Arrivedo – Become a Travel Writer and Work Remotely

Arrivedo – Become a Travel Writer and Work Remotely

What attracted me to Arrivedo was being able to put my skills and interests into action. Writing for any hotel in the world is an amazing opportunity for a traveler who wants to make an income while discovering new places Outreach to any hotel offering to create their Neighborhood Guide in Arrivedo Get started by interviewing the hotel’s staff and collecting their local recommendations. Through the hotel’s insights you get to discover each neighborhood’s best kept secrets. The impredictable and the unexpected. The many colors to be found in the local market Fantastic architecture downtown The best places to eat like a local Hidden treasures of urban art or a great spot to watch the sunset. Share these discoveries with the world by creating a hotel’s neighborhood guide Use Arrivedo’s friendly editor to select places Add tips and source images to create rutes and listicles for future guests to enjoy during their stay. Being able to work from anywhere at anytime is a definite plus for those who have a passion for travelling and discovering other areas of the world. Being an Arrivedo Writer is a long term opportunity to make an income while travelling and writing. Join our community of writers creating Neighborhood Guides around the world. Travelling and writing has never been easier Become an Arrivedo Writer. Apply now!

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  1. I still don't understand the compensation model here. If you're writing for this company, they'll only pay you for the first two hotels you write for? So Arrivedo is only going to be out $200? Plus, they say that most hotels compensate you by giving you a couple free nights. However, you still have to pay for gas, food, and other expenses when you do this traveling. Now, if the business model was Arrivedo was to pay $100 to $200 for each hotel, plus you can negotiate price from the hotel or whatever you work out, then that would probably be worth it. But for a writer being on the road can be tiresome, no matter how glamorous they try to make it look. I used to be a professional jazzer on the road all the time and I was sick of traveling and I was making excellent money at the time. Just sayin'.

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