Autumn in Nakatsu City

Autumn in Nakatsu City

Autumn in Nakatsu City Hello, I’m Sam I’m Alice Today we are in Oita prefecture in the city of Nakatsu Which I’ve heard it’s very famous for a Yabakei Gorge which has beautiful autumn foliage This is the perfect time of year to see it And, believe it or not, this whole city is actually a very historical area Oh, really? There are a lot of historical sites And, you might not know this but…BUT In all of Japan, Nakatsu is famous for its fried chicken. Wow! Sounds good to me! I didn’t know that It’s not fortunate that I’m not here every day Yeah, so let’s not waste any more time
Let’s go! Check it out! Yeah, let’s go and check it out! First stop, chicken! Look! It’s a nice castle Do you see the ocean? This is the temple street I love the whole feeling of it
I feel like I stepped back in time Yeah, it really does feel like that
It’s beautiful What do you think about the walls, that color? It’s quite an eye-catching It looks like blood
A blood wall It does look like blood It looks like a nice little…
tea shop? It’s very relaxing here I’m gonna drink matcha This matcha taste super fresh This is the local market
All these products, I guess they’re grown locally and they sell them here Look at this wild boar
Have you ever tried wild boar? I’ve never tried wild boar Apparently, these are famous in Oita
Kabosu What they are like? limes? Yeah, kind of like citrus, lime… I’ll try the Karaage first since its famous here Chicken is nice and juicy I’ll try the pike The eel?
It’s a delicacy in here, right? It’s good! That’s quite beautiful here, right? Yeah, the colors are so beautiful The contrasting colors
There are whites, the purples, the pinks… But these flowers, they’re quite special because they only last a couple of weeks, right? Yeah, just two weeks It’s nice with the mountain in the background as well
The colors work That is Nakatsu Table Mountain.
That’s the name I’m giving OK, that works
I allow with that It’s very cozy It’s very traditional This building is 200 years old It got a kind of old feeling smell This reminds me actually my grandma’s house kinda I gotta be careful
I might fall asleep That’s the one inside? That is a wild boar trap, right? You can hear insects Crickets chirping The sounds of nature How do I do it !? Hold on…
I need to know step by step instructions Biggest swing Is the water hot enough yet? Yes, perfect! Nice and warm That’s good No hotter though
I might die It’s quite cozy in here, right? I like the ceiling light with the actual tree beams So good

3 thoughts on “Autumn in Nakatsu City

  1. I would suggest a trip to the amazing Ebino Kogen area and then off to Kagoshima for a cycle around the wonderful

  2. What a lovely calming video, I bet the season is great to recharge the energy in this area. Thabk you for showing us ^^//
    May I say, 5:46 I would have love to know what kind of dishes you had by telling the name, just shortly. I think food is a great way to connect to cultures and regions.
    Have a wonderful week ^^//

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