Ask Barbie About Camping! | Barbie

Ask Barbie About Camping! | Barbie

– [Barbie] Welcome
to Ask Barbie, where you ask and I answer. Today’s theme is Camping! Kymani M says: “Barbie, can you go to
the pool or camping?” Well, since today’s
theme is camping, I’ll start with that. – [Skipper] What are
you doing with that orange and foil, Barbie? I thought we were
making dessert. I brought s’mores. – [Barbie] Those look great,
but I saw this great hack on DreamworksTV last week
and wanted to try it. You take an orange
then you put cake mix inside the orange peel, wrap the whole thing in foil
and put it in the fire to bake. – [Skipper] Mmm that
does sound delicious! Let’s do it! – [Barbie] Awesome! I
made the cake mix at home, so let’s pour it
into the orange. And then we wrap it all up. It’s like a shiny,
delicious baseball! Go long! I’ll toss it you. Who says you can’t
play with your food? – [Skipper] Barbie, look out! – [Barbie] Whoa! Looks like we lost our orange. Let’s break out those s’mores! – [Skipper] (laughs) – [Barbie] I got to go camping
AND swimming after all. (laughs) The next comment is
from Mhyesha who says: “You should do
camping or pranks.” Well I learned my lesson about
picking just one last time, so why not do both? (owl hoots) – [Barbie] This full moon
means it’s the perfect time for a spooooky story. – [Ken] Does anyone
want any more tea? I’ll go get some. (pans clatter) (cat screeching) – [Barbie] (laughs) I
guess he can’t handle a scary story. Okay, here goes. (flashlight clicks) – [Barbie] It was a
dark and quiet night. – [Nikki] Just like this one? – [Barbie] Exactly! And in the distance, the
girls could hear something. – [Daisy] (gasps) What was that? – [Barbie] They heard
footsteps walking towards them. (leaves rustling) – [Nikki] What was that? – [Barbie] And then suddenly! (scary music) – [Nikki and Daisy] Aaah, aaah, a ghost! (laughing) – [Barbie] Good job, Ken. – [Ken] I told you I
was going to get tea. Did I not mention I was
gonna get a tablecloth, too? – [Daisy] (laughs)
Wow, you really got us! (leaves rustling) – [Nikki] Wait, if
the ghost was you, then who’s that? – [Barbie] Uhh maybe
we should have this tea in the camper. Aaah! – [Fashionista] Guys
where are you going? Popcorn’s done! Uh oh, oh no! Guys I spilled the…guys? – [Barbie] This question
is from Robert M who says: “How about
a camping safari?” Sounds fun, let’s go! Woo! Ooh. (laughs) – [Barbie] I’ve spotted
an adorable creature in its natural habitat. I must remain hidden
so I do not disturb it. (laughs) Huh! My laughter seems to have
caught its attention. I must remain quiet
so it does not see me. (laughs) It’s spotted me. It’s looking right at me. It appears to be trying
to communicate with me. It’s smiling? And waving? (record scratching) – [Chelsea] Hi Barbie! – [Barbie] It’s my
sister Chelsea!! The most adorable
creature there is! (laughter) – [Barbie] This last question
is from Teisha who says: “Can you blog about a
camping trip you go on?” Let’s do it! Hmmm, how to describe a
normal day of adventuring with the Dreamcamper? Hmm, I’m not sure what to say. I mean, I know there’s
a lot to talk about, but what do I start with? (clock ticking) – [Barbie] Ahhh, hmmm. (clock ticking) – [Barbie] (yawning) (keyboard clicking) (water splashing) – [Chelsea] Look what I found! Sunken treasure! – [Ken] That’s awesome Chelsea! I’ll help you count those coins after I fix the flat
tire on the camper. (rubber stretching) – [Ken] (laughing) – [Barbie] Wow! Now I have something
to write about. – [Ken] Hey Barbie! I’ll see you at the campfire! – [Barbie] I guess it
wasn’t all a dream! Thanks for joining me for
another episode of Ask Barbie. Be sure to ask me your
questions so I can answer them! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I am gonna go see if I
can hack this dessert. Bye!

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  1. I love you Barbie. You're always the Prettiest and Gorgeous of all cartoon since in my childhood

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