Ask Barbie About Traveling! | Barbie

Ask Barbie About Traveling! | Barbie

– Welcome to “Ask Barbie”
where you ask and I answer. Today’s theme, travel!
(bell dings) Piinkypiie says, “Come
to Singapore, Barbie.” Okay! I’m there! (babbling) Yeah, you’re not too far, so it shouldn’t take me
too long to bike there. See ya soon! (bell dings) Oh, wow, look how beautiful
these gardens are. I bet I have time for a quick peek. (phone rings)
(babbling) Oh, my goodness. The gardens were so pretty,
I had to take a look! But I’m on my way and I’m not far! (upbeat music)
(bell dings) Wow, I should have time
for one quick go around! (phone rings) (babbling)
Ah, it was so awesome to see the city from so high up,
but I’m on my way, I promise! (bell dings) Oh, wow! I bet there are all kinds
of amazing animals in there. (phone rings) (babbling)
I’m coming, I’m coming! What’s that? You’ve been distracted by
the Bugis Street Market? (laughs) Don’t worry
about it, take your time. I think I can keep myself
busy until you’re done. Yes, plenty of time to keep exploring! (air whooshing) Our next comment is Adi Vs Adi who says, “Barbie, please go to India!” (air whooshing)
(airplane engine roars) (yawns) What a long flight. I can’t wait to see India! I probably should take a nap,
but I’m too excited to sleep. (car engine rumbling) You have to stay awake, Barbie! But the jet lag is so strong. Look at all of these amazing sights. (yawns) So beautiful. (bell dings)
Wow, the Taj Mahal is absolutely stunning. I have to get a picture, right after I take a little nap. (sighs) Maria says, “Can you
go to Sweden, Barbie?” I sure can! Fetch, girl.
(bell dings) Fetch! (air whooshing) (dog barks) Good girl! Fetch! (air whooshing) Woo-hoo! Very good girl. Okay, get ready to go long. (air whooshing) Taffy? Taffy, where’d you go, girl? Uh-oh, did I throw that too far? (dog barks) (laughs) There you are! That’s not a snowball,
that’s a Swedish meatball! (dog barks) (laughs) Well, I hope you
brought enough to share. When in Sweden, you have to eat meatballs. (dog barks) (gasps) You did bring enough! (dog barks) Yum! Aliza says, “Go to Japan.” Go to Japan? Yes, ma’am!
(bell dings) I got to visit so many places, and I am excited to show you my photos! Here’s me in a gorgeous bamboo forest! Did you know bamboo is the
fastest growing plant on Earth? It can grow three feet in a day! Talk about a growth spurt! And here I at the Himeji Castle. So beautiful! I wish I could have stayed there. Here I am at a beautiful night festival. You’re supposed to make a wish and release it into the
sky with the lanterns. I wished that that night
could have lasted forever. (gasps) Here I am in a flower tunnel! It looks like I’m inside a painting. And here’s me at Mount Fuji. So gorgeous, but brr, I’m
so glad I brought my jacket! Ah, what a great trip! And that’s it for this
episode of “Ask Barbie.” You can ask or comment
below and I’ll answer! (yawns) Uh oh, it looks like I have jet lag again from all of that travel! It’s a good thing it’s time for bed. See you next time! (upbeat music)

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  1. What's your favorite place you've traveled to and why? Comment below! Make sure to also comment your questions because I might just answer in the next episode!

  2. My favorite place I've travelled to is Mexico because i love the people, food, culture, dancing, ocean, and beautiful scenery!

  3. Barbie can you please go to Philippines anyway I love your videos my name is sofy and I am
    Your best subscriber I hope you will see this

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