cocaine tourism is attractive to foreigners but, extremely dangerous. I wouldn't recommend anyone ever doing something like this.

  32. Every time you eat a fish you also kill a fish. Or is it ok because our Brains are a little bigger than theirs? I eat fish tho just saying.

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