ASMR | Camping Crush Roleplay: Spooky Edition | Pick Your Crush and Go Camping Together!

ASMR | Camping Crush Roleplay: Spooky Edition | Pick Your Crush and Go Camping Together!

100 thoughts on “ASMR | Camping Crush Roleplay: Spooky Edition | Pick Your Crush and Go Camping Together!

  1. 2:21 Olive
    20:03 Mabel

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  2. Comment about previous vid (not had chance to watch this one yet):
    Can't believe some people thought it was a bit too scary, I flipping loved it. The thingy wouldn't let me reply to you mentioning it. Maybe in future just stick a warning tag or something for those who aren't into the scarier stuff. Am I weird for finding that one soothing? I do really love vampires (Out n proud Twilight fan, the books, not the movies so much) so maybe I'm blind to the scary factor cuza that.

  3. This just in, my power went out twice today and this makes it the 3rd because life is just so freaking amazing! Luckily my friend gave me their old phone with a few days left of service and with hotspot before they went home today so yes…I am basically typing this in the dark…with people screaming outside…So anyway yeah! I'm glad I could finally watch a Halloween themed video and NOT be scared or worry about being scared, I really appreciate that. I almost feel like when you said don't worry it's not scary that you were talking to me because of how much your last video scared me. XP Definitely gonna watch this like serveral more times throughout the month because I enjoyed it so much, but now if you'll excuse me I'm gonna go hide from the screaming people until the power comes back so take care Beks and have a good night! P.S.: Haha I just noticed something, now this doesn't matter much to me since I watch both choices anyway because your characters are always so good that I can never decide, but theres always one character with glasses and one without! I don't know if it's intentional or just a coincidence but yeah just something I noticed. 😀

  4. Halloween triggers my PTSD – so does the realization that the other 364 days of the year aren't Halloween. Nowhere is safe.

  5. Amazing as always Bekah. You have so much talent! It is very cool that you are doing what you love! hugs Thanks for all your hard work!

  6. I tell myself that girls "ghost" me all year long to indulge me in my love for Halloween. It made sense in my head…

  7. Ok but you are glowing in this video omg just saying. I don’t have anything interesting to say about this, it’s really good, and tingly. You are slaying tho

  8. Hello beautiful softlygaloshes ASMR and damn your really beautiful you sure are and I feel tingles you know that I love that and I really love your videos still 😍😍😍 😍😍 😍❤️

  9. Softlygaloshes ASMR I can't believe it's Halloween nice glasses you look totally Hot in them 😉 and I'm gonna enjoy my day now enjoy yohr day now love you always softlygaloshes ASMR

  10. These are both awesome! Your characters are so wonderfully thought out and you bring them to life beautifully. They're you, and not you. And they aren't any of your other characters either. You are brilliant! Thank you for doing this.

  11. wow acting skills on point. your abilities to use different voices literally surprised me, as in like wow. had to do a double take on the video title to make sure it was you 😄

  12. Buen video sofhy si eres la mejor y la unica en todos tus videos sigue asi te deseo mucha pero mucha suerte para ti me relajastes muy vien pero muy vien grasias por el video me encanto muchisimo tienes una vonita voz eres jenial y fantastica

  13. Oh my goodness, my favorite YouTube series (not just among asmr series but including the whole of YouTube) is back!

  14. Olive's a pretty cool person, I feel like we vibe at the same wavelength. I probably wouldn't date her, but we'd be best friends lol.

  15. If I'm being honest I wouldn't pick neither because they both seem like the type who would leave you when you need them most. Just a light hearted comment 🤷‍♂️😅 the video is still great!

  16. I skipped right to Mabel. I am in LOVE with this adorable, colorful, redheaded, red-lipped, freckle-faced, kinda spazzy little oddball girl! I only wish that you would do little sequels with all of these girls from the "Camping Crush" series. Like a "5 years later…" kind of thing, to see what happened and what our life is like now with each one. Something to think about! Anyway, loved this latest installment. Awesome job Miss Bekah!

  17. Sin duda me encantan cada vez más tus vídeos 🤩, eres tan dulce, tierna y bella que simplemente enamoras 😍 y la calidad de tus vídeos es insuperable 🙌👏

  18. I cringed when I saw this as I realized I am the person who has subscription for this. You're all here with me, what do you think?

  19. Dang, the Mabel roleplay feels so much like real life. Like a missed connection. Great job, btw! The whole video is so good!

  20. I admire how she blends soft-spoken dialogue with whispered dialogue. It's not exactly like real life conversation but… it works.

  21. Asmr is pretty cool but planting trees will save the environment so get out there and plant some trees or donate to

  22. How do you make so many unique characters with distinct personalities in all your videos and make it look so effortless 😩 talent of the highest caliber 👏👏

  23. Wow. I really, really liked this one. I almost don't want to complement your acting yet because I feel like that will pull me back to reality a little faster, but it just keeps improving. I found Olive's story about her parents to be really compelling, and she was genuinely interesting. She was also almost unbearably cute. In a good way. 🙂  I thought Mabel was really funny though. I especially liked her little eye twitch when I confessed my feelings for her. I also very much enjoyed how I got to keep hanging out with them both for a good while longer after they confessed their feelings for me. That felt different, and it was really nice.

    This whole things was really relaxing, and I honestly just really needed it today. This is wonderful. Thank you, Softly. I hope you're having a really good night.

  24. I’ve always enjoyed this series. Good to see it is still going. I’ve always enjoyed a choose your own path type of game, video and even book.

  25. Holy shit, what Olive was taking about is literally what is happening with my parents, down to the fact I don’t talk to them about it due to feeling like I can’t. That’s the real spooky part of this video 😦

  26. Maybe Olive and Mable would be interested in some thing different? I believe the french call it "ménage à trois"

  27. I love the creativity you put into your videos, i really enjoy your RP's Bekah! 😀 i think i like Mabel a bit better but its honestly hard to choose, great characters 😀

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