100 thoughts on “ASMR Camping Crush Roleplay | CHOOSE YOUR PATH

  1. These videos make me super happy when I'm engulfed in them, but sad and lonely when they end…
    But regardless, awesome job on the video!!!

  2. Is it bad that my decision was based 100% on the fact that I'd rather stay in a cabin than in a tent at a stupid festival?

  3. I'm going camping with my crush and I have slightly skewed expectations for what might come.

    Love the series

    (That breaks the rules of an /10 system)

  4. U don't like me I'm not good enough , I smash girl at. 18:37. Party I bring zigzags marijuana beer and shots. 👅 the red lipstick turn on the glases were a meh and fck work duh

  5. I feel like Annie would break my heart into a million pieces. I've been involved with girls like her, and it always ended poorly. I like the stable nature of Bethany, with a bit of the spontaneity to keep it fun. Bethany is best girl

  6. First I find out Star Wars: The Clone Wars will continue and now I find out Softlygaloshes had uploaded camping crush.

    Everything is proceeding as I have forseen.

  7. I have a real crush on Annie. For real! Loved how you made a different voice/accent with her. Also I'd love to hear a full version of the song she sang

  8. Please put subtittles un spanish its a good vídeo tour creativiti its amaizing. Please keep making vídeos. I Realy like tour work

  9. Subelo en español o con sub plis 😭, yo a duras penas entiendo 3/4 de lo que dices :(, y esta saga la e estado siguiendo desde siempre, pero no lo subes en español 🙁

  10. Third night in a row watching this to sleep (only Annie's part) and I just feel like I have so much to say here. Sooooo fucking weird

  11. i would choose Bethany not just because the glasses are supper attractive on her but because i'm not skipping work

  12. When my tingles are working I see videos like Most Tingles, but when not, this also has an interesting plot lol 🙂

  13. It was a nice change of pace with you reading the words on screen out loud, so, bravo. Bethany is Nice, beautiful, and wants to be more spontaneous, while Annie, is more like my personality, so yeah, really difficult choice here, oh well, just watch the whole video through and see both (sorry if you think that's cheating)!

  14. I'm gonna be honest
    If this girl came up to me and got real close to my ears and whispered about records and liking stability
    I would marry her right then

    Probably if any girl did that I would instantly fall in love

  15. I really liked the video, awesome work (as always).
    You seem tired or a bit drowsy, and your eyelids seem heavy… Please take care of yourself ok ?

  16. I fell asleep (thankfully❤) But i wanted to say this came out great! Thought you had ended the series, so glad you didnt

  17. IM DEWETING YOU, DADDY (・ω´・) 😭👋 ██]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] ]]]]]]]]]] 10% compwete….. ████]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] 35% compwete…. ███████]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] 60% compwete…. ███████████] 99% compwete….. 🚫EWWOW (・ω´・) 🚫 💯Twue💯 Daddies awe iwwepwaceabwe 💖I couwd nyevew dewete you Daddy (・`ω´・) 💖
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  18. Why does every girl I go camping with want to kiss me? Is anyone else having good this experience?

  19. You seem like a genuine person; there are a few left out there like you. With that being said, there have been many unique people that have come into my life this past year and a half, all with personalities/abilities out of the ordinary. It has helped me become more open to new ideas as well as finding out that the “supernatural” is really natural and the hidden/latent powerful abilities of human beings are often kept in the dark except to those who are found to be safe, open without immediate automated judgment, and trustworthy. Many of them are labeled with mental difficulties… but I feel like the general population does not understand the psychic/spiritual realities these beings experience, for there is more to this world than what is seen on the surface. They… just need someone who will actually listen to them and treat them like a friend instead of like an outcasted oddity. Even though they may hide their pain on the surface, deep down they need help… I just want them to know that they are not alone and cruel realities/illusions that may try to trap them can be freed, for the universe is far greater than just a black and white reality. Awakening the Phoenix of the soul is the fire that keeps me going even in difficult times.

  20. I've been saving this as a weekend treat, for after the working week finally ends. I love the CC series and legitimately think it's one of the most creative, entertaining and relaxing things to happen to the world of asmr!

  21. on the subject of soulmates as friends and family and stuff, ryn weaver has a beautiful song called "traveling song" which is dedicated to her grandfather who she was really close with. it has one of my favorite lines in any song, "soulmates aren't just lovers you know"

  22. I loved it so much…but the voice at the beginning reminded me of baby from five nights at Freddy's which kinda ruined it 😅

  23. I’m definitely more like Annie and I’ve never dated anyone like me so I think I’m gonna pick her hmmm decisions decisions

  24. Idk how I’m just now seeing this but it was awesome!! Great job coming up with such a cool format it reminds me of the goosebumps books where you have to make your own story but instead of putting in to many decisions you simplify it so its more relaxing. Two big thumbs up!

  25. "You like my hair? I can sell it to you if you want?" That's going to make for one awkward how I met your mother story later on in life.

  26. I’ve been jumping around to find these videos and I love them so much! Annie kept kissing me and I was like “I’ve never kissed anyone!! Aaahhhhh!”

  27. I actually like Bethany 100% not because she is literally beautiful but she's more than just that. As bekah said on the video, Bethany is dependable, hard work employee, thoughtful and caring. Moreover, she's struggling to reach and achieve her own goal which she never had in her yet. It's very decent of her to help. Keep up the great work. I'd like to know more of your camping crush.

  28. 16:06 was the most ridiculous tingle sensation I've ever had. I normally have tingles on my arms, or my calves, but that sent tingles throughout my entire body. It was such a strong sensation that I actually had to shake myself because of it.

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