ASMR Camping Crush Roleplay: Choose Your Path (Binaural)

ASMR Camping Crush Roleplay: Choose Your Path (Binaural)

100 thoughts on “ASMR Camping Crush Roleplay: Choose Your Path (Binaural)

  1. After watching this video, I realized that I really shouldn’t be looking for love. It’s just not in my range of emotions like it was before. As sad as that sounds, I just don’t think I can handle it anymore.

    But ya know ya boi had to choose Guadalupe, ain’t gonna make no plans unless I get a no. Don’t wanna leave someone hangin.

  2. Esperanza: I'm not gonna bite you.

    She says that, but for all we know this could be a Camping Crush/Vampire Feeding Secret Crossover!

  3. Both of your characters are soo good. Esperanza's delivery of the question was so smooth, and Guadalupe was just overall precious

  4. Your just so cool

    Me:no not really I'm only a 14 year old on the varsity football team at my high school no big deal

  5. Other than your Vampire series, your Camping Crush series is my absolute favorite. Must say, these decisions are often a bit hard for me to make the first time watching. But not this time. Life is too short to waste pining away for someone whom it seems just isn't into you. Ask twice, date for trip approaching, no response?…. Time to move on.

  6. YOU 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼… pushing the limits of story telling! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍🏼

  7. 20:57 omg I would have said yes that is soooo sweet and sooo cute I wish my crush would ask me out that way

  8. …Esperanza kinda creeps me out less. Don't know why. Apart from the fact that she replied within minutes like she was a serial killer just waiting for the opportunity to get me camping alone and then slowly drain my blood into an empty wine bottle and then leave me to die so she can sell the bottle on eBay. Or maybe I just look to deeply into stuff. Oh well.

    Cool video 👍

  9. Okay so I finally had some time tow patch to the end and ngl that was kinda cute and I can imagine you actually doing that to ask someone out xD

  10. Softlygaloshes… you saved my life a while ago, even if it's hard to understand how. Thank you for being you. Love and success to you always. Above all, love. There is no angel, no saint like you. No better friend in the chaos, no more pure and authentic care. There is no one like you or what you do… and outside of that? Well you are just a damn good artist. True of most of my favorite asmrtists, but more true of you than any other. Your art? It's amazing. Your talent? It never dies. I hope you are taking care of yourself. Please do. Thank you for all you do. Be as good to yourself as you wish upon us.

  11. I love your videos so much they're the best💓💯…I struggle to get tingles usually,but whenever I watch your videos I get them so easily and its ONLY YOU ,keep doing what your doing !!💓💯🤗

  12. Your videos genuinely deserve more views. You have a very unique sense of creativity and insight into human emotion and shared experience that make your videos very relatable. Easily one of my favourite asmr videos!

  13. This is by far the koolest asmr video I've ever seen lol I used to love comics that gave you choices like this as a kid hahaha great idea if I say so meself 👍👌

  14. Ahh… The Camp Counselor year's 😎
    This brings back somewhat memories of the atmosphere of how it felt.
    Love the rain effect in the background as well giving it that extra element to the video.

    Great video job again 👍

  15. Loved this, we need more rain and ASMR mixed. Maybe you can make a Pick a Path / Date with Ocrazio Cortez or Ivanka

  16. Not gonna lie, I got strangely nervous and apprehensive at first when I started to watch this. Probably cause I'm shy but I'm also a romantic and I didn't know what to expect. It's silly, I know, nothing bad's gonna happen. But still! They were both really sweet, though, and I thought both of them were really interesting in their own ways. As a kid I always wanted to draw and I grew up with just a mom, so I could relate to Esperanza. On the other hand, I had a massive crush on a girl in Elementary school who I utterly failed to ever ask out before she moved away in 10th grade, so the idea of meeting again and having a second change really endeared me to Guadalupe.

    As someone else mentioned in another comment somewhere, you really do become like a whole different person when you do these. You carry yourself differently and it really helps bring the personality into focus. Incidentally, Guadalupe's constant touching of her hair reminded me very much of how I absentmindedly run my fingers through my beard. Random hair touching, another thing we have in common! I feel awkward now, gonna stop talking. :p

  17. Lol I picked Esmeralda and as she began to draw I made a duck face with my lips just to have her say "you have such cute lips* needless to say i died laughing 😂

  18. I love your ASMR videos. I started watching them one or two years ago. They're very relaxing and they calm me right down.

  19. Ah, yes. The great dining establishment known simply as "Restraunt." Also, what time and from where. I get that she's shy but it's important information. I suppose they could text but still.

  20. You know it’s quality asmr when a, you get tingles from the intro every time without fail, and b, you end up dropping your phone while writing a comment from tingles. 😁

  21. Oh dear, I'm so sorry I went off somewhere else and stopped watching these lovely videos… Camping crush role plays have long been my favourite kind of ASMR videos… Thank you for this, Rebekah… ❤️❤️❤️

  22. You can't make me choose, I just can't, it's bad enough that I can't even decide what to eat when I go out with friends

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