54 thoughts on “ASHERON’S CALL TOUR – All Towns and Special Places

  1. Merci Flo pour cet énorme travail. Merci pour ce beau cadeau. Merci pour ce merveilleux souvenirs. (Mnemosynea, Pure Drama & Magic Goddess)

  2. Loved this game. Hated the fact that there was only american servers. Now i'm looking for a european server made from the provided files…

  3. Magnifique vidéo ! C'était vraiment une époque particulière. J'étais avant tout un joueur d'Everquest, mais j'ai passé quelques moments mémorables sur Asheron's Call et j'ai souvent regretté de ne pas y être resté… et bien si un jour l'émulation tient la route, je me promets de corriger cette erreur et peut-être qu'on s'y rencontrera ;).

  4. Mayoi & Nanto were my hometowns, I played Darken_Rynesun and was a part of the Amid group. Thx for the video, brought back old memories 🙂

  5. Played in the Darktide server. OMG did this video bring back memories. Favorite towns were Soushi and Nanto. Great game.

  6. I still miss it. My tower in Tou Tou , switching gear from char to char. The buffbots in town. Sigh, let them remaster this game pls
    Greetings from Oberon al-Ezekiel and Reinhart member of The Silver Citadel.

    I remember dieing and loosing all my good gear, calling in all freinds, lineup and search. I was so happy when we found my body 😀

  7. Thank you so much for this… I'm getting massive nostalgic tingles just seeing some of these towns again that I spent so much time in… Mayoi, Holt, and Glenden Wood being particularly special to me.

    Also, seeing you jump the wall at Teth made me smile =]

  8. in 1999 my parents didn't even know what a computer was, so i would go to my friends house and watch him place this game.

  9. you all know the game is back right !
    i know its been 7 months since this was posted but here is the discord where i found the team that is backing it and running AC now! https://discord.gg/C6vrKhJ
    i just hit lv 50 today hahaha

  10. Merci pour la vidéo Flo…. je n'ai pas vécu la fin des serveurs mais AC m'a laissé des souvenirs inoubliables. …
    Expérimental Antonius, ton vassal

  11. Man I miss this game. I remember when 126 was the max and 70 was god tier. Back when you could specialize one weapon and shadow armor was the best. RIP Fort Neydisa!

  12. Thanks for the video!!! Great job! I played way back in the day but left for Asheron's Call 2. Came back now and then. It was my first real MMO. Shoushi was my home, I was Sho UAC. Main char was Chen Zheng on Thistledown. Was in the advocate program but it ended right before I became full advocate 🙁 I think I was stationed outside Yanshi. So long ago… was great seeing these sights, amazed at how much I still remembered, and the sounds. I used to hear the sounds in my sleep 🙂 One of my fav. memories was the deadly run from Shoushi to Hebain-To – every low level guys would make that run and die along the road to monsters. Used the hang out there sometimes and help them make the run. Also Bael Zheron (sp) and looking at the spires that appeared wondering what was going to happen. Such a great game, nothing else compares. So sad it's gone. So many great memories to even try to name them all.

  13. AC was my first MMORPG, played it fully from june 2000 to arround the end of 2003. But even then i still came back to it from time to time to play.
    I miss the game, my main character was "Overlord Notir", on Morningthaw. I was proud of beeing first grief OG mage to reach 126 on MT 🙂

    But then they introduced skill credit sell backs, and that got me mad. It was so hard to be grief OG befor that, and i felt of doing all that hard work for Nothing, so in my Madness i went berzerk and sold all fighting skills back and made myself just an armor tinkerer.. At least i ended beeing highest armor tinkerer from MT for a very long time, and i tinkered a lot of armor for people, free of charge, of course 🙂

    My first home town was Lythelthorpe… Lord Aleval, i'll go get your bottle of wine back from that cave !! 🙂

  14. I bought it on launch day after seeing it in the game store I worked in. I didn't know any better and started in Al Jalima, not knowing any better, in the middle of the desert. I wandered with a few strangers north across the desert and hopped up mountains. I ended up being able to bounce through a small gap at the top of the mountain and to the other side. Of the three people I met, I was the only one that made it to the next town. The others were killed by wasps. I wandered into Samsur and it became my first home. I still remember every turn, where the best apples grew (next to the statues in the grove just out of town. This game was so special to me.

    I also remember a fellow RL friend picking up the game and refusing to wear any armor ever while he was in town, lol.

  15. I was enchanted watching this game at a friends house when i was like 10…he had to get up to go to the bathroom, and told me to play…

    I wasnt worthy of the games excellence and some drudges in the shoushi grotto bestowed me with my first death…i felt terrible for getting my friend's character killed and getting him VP.

    I bought the game the next day and played until the forced logoff…

    Spending my time on the pvp server emulator and loving it.

  16. Thank you for this glimpse back into my childhood. I choked up seeing you run across the bridge into Rithwic. It and Soushi were my favourite towns. Endless memories.

  17. Level 70 something in the first year or two and never been to 80% of those cities. Game was territorial by nature.

    AC had a huge map, even by today’s standards, and since run speed was somewhat realistic, and you could actually have crap run skill, it really was like a world.

  18. Great Job X. Very nice video. My favorite hang out was Hebian-To. In memory of ROMA, my best friend in real life (Carl Knappe) who passed away 3 yrs ago. It was because of him that I got into this game in 1999.

  19. This is basically Digital Preservation (I thought of archeology first, but that may not be entirely correct).

    Thank you for doing it. o7

    PS: You may want to contact archive.org to preserve this video, as YouTube is deletion happy nowadays :/ (don't think "that won't happen to me", because that's when you're the most vulnerable!)

  20. Nanto early years on Darktide, hiding in the hills because they killed us as soon as we were born.
    Leveling on rabbits then finding hidden dungeons with drudges to level 10.
    Scared hiding in the hills awesome times.
    It's like why mine raft creepers make the game so good, that feeling of surprise and adrenaline running

  21. I remember on DT I was running to Mayoi for some scarabs when I got jumped by a group of 5 guys. No buffs and getting blasted for nearly all my health i ripped out my wand used drain to regain my health… My blood was pumping as i twirled around run casting trying to dodge the arrows… I HAD NO BUFFS, but after the dust settled all 5 of there corpses laid on the ground and I looted them and they paid for my expensive scarabs.

    Oh debuffing a melee charcters weapon in mid fight. Or debuffing them with a 30 min debuff and portaling away! All out wars for lifestones and towns that lasted for days. There is no other game that can compare to this one.

    RIP AC…

  22. Ah Holtburg on Wintersebb, so many fond memories there. I only quit playing because my ISP kept throttling the game. I would love to see a remaster/rerelease. The Best MMO ever.

  23. In Beta, Rithwic was the hometown for my buddy as me. So much to learn, see, do, figure out. After retail we moved to Eastham. That beach was so much fun as a newb! Stayed until about 2012 I think. Best. Game. Ever. Really enjoying being back in game on the emulators!!!

  24. I had a house outside of Lin in the hills…. lost a job and almost a wife over this game… lol. Funny but not, was one hell of a game…

  25. Still remembering at the end of 2019, Holtburg was home. X-Flo I remember you from FF my friend, hope you're well, Death's Avenger.

  26. Oh this brings back memories…
    My favorite town was Tou Tou because our guild was based there and it was a nice quiet town, had an awesome light house, and was a quick portal hop away from the busy trade hub of Arwic and the subway (what we called it on Frostfell at least).

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