[ASMR] 30 Famous People You’d Happily Take on a Picnic ★

[ASMR] 30 Famous People You’d Happily Take on a Picnic ★

Michael Jackson Anthony Hopkins Eddie Murphy Colonel Sanders Alien Rickman Oprah Swift Jesus Crisis Humpty Dumpty Jenghis Khan JK Rowling Charlie Dickman Taylor Swift Missy Elliot Barney Dinosaur Jeff Goldman Zero Zero Seven Sin Bad Arnold Schwarzenegger Albus Dumbledore Sant Claws Warren Buffet Mosers Huge Jackson Emma Watson Daniel Redcliffe Ron Weasley Alec Basswing Popeye Anthony Hopkins Humpty Dumpty

100 thoughts on “[ASMR] 30 Famous People You’d Happily Take on a Picnic ★

  1. If this doesn't relax you nothing will. Alternatively, if it doesn't relax you, why not turn it into an exciting drinking game?
    -(DRINK every time Natsuki misreads a name).
    But WHO ELSE should have made it on to our list? Let us know below!

  2. I laughed so hard I peed my pants. Bless him, he tried. Liked the winking especially with the miss pronounced names. Laugh riot. Thanks man, good on you. JC

  3. I'm not the kind of person to lol by myself (only when listening with friends) but this is cracking me up. Trying to keep it contained at my desk at work is a struggle. Huge Jackson! Charlie Dickman! Amazing.

  4. Good thinking! If you take 2 Humpty Dumptys, then you won't be hungry on the picnic. One was in video text too and the other was in audio.

  5. Jesus Crisis!!! It sums up not only the expression itself but the context and situation where the phrase has been pronounced. It's genius!!

  6. Michael Jackson
    Anthony Hopkins
    Ellie Murphy
    Conal Sanders
    Alien Rickman
    Oprah Swift
    Jedus Crisis
    Humpty Dumpty
    JK's Khan
    JK Rowlind
    Charlie Dick Man
    Tearer Swift
    Bare Knee Dinosaur
    Jeff Goldman
    Sin paad
    Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Albus Dumberdor
    Sand Clause
    Wall Lamp Buffet
    Hayej Jackson
    Emma Watsaun
    Daniel Radriffe
    Ron Wesley
    Alec Bass Win
    Anthony Hopkins (Antonio Banderas)

  7. To up the weird factor a bit, listen on full volume with only one earphone, that way it sounds like Natsuki is right there whispering directly into your ear.

  8. Please please have him read Shakespeare in the same manner! Please! This was classic! Now I have to change my underwear.
    Would love to know if he did this in one take? Was anyone else in the room?

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