[August 2019] Travelling Light 7kg (15lbs) Backpack Tour Packing List with Laptop, Camera and GoPro

[August 2019] Travelling Light 7kg (15lbs) Backpack Tour Packing List with Laptop, Camera and GoPro

hello travellers, so today’s the day we do
my 2019 August ‘packing list’. Now this was a three week trip where I traveled to
Bangkok from Sydney I travel with AirAsia and they did weigh
my backpack. I have seen some people say that AirAsia or the budget carriers
don’t necessarily weigh the bag. but it seems like all the budget carriers
within Australia or departing from Australia do tend to weigh the bags. so
my total packing weight with all my souvenirs and everything is about eight
kilograms or just under. which is about seventeen and a half pounds. so excluding
souvenirs everything and using a technique to carry some of the heavier
items. The total pack weight comes down to fifteen pounds or just under
seven kilograms and that’s with a laptop with the camera with the GoPro
accessories. the only thing which I am carrying to reduce the weight is my
passport wallet and the Nintendo switch and also the TRTL pillow. so without
further ado let’s dive into the bag and have a look at my packing list. so
starting with my day bag. this is what I carried most days where I was
just out and about. and this is actually the pack light 7 which came with this
one here which is the Tenba BYOB 7. so that’s basically a little camera
carry bag so I put my mirrorless camera in here which I’m using to film this. and
I also have some accessories in here and an extra lens. SD cards and stuff up here.
I also do have a lavalier microphone here so it’s got lots a nice little
pockets an organization in this bag. and the great thing about this is that it
fits right into the sling nicely and you still have extra room down the side and
a little mesh pocket here which can be handy to carry all kinds of things. and
overall this was a great little day bag that I think I’ll continue to use for
future trips. now in my day bag typically I always carry something like
some tissues and some wet wipes or some wet tissues. that’s just because
often times you’re eating Street food or you’re not near a place where you can
wash your hands. so these are really handy have in your day bag. when I was
traveling through the islands I also carried some mosquito repellent wipes
and also some mosquito repellent spray which I’ll get to in a minute.
so the other thing I tended to carrying the day bag and was very useful for most
days was this Powerbank here and a universal cable. so this cable has an
apple adapter USB C and a micro USB to USB and so I could use my power bank to
plug that in and charge my friends phones or my phone or my GoPro or my
camera whilst out and about during the day. So this is very handy thing to have in
the day carry bag. the other thing I carried in there was just this little
bag here. this is the NatureHike a little nylon bag it did come with its
own swing but I took it off. and what I did was I put the powerbank in
this pocket here with the cable. and then inside here and have a couple of GoPro
accessories. so I have the GoPro cage an extra GoPro battery and charger. a GoPro
backpack clip so I could do time-lapse videos. so the other thing I also took
most days was the GoPro and the Saramonic SR-XM1 microphone here with the wind muff. and also this little extending tripod here which was handy
for some situations. and that’ll fit nicely into this carry case here so that
was my GoPro accessories and battery powerbank. and that always were the most
days while I was carrying around this day bag. so in addition to that I also
packed my 13-inch MacBook Pro. so I use this mainly for working but this is
probably the heaviest item and one item that I would like to reduce if I could.
so I know the Surface Pro is a little bit lighter weight. the iPad pro is also a little
bit lighter weight. But when you add the keyboard it adds more weight. so for me
there’s no way around this if I want to edit videos on the go. I would not
recommend bringing a laptop if you really don’t need to use it. so the
laptop slides nicely into this back pocket here. So onto the camera accessories. In here I have the Rode Smartlav+ just down the back here. and inside I have
some SD cards, a lens cleaner, here I have the camera strap some camera body covers
and stuff like that. this is where I kept my mirrorless camera the Sony a6400 which I’m filming with. again, I probably wouldn’t bring this with me on
the next trip. so the total weight of this was actually just under one
kilogram which is about two pounds. So, again this is something that I would
definitely cut for the next trip ’cause I didn’t really need it that much. for most
situations my phone actually did a pretty good job of taking quick videos
and photos when I needed to. but if you definitely do need a professional
camera then that’s probably something you might want to bring with you. but
the laptop and the camera are something that you can probably travel without and
that make the load of your bag significantly lighter weight. so I
typically carried the camera cube I’m about here in my bag. this here is
actually just a jacket that I was wearing when I came from Australia. so
this is actually just a thin jacket from Uniqlo which actually did a review up
here if you want to click up there and have a look. just down in the pocket here
I also did carry my merino wool buff. that’s something I always travel with no
matter where I’m going whether it’s hot or cold. the other thing I travelled with was
these Shure SE215s. these are not noise cancelling but they are isolating
headphones. has a nice little carabiner built in here I have my adapter here, and
airline adapter. it does have an inline remote and they do a pretty good job of
isolating most of the noise from an aircraft or people talking on the plane.
and they were able to give me enough isolation to let me get some sound
sleep on the plane. these ones I store just in the top pocket here. so I also carried the chums surfshort wallet and I will be doing a full review of
this one a bit later on. so stay tuned for that. so the other thing I
brought obviously is my phone. this is the Google pixel 3. I also brought my sunglasses these are polarized sunglasses. these are called
the model 20 from a brand called Enclave eyewear. so this trip I was debating whether or not to bring this. but this is the Nintendo Switch I brought this one along just so
for entertainment on the plane but I actually ended up using
every night with my girlfriend to play the new Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3
game. which has been very fun enjoyable. so this here is the Airlite Towel from Sea to Summit. it’s very small and lightweight and dries like within half
an hour. and it’s been very handy to have and use on the trip. I’ve decided I’ll be
using this over the pocket towel which I used before. because it is smaller
lighter and it dries just a little bit quicker overall. and so I will be doing a
full review of that one a bit later so stay tuned for that. so I’m the electronic side of things. I was using these IKEA packing cubes. this
is one which I’ve used for my electronics. and this is one which I’ve
used for my clothing. I will be doing a full review on those IKEA packing cubes
a bit later here if you’re interested. give thumbs up if you would like to see that.
in terms of electronics. I carried my macbook pro USBC cable. which came in
handy for charging not only the Nintendo switch. but also the GoPro my phone and
several things. it was nice to have a long cable like this. I also carry this scale with me. so this is how I measured the weight of my bag
while I’m packing and unpacking it. I also carried this here which is the road
warrior multi-purpose travel adapter. that has the US and then the Australian
plugs. all the plugs plug in the back of it. you can use the European ones here and then they plug into the back here. and it
actually is interesting because they sort of plug in like this and have the
different configurations. so really handy little plug to have and it is useful for
all countries that you’re travelling to it’s very thin and lightweight. this here is
a little charger I got for my Apple Watch. so this one plugs into a USB
port. and this is what I used with me for the trip. I didn’t bring my Apple
charging brick which is a 60 watt brick. this is only a 30 watt power delivery
brick and it doesn’t charge my laptop as fast as the 60w. but it still does charge
it and it has two outputs so I can charge a USB C device and and
standard USB. so I’d plug back there and charge my watch and charge my phone at
the same time so very handy little device to have. that’s the blitzwolf 30w power delivery USB charger. so I also bought
the samsung t5. just a little SSD drive backing up videos and for video editing.
i bought this here which is a micro USB cable and USB C. I probably didn’t need
this because I have the other red one that I showed you earlier. but it is nice
to have a couple of extra cables. a USB A to USB C and I brought a couple little
adapters for USB C to micro USB. standard USB to USB C and also an SD
card reader with the USB C and a standard USB A. and this was pretty handy
as well this is a USBC to USBC cable and this actually came with the t5. that was
really handy combination this cable was also able to be used to charge my phone
and the Nintendo switch for example. That all fits nicely into this IKEA packing cube
and basically just keeps things together and somewhat organized. so that they’re
not all just floating around your bag and getting lost.
I usually just pack that one on the side here. So another IKEA cube was this one here
which are used for the clothing. and it actually, you know, packs quite a lot into
it for the size of it. so here I carried my Western Rise button-down shirt and
actually did wear this on the plane. so another way to reduce the weight of your
bag is to wear some of the clothes while you’re actually on the flight. so when I
came here I wore a merino tshirt and then this and the jacket. so that takes
some of the weight out of your bag and puts it onto yourself. this is a Wool and Prince
t-shirt which I did a review of up here and that’s the mushroom color. so one button
down one t-shirt here. Thats another Wool and Prince t-shirt there. this is a pair of
shorts. so it’s the New Way shots from Outlier. I also did a review on these ones up
here if you want to click that and have a look. So in terms of socks. I have this
pair that I’m wearing right now. This is from Darn Tough. and I
also have these other older Darn Tough socks that I usually travel with. so I
had two pairs of socks. in that case I could wash one pair and have a good dry
pair ready. I also carried these which are the Wool and Prince boxer briefs. so
while I was actually on the trip in decathlon I picked up these ones. which are the Kalenji boxer briefs and they’re pretty comfortable pretty nice. these were
pretty good for swimming and they dry pretty quickly as well. so I had one, two,
three, four pairs of underwear. But I did come here with just the three pairs. this
here is just an older pair of the Uniqlo Airism Boxer briefs. so that all
fits nicely into this IKEA packing cube. which surprised me because it doesn’t
look like it’d be able to fit that much. and it’s super light and packs down to
nothing. so the IKEA packing cubes are really great. I would definitely suggest
checking them out if you’re looking for a new set of packing cubes that are very
light weight. so with the clothing I just typically put that down here on the side. this one
here is the TRTL travel pillow Plus. so I will be doing a full review of this one a
bit later on it has an improved design from the original. which I did a review on up
here. it’s got an adjustable neck and two velcro straps here. so you can
actually adjust the height of this one. and it goes around your neck and with a
lot more padding. so it’s very comfortable and I was able to sleep
pretty comfortably with this on. now this one they also send me a pair of the
compression socks. so these are compression socks from the TRTL
brand. now this one’s not that lightweight it’s about half a kilogram
or so. so what I did was to take the weight off
my bag I just clipped this one to my belt as I checked in. so the weight
of this bag was not included in the weight of my overall packed bag. so last
but not least is the toiletry bag here. I actually used the dry bag from Sea to Summit. this is the View 4L dry bag. so it has a little clip here and you can
use something like this. which I also took with me. which is just the HEROCLIP and
you can clip that on to other things. so for example to the
outside of your bag or to your belt. I found that very handy and it actually
has a removable clips. So if these clips break on you you can replace them easily.
so in my toiletry bag here I have a toothbrush, I have this here which is
Muhle shaving brush. so that comes out there and turns into a shaving brush. A
retainer here. and this is some shaving soap. this is a safety razor but it’s
sort of a kind of like a disposable single-use safety razor. carry this here
which is the tweezerman tweezers it’s always handy to have a pair of tweezers
with you. that’s another disposable double edge safety razor.
just a small toothpaste here. earbuds, which are always handy to have. I also took
this here which is a styptic pencil so if I cut myself while shaving.
I also carry a little floss with me. and finally the Victorinox travel *nail clippers.
so I did a review of those here if you wanna take a look. very nice and compact
and always handy to have that with you. so some of the other things I took here with me were the liquid things. so this is this is actually something I picked up while I
was here. this is some Sun cream I always carry this here Lucas Paw Paw oitment that can be helpful for dry lips or if you get an insect bite. that can
help heal it a bit. also I carried this one with me in my day bag here. and this
is the Natrapel Picaridin mosquito repellent. so it’s better than DEET in my
opinion because DEET can melt nylon equipment. so if you have nylon stuff
like I wear nylon pants I have a lot nylon gear it can damage that.
Picaridin doesn’t damage nylon equipment and it seemed to work pretty
well. I could see the mosquitoes flying around but not landing and unable to
find a place to bite. so that was very handy to have. the last couple of things
I have in my dry bag is the old spice deodorant. and I just carry this one with me
just because I like the smell of it but it is a little big.
I would probably carry a small one in the future. so this is the matador soap
bag. so wet soap in here actually dries through this material. and I also
took to see the summit waterproof phone case just for traveling through the
islands, taking pictures with my phone. was handy to have that. so this one I
typically packed just above the clothing here in my bag. and then the day bag,
since it’s got all my GoPro and accessories in it. I just popped that one up
here. so this is basically my bag fully packed. for the front part with the
jacket I’ll just leave that on top. My towel also just there. so that all zips up nicely. in terms of the front, I would put my HEROCLIP just through here, like so.
with the travel wallet I’d just pop that down the front here. with my switch I
just typically put that here. I usually scale just here. and I would
sometimes put this in the outside of the bag or carry it with me.
but I can also fit that one just inside the bag here like so. so that is my bag full packed. and ready to go. so without these three items in my bag the total pack weight is actually
within the seven kilogram carry-on limit. so aside from those things there are a
couple of other things which I pretty could have travelled without. so the mirrorless
camera which I’m using to film this right now. I could have probably gone
without and just use my phone for the trip. it was about two pounds or just
under a kilogram in total pack weight just for the camera alone with the lens. and
because I’m using the Sigma 16mm lens it’s a bit of a heavy
lens with the camera body it did it was a bit heavy. so if I didn’t have the
camera I would probably be able to pack these things and still be in the weight
limit. another thing is the GoPro with all the accessories that I took, was also
roughly about half a kilogram or just over. so that’s like one pound or just
over a pound. So I probably could have done without that as well. or just taking
the GoPro and not the mirrorless camera. the other heavy item which I need for
video editing but you probably wouldn’t really need for most people and that is
1.3kg which is 2.8 pounds. so definitely the
heaviest item in the list and one that I wish I could travel without. but
unfortunately for video traveling I do need to carry that one with me. the other
unusual thing is that this bag itself while empty is actually 1.2
kilograms or 2.6 pounds. so if I had a lighter weight bag, some of that weight
would also be reduced and I could pack a little bit more or I could pack the same
and and have a bit more surplus weight. so the weight of the bag
itself is actually something to consider when you’re packing. so thats it, thanks very much for watching. I hope you enjoyed the video and I hope you learned something or
got some tips or tricks out of it and thanks again for watching. be sure to
stay subscribed to keep up to its future videos and I’ll see you in the next one.

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