ASMR 가을 피크닉 브이로그[VLOG ASMR]소리일기, 꿀꿀선아,suna asmr,音フェチ

ASMR 가을 피크닉 브이로그[VLOG ASMR]소리일기, 꿀꿀선아,suna asmr,音フェチ

In busy daily life things you can pass carelessly Common It may not mean anything If you listen a little carefully Things that make you feel a bit nice The sounds passing through your life I want to record all of them without passing them. Suna’s Third VLOG ASMR Suddenly all the rice in the village left to go to our table The cabbages planted in the house yard grow like this Waiting to be Kimchi The foliage colored fall perfectly How much time do you have left to keep your windows open? There are things that don’t change even when the seasons change Start your day with cleaning up the bed Get up and open the curtain The ripped-out wallpaper is still the same. Today we are going to have a picnic, so I’m going to make something delicious Today’s menu is egg sandwich and mini burger I’ll boil the eggs for the sandwich Strawberry cream cheese and condensed milk. Cut morning bread I’m going to cut it one more time cause it sounds nice I’ll cut the tomatoes for the sandwich. Tomatoes also sound good so I’m going to cut them again I eat big Let’s cut the lettuce Peel the boiled egg Crush boiled eggs and mix with mayonnaise. With the cream I made earlier Fill the bread. Putting on honey mustard Lettuce, tomato, cheese and ham Done Picnic Food Completion I got a lot of cat fur on my clothes. I have 2 pigs and 4 cats at home You should always clean it up before you dress up I’m going to open the crumpled place because it’s been a long time Wear clothes tightly for cold winds, I’m most excited when I’m ready for everything. Autumn seems to pass by the fastest of the four seasons. It’s not long left to see the beautifully colored autumn leaves. I came to a picnic not far from home. The rustling leaves make my steps lighter. I came with a light heart but the picnic bag is too heavy I finally arrived when I thought I was just going to eat at home. First, open the mat When you sit down, you have to clean it up carefully so you don’t get hurt when you sit down One step to full-scale fall Two steps Take out the things packed Practical picnic preparation It was so tiring and hard to come in deep for a good place. So I’m going to eat the lunch box I prepared I will enjoy this food It’s really delicious !! I think we have a picnic to eat Nice weather and the hardness of coming here appetite you did’t have Because I’m lying down The sunshine is warm and the wind is blowing I wish my anxiety disappeared like a cloudless autumn sky I can’t just go after a picnic I’m going to leave a beautiful autumn day as a picture First take form and My hands are light for today The picture was drawn better than usual Do you know what I’m drawing? I’ve pictured a picnic with Pingdwae. I hope the day will come when the swine fever ends and I can take a walk with pingdwae again I drew another picture, and I got hungry It’s like the baguette cutting is like stepping on the leaves I brought some cream cheese left over from the morning Put on baguettes Put in your mouth! It’s chilling once in a while, so the warmth of a cup of hot coffee is more required. I feel comforted by the warmth of coffee. But the coffee doesn’t full my belly The barking of a dog can’t be avoided no matter how deep I come I need to play music as the dog barks. My favorite ‘one summer’s day’ played by ‘Reynah’ I brought a book I bought to study English. Reading is as expected, should have quiet surroundings and a cup of coffee I read the book again with a calm mind What is it saying now…. time flows A fallen leaf woke me up, who was sleeping in the autumn sunshine one fallen leaf… I feel a lot better after sleeping After relaxing my body which was firm I’m going to eat some of my apples I brought I peel very well, right! ? I wanted to cut it all at once, but it doesn’t work. Peel well again The apple is the most delicious in autumn Subscriber increases Subscriber doesn’t increase increase Don’t & *% ^ * increase ^ & *% ^ & !! * (& It’s darkened a lot Like an autumn that I don’t want to send but I have to send It’s time for a picnic that I don’t want to leave. In the meantime, the leaves are sitting down, so I clean the mat Fold the mat out again and clean up the area you stayed in But I ate a lot and the bag became lighter But instead my body became heavy. Isn’t autumn like the season of splendor and a lot of regret? Like the autumn leaves in this video, your life be gorgeous Have a warm day as opposed to chilly weather Everybody have a good night, have a good dreams, and have a nice day.

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  1. 이번 영상에는 옥에티가 있어요!
    한번 찾아보는 묘미!?? 보시면서 발견하신 옥에티를 댓글에 적어주세요!
    (어딘가에 숨어있는 저를 찾아보세요!)
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  2. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 혼자즐기는 아늑한 가을풍경속 피크닉같지만ㅠㅠㅠ 영상을 찍기전 대본과 장소 음식 소품까지 다 계획하고 촬영팀이랑 다같이 올라가서 찍는모습 상상하면 뭔가 귀여워져요… ㅠㅠㅋㅋㅋ

  3. こんなふうに起きてこんな生活してみたいわー。布団もちゃんと整理してるしね!我もちゃんとやんなきゃな!

  4. 그만 좀 예쁘시옵소서 선아.. 선아께오서 그렇게 아름다우시면 오징어로 변신하는 자들이 계속 늘어날 수 있사옵니다ㅠㅠㅠㅠ?‍♀️?

  5. 生活音シリーズ待ってました

  6. 紅葉綺麗で音も良くて、すごく凝った撮影をされているので見てる側も気分を味わえるし、癒されます?

  7. Why am I watching a vlog of the perfect life of this gorgeous korean woman, enjoying her picnic and having the time of her life while I'm on my bed, 00:09 in the middle of the night with a mountain worth of homework right next to me.

  8. Que hermoso Suna , acompañar a la naturaleza te purifica y te fortalece enormemente , muy bellos y buenos sonidos también me enamoré de este video ?

  9. 映画館のスクリーンで観たいクオリティ。

  10. my dumbass ask myself : how can i peel the egg perfectly?

    *watch suna peeling off egg

    me ; brain is not functioning well-

  11. 언니, 멋진 vlog 고마워요?
    항상, 멋진 동영상 고마워요!!!!!!
    일본에서 응원하고 있어요!
    해석기라 이상한 점도 있을 거예요.

  12. 만화같은 삶을 사시네요 너무 부러워요 존경합니다 그리고 항상 보이진 않지만 응원합니다♥ 옥에티는 못찾겠어요 .ㅠ

  13. как же это классно…ощущать эту атмосферу в своей жизни, жаль, что я живу в России и у нас такой атмосферы не было никогда..
    спасибо за это видео ♡ᴥ♡

  14. バケット豪快に食べ始めるの可愛い!笑

  15. Definitely subscribed after this one!! The level of quality & ASMR was unbelievable this time ?? will forsure have this one on repeat! ❤️✨

  16. I wish I had that beautiful area to live. Your videos are so relaxing and pretty. Were you studying directing or sth couse that’s shots are amazing? I’m really impressed. I was supposed to sleep but when I saw all that delicious food I became hungry XD Sorry if I did any mistakes but English isn’t my native language

  17. ソナちゃんの食べてる姿、癒される…☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

  18. 오오오오오!!!!!!!! 이번에도 제가 제일 좋아하는 브이로그 ASMR 영상 올라올때마다 정말 너무 잘보고있어요ㅜㅜㅜㅜ 요즘 추워졌는데 옷 잘 입으시고 건강하세요 선아님❤

  19. I'm always in awe whenever Suna makes these vlog ASMR videos. The visuals and cinematography are absolutely breathtaking, the background music always puts me at ease, I always end up hungry, I always get tingles, and I always fall in love with Suna's beauty.

    Lovely video as always!

  20. すごい、苦労と努力をされているのでとても丁寧で音も画も綺麗✨✨いつもありがとうございます❤

  21. 白菜がキムチになるのを待っているって言うやつがなんでかジワった爆笑


  22. いつの間にかsunaさんの動画は私の生活に必要なものになっていました。前の2つのブイログも、もちろん見ました。撮影も編集もブイログが特に大変だと思うのですが、また新しい動画を投稿してくれてありがとうございます。目で見ても癒し、音を聞いても癒し。sunaさんのASMRが大好きです!

  23. いちいち大袈裟な表現やあざとい動作が多い気がする…

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