Ask A Lesbian: Going Home For The Holidays

Ask A Lesbian: Going Home For The Holidays

– How did I come out to my grandmother? She asked me how many
bedrooms were in the apartment I shared with my
ex-girlfriend and I said, one. (upbeat music) She got it. Is your family accepting
of having your wife visit for the holidays? More like, is my wife accepting
of having my family visit for the holidays? ‘Cause I live with my wife. Also, my wife is my family. I’m not out to my
conservative Catholic parents but I really wanna wear
a tie to Thanksgiving ’cause I’ve started to really
enjoy dressing androgynously. Is it a bad idea to dress so
obviously gay around them? I don’t know, I think dressing
obviously gay kinda rules. Not that straight women don’t wear ties. Diane Keaton. I’m 35, so I know who that is. What is your favorite
part about going home for the holidays? Pie. I came out as trans around
this time last year. Oh hey, congrats. And although most of my
family is pretty supportive, they can ask awkward questions sometimes, specifically about when I’ll
be getting certain surgeries. How can I let them this
is not their business without bringing down the mood? Boo! That’s to them, not you. Listen, that’s your bod. And I assume you don’t
ask whoever this is, cousins, uncles, your mom
and dad about their bod. Well, I don’t know your family. If you draw a line in the sand because they’re making you uncomfortable, you are protecting your
mental and emotional safety, and that’s not bringing down the mood. What do you say when you’re a lesbian but your family keeps asking
why you don’t have a boyfriend? Distraction, bring up a different topic, something like Obamacare. Let them debate. What do I do if I’ve come
out to my mom five times and she still ignores the fact
that I’ve come out to her? At this point, you just have to proceed
as if she already knows, because she already knows. She’s pretending she
doesn’t, but she knows. Just talk to her like you
normally would about your life. I’m gay and I have family
members who voted for Trump. How do I not go insane? Well, nothing brings joy to the holidays like a really stressful and
nearly devastating election. So, what do we do now? You should let your family
know if a Trump presidency is upsetting to you. I called my parents before the election, I told them what was at stake for me, and actually, they listened. So, there’s hope, it’s not too late. Overall, the holidays should be about celebration and relaxation. So, if the family that you were born into isn’t that for you, take a friendsgiving, or rent some great movies. Go home and then play
my act for your family. Play this video, play this
video for your family.

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  1. I think the answer to the trans person's question was really immature. It's a hard issue for family members to deal with, they are naturally going to have questions. It's already a lot that they're trying to be supportive, the appropriate response would be to express discomfort about talking openly about topics like surgeries but in an empathic and kind way. There's no need to be abrasive or condescending to family members that are trying their best to be supportive but might not know your boundaries. Don't be an entitled child and have gratitude for the fact they even care.

  2. I‘m going to prom with pants and I‘m a girl.
    Every other girl wears a dress and I don’t get why because I hate dresses.
    Also I‘m Bi and I‘m going there with my girlfriend.

  3. God the “being ignored by mum” one is relatable af. I’ve told her before, and then whilst she was drunk she asked if I had discord, I said no (she forced me to delete it cos she thought all my mates were pedos) and she said “Good! Don’t want you going through that phase again when you were questioning your sexuality!”

  4. Im a girl i'd rather be a boy and my and my gennerashin (i speld it rong) are doing it for uttenchin (i think o speld it rong) so my mom and dad don't believe me at least i got my siblings my brother and my sis

  5. U know for all the people who judge who cares if someone is gay or lesbian or straight or trans does it matter? I mean which is worse honestly!? A atomic bomb killing hundreds of thousands of people from North Korea to the USA or the people who get judge by personality and sexualization I mean really? Who cares! Their still human beings!

  6. It's not my business but I think she would look really god with short hair (she looks really god now to).Sorry for bad English I'm from Germany.

  7. Hey and I’m 13 and I’m 99% sure I’m lesbian and I don’t know if I should come out yet GIVE ME TIPS😩

  8. I might move to Kansas potentially near the WBC and that means my catholic parents will force me to go there. What do I do?

  9. I'm so glad I live in Ireland away from trump so I can just be my gay self and bring home my boyfriend
    if i ever get one

  10. Came out to family they think because I’m a teen I’m going through a phase and I’m still straight

  11. It's so odd that I could listen to her all day. Soothing voice nice looks simpler views as me so I'd love to meet her on the streets and chat.

  12. I like to cover each side of her face to see what see would look like with all short or all long hair. Pretty either way.

  13. I dont care about who the president is, my life hasn't just drastically changed since we have had different presidents over the years

  14. I'm waiting to come out to my parents until I move out this weekend. As I'm driving away I'm gonna yell out the window "I'm Gay and on my way!"

  15. I came out to my mom as not straight about 3 or 4 times. Every time she got a little annoyed because she thinks I'm too young. She told me to give it a few years and see if I still feel that way. She doesn't have a problem with LGBTQ+ people (sup fam) but she was almost…judging me? She said I've always liked boys and I say I like girls because I think boys won't like me. I came out as pansexual with a note that was VERY hard to write. I put it right on the fridge but they never said anything. Then I was looking for the note. My mom said "Are you looking for something?", she handed me the note and talked to me. "Your dad and I just want the best for you. As long as you're happy, healthy, and you have a good education, it doesn't matter who you love. Male, female, whatever. If they hurt you I'll kick their butt. We love you so much." Then we hugged and I sobbed. My best friend (Who I unfortunately haven't met in person) confessed to me that she loves me as more than a friend, and we're now girlfriends. I might be young but I still know what my heart wants.

  16. I would love to frikin play this video for my family… I'm the only one who knows English 😭 Weeeeeell… Guess I'll be a little bit more here, in the closet.

  17. if your family asks if you’re interested in any boys and you’re lesbian/not into guys and also aren’t ready to come out

    then you can use the phrase “i don’t like any boys” because then you’re telling the truth and also addressing the subject at hand

  18. Most of the American population supports the LGBTQ community yet most of the American population voted for Mr.Trump. Some people complain about Trump yet the majority voted for him, the American debt in 2016 (with Obama) is 19 trillion dollars (😲) yet in 2018 (Trump) the debt is 21 thousand million dollars. In February 2016 (Obama) the Unemployment rate is 4,9% yet May 2018 (Trump) the Unemployment rate is 3,8%. All this information made me think, financially and I say it again FINANCIALLY Mr.Trump is a good leader for the United States of America.

  19. When ever they ask about what surgery you are gonna get just ask them what they are gonna get!
    "Hey. When are you getting your _____ surgery"

    "Hey. When are you gonna get that nose job"

  20. I came out to my and her mom because they both asked me 'Are you gonna have a girlfriend ever?' (because I'm obviously gay) and I just said 'Yeah' they weren't surprised. But I'm very afraid to come out to my dads side because he's said a lot of homophobic and transphobic things soooo

  21. Me "let's talk about Obamacare"
    Mom "why do u wanna talk about this ? We're not American. Anyway, why don't u have a boyfriend ?"
    Me "aaaargh, Trump!"

  22. I'm so confused is that Michael Jackson's coat on an abomination waste of flesh? Just curious because we all know lesbians have no purpose on this Earth except too annoy normal people.

  23. family dinner, my family asks if there’s a boy on the scene. i just said “Obama care”, worked perfectly.

  24. I have a girls haircut but I wear the boys school uniform and never wear dresses or skirts and get all my clothes from the boys section
    And my school is homophobic

  25. Am i bisexual for liking a girl who dresses like a boy and has short hair but identifies as a girl?

  26. Так погодите.Эта та девушка из фильма 'Первая девушка которую я полюбила'

  27. I’m gay and my brothers gay and some of my family voted for trump, and I just went to my coursing superrrr Christian wedding….

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