ASAKUSA MUST-SEE SPOTS? Let’s ask what tourists in Japan would recommend you

ASAKUSA MUST-SEE SPOTS? Let’s ask what tourists in Japan would recommend you

Which is very beautiful and so spectacular. Traditional Japanese culture. It’s great to see. – Tsukiji fish market?
– We are planning to take the boat. Hey guys & girls this is Cathy Cat. Today we have come to Asakusa. Which is a popular area in Tokyo for tourists. We are gonna ask the foreign tourists, what places they would recommend to you when you come to Japan. Let’s go ask foreigners in Japan. Now that you are here in Japan, is there a spot you would recommend to other tourists to visit? Where did you like it here? The shrine was really cool and you got to see a lot of things. A lot of very traditional Japanese culture. Aside to that, you can see the tree tower… … which is pretty cool and then you can get… … the Sky tree? I don’t know the name. You can get a cool photo of both places. I would recommend that they go to Tsukiji! You mean the fish market? To get some sushi in the morning. That’s really good. – What time did you go?
– We went there at 6 am. Not as hardcore as the guys who go there at 3 am. Yeah pretty good. That’s why I don’t take the glasses off. Oh because of the dark circles? What area that you have seen did you like in Asakusa? The temple over there. – We are planning on eating some Sushi at the… – Tsukiji fish market?
– We are planning to take the boat. You can take the boat from Asakusa to Tsukiji Fish market? You should be able to. I hope. We just arrived now so we will go to… – Sennjoji…
– Sensoji Temple? Yes and we will see the town of Geisha. And we will walk… The temple which is very beautiful and so spectacular. The temple over there. – Sensoji Temple?
– Yeah that was cool. What did you like about it? It was so big. So Japanese. And style is cool. Typical Japanese. Traditional Japanese culture. It’s great to see. Any specific place or restaurant you enjoyed so far? Right over there actually. We don’t remember the name but the food was good. What kind of food was it? Sushi and noodle soup. Is there any place in Tokyo that you have seen and loved? Shibuya. The shopping area was so massive an so cool. Shibuya. It’s nice. What do you like about Shibuya? It’s huge. There are a lot of people. It’s interesting to see that. – In Switzerland we are not like that.
– Not so many people, right?! I liked Shinjuku. It’s a lot of small streets and we can walk. Or Harajuku. With the fashion stores. Those were all the questions, thank you very much. If you are not sure which temple everyone was talking about It was Sensoji Temple which is a very famous temple in Asakusa. Also close is Sky Tree, which has just been built and become a major attraction. Overtaking Tokyo Tower in its popularity. As well as going on a boat and enjoying the boat cruise which will take you to Odaiba, or near Tsukiji as well. Those are a couple of things that people really enjoyed in Asakusa. I went to Asakusa at the beginning of the year for the Harajuku Fashion walk. We all dressed up in flashy fashion and walked around Asakusa. If you are curious about that video, it’s in the top right of the screen so you can check that colorful one out. Asakusa is a great area to check out. This time we asked people there. Next time we will ask people in different areas of Japan what they’d recommend. And we will obviously ask Japanese people about their recommendation for you to go and see when you come to Tokyo. Thanks for watching, catch you soon on Ask Japanese! Bye!

18 thoughts on “ASAKUSA MUST-SEE SPOTS? Let’s ask what tourists in Japan would recommend you

  1. Looking forward to tips from Japanses people ! ^^
    Also, Sky Tree is cool. But Radio Tower has such a nostalgic feel to it.
    I remember that the first time I went to Japan Sky Tree was not finished yet. 🙂

  2. 最後のインタビューでキャシーは日本風に頭を下げて協力のお礼を言う。単に習慣の問題だけれども、相手が頭を下げているのにボケーッと突っ立っているとやはりバカに見えるね(日本では)。

  3. Hahahahaha that Swedish accent of the older man 😂 I haven't heard anyone seriously speak like that in ages!

  4. There's also Edo Tokyo Museum in Asakusa, showing old Tokyo (Edo), housing Nihonbashi's model (quite big) or Japan's Act of Surrender from WW2. They also offer guides speaking in different languages, happy to chat about different topics, not only history. Recommend.

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