Avoid These Guys in India 2 (Don’t Be Scammed by Travel Agents in India!)

Avoid These Guys in India 2 (Don’t Be Scammed by Travel Agents in India!)

Travel agency scams are legendary here in India. And I’m so angry because I be reading all these negative comments about foreigners who have had their trips destroyed by this scam travel agencies right here in Delhi. And before we go and we expose one of these travel agencies how the scam works is, A friendly guy on the road comes up to you and he says, Hello my friend, than he offers to take you to the official government of India travel agency so you can book your trip. But the thing is the official government of India tourism office, which is right here they don’t sell anything. They only offer you advice on your trip in India, and they’re a great team and I spoke to them many times before and in fact just around the corner here is a scam travel agency. That’s where they’re going to take you there are so many of them around Connaught Place here. And once you get to the scam travel agency they are gonna lie to you. They are going to sell you an overpriced package and they’re going to promise you the world and deliver, you know near to nothing. If the tickets aren’t faked, that they’re selling you, anyway if you’re lucky you’re going to get like a to star experience when they promise to you like a four or five star experience. And there are so many more complaints online about these scam tourist agencies around here and I’m here today with my friend Red. Bro, I need your help today. Red: Alright man. Karl: Because these guys know me around here all these travel agency guides know me. The scammers know me and has chased me before. I need you to play the clueless foreigner. Can you do that? Red: Yes, I can play my my most ignorant clueless foreigner. I’m gonna be helping you out that way. Karl: And you know some Hindi you said foreigner. Red: Oh, you know I know a little bit of Hindi.
Karl: That’s very good. Let’s go. Karl: You’re gonna be the clues foreigner and let’s go and visit one of these guys there. Red: Alright, man I am ready to get scammed.
Karl: Let’s do it. Red: Yes, yes I’m looking for I wanna see Taj Mahal Golden Temple Scammer: Come inside.
Red: Is it possible? These places, Taj Mahal, the Taj Mahal. Scammer: Sit down. How do you want to travel? Red: I think I wanna take the train. Is that possible? Scammer: There is so much of raining going on there. Red: Raining! Scammer: Yeah, too many trains have been cancelled now a days. Red: Trains are cancelled? Scammer: Yes. Red: First class Whatever is nice and safe. Scammer: If you going from the first class to Agra, It will cost you Rs.2400. Red: Rs.2400 This is a golden city. You can go here for desert and safari. Is it very hot there at this time of the year? Scammer: No, no. Delhi is hot. Red: This is not desert, not hot. Scammer: Always, desert is very cool. Red: Very cool. No, but you know like I think I will just get another quote from another travel agency just to keep comparing. Is that okay?
Scammer: Oh, yeah, no problem. But if you get a good, they would charge you more money than you thought. Red: They will charge more money?
Scammer: more money that Red: Like how much you think? Scammer: I think Double.
Red: Double like 2000 US. Scammer: Yes.
Red: Okay. Well, I just think I have to keep looking a little bit like just to make sure Scammer: No problem, for me no problem. Red: Okay
Scammer: This money is not going to my pocket. This money will go to Government Of India and I’m working here.
Red: Okay So, you don’t take any money, it goes straight to the government.
Scammer: I don’t take any money it goes straight to government of India, Yeah. Red: Okay Yeah So I’m gonna have to keep looking just for maybe for today. I’ll just go to like one and two other travel agency. Scammer: What you gonna do today? What do you want today? Red: I’m gonna just go to one or two more travel agency and just, you know get a price. Scammer: But what they charge you money is just double it, double money. That wasn’t me.
Red: I just think I should still check with one or two more
Scammer: What do you wanna check?
Red: just before I buy I mean Scammer: You don’t need to check. This is the India.
Red: I mean, this is, it’s a lot of money. Scammer: They will not give you good service. They gonna charge you more but not give you good service. Red: Okay
Scammer: Here this is not in my hand. So this is from the other department. Red: Okay
Scammer: from the government Red: I trust you but I just still think I just want to check.
Scammer: But it’s not worth
Red: while I am in the area I want to check one or two Scammer: If you walk around this area so many people foreigners here, so many other offices taking commission here . Here we don’t give any commission to anybody.
Red: I just I just want to check, that’s all. Scammer: No problem the door is there you can go check it but I’m telling you I’m telling you when people take you there, they ask commission and they give commission. They also charge double and give commission there. Plus whatever they promise, they’ll never keep their promise. Red: Okay
Scammer: They’re so many are so so many so many problems for tourists. If they show you hotels, they will not give you same hotel, they will give you different hotels. Red: Right Karl: So we just went into the Government of India tourism information center And we complained about the company that we went to today and their practices and how they were saying that you know They’re authorized. They’re the government agency when they’re not and these kind of companies. They will have their approval from the Ministry of Tourism revoked, okay. So the government is revoking the approvals of certain travel agencies here if you complain. Now if you guys want to avoid the sharks always check the online review for the travel agency you’re using. You can find reviews on Google Maps. You can find them all over the internet use a trustworthy travel agent. Secondly use your credit card, more use credit card. A lot of scammers won’t take the credit card. Because it’s the digital payment they want you to pay in cash so you don’t have to pay tax as well. If you pay from a credit card, you can get your bank to do a charge back if you’re unhappy with the tour and you can possibly get your money back. And then compare the prices. So if you are gonna trust somebody on the street here don’t trust people on the street here, But if you are go to a few different travel agencies and compare the prices. Shop around if you are gonna go to talk to these sharks in Connaught Place. These things will keep you safe and make you have an incredible time here in India. And guys Red has one tip for you as well, So what did you do if you get stuck in this situation like you were today with these guys? Red: Well, my advice would just be you know, don’t get intimidated by these guys. They’re gonna try to scare you. They’re gonna try to keep you in their office and not let you out. But you know when you’re being surrounded by these touts, just just don’t be afraid to walk away.
Karl: True just walk. They’re not gonna stop you. They might try but just keep going, okay. And guys, I want you go check out Red’s channel ‘Sauce and Flow’. What kind of stuff do you do there, bro? Red: Oh man, you know right now, I’m focusing on Indian food, Indian Street food tours. You know the real authentic Indian food stuff like that.
Karl: Awesome, bro If you guys want to support my channel in the work that I do hit the join button below. Become part of the rock army. If you’re coming to India soon grab my Quick Start Survival Guide at Indiasurvivalguide.com So you can have an incredible time here, stay safe and travel confidently here in India and just love it as much as I do. Long live India.

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  1. I had one scam me in CP. It was right behind KFC. The guy charged me $300USD for a trip that should have cost $103USD. Then I told him I was going to warn every tourist I see about the scam. Later that day he had people all over on the street following me trying to scare me.

  2. I don't know when all of these scam are gonna stop. These guys just take advantage of so many people. It the same a steeling or taking someone's money straight out of their pocket for no reason.

  3. Such a fake person who is treating badly to foreigners and The name of India is going to be downwords by these types of cheap people's

  4. Foreigners should avoid landing in Delhi. There's nothing in Delhi for tourists. Land in some other cities and enjoy India. Delhi is too hot in summer and heavily polluted in winter.

  5. Normal scam in India
    Traveling in auto rickshaw
    For Indians – 1Km = ₹10-₹15 average.
    For foreigners – 1km = ₹250 maximum.
    For Intelligent = Uber auto

  6. Indian being Indians. J**k breed. Lie without blinking, egoistic and disgusting. Seen many based on personal experience. In Chinese saying, we call it no Mother to teach

  7. Delhi is in fact a terrible place to visit. Get out of this place ASAP and you will have a great experience while you are visiting India

  8. what if you just tell the persons walking around asking what you want if you say your looking for Raju Bhai and you need a gun.

  9. My screen ain't good, bears a crack after my phone fell down. From the comments your birthday must've been wonderful. And I'd like to wish the couple a lovely honeymoon and a successful career ahead. Thanks for the content. I also love swimming ?

  10. If you really want to experience the actual India , better gather a pile of information and knowledge about it and travel on your own .
    Nothing can match that ?

  11. Karl, you need to work undercover for the Indian government and iron out all the kinks and scams!!! You will be invaluable and greatly improve the country.

  12. There is similar things in just about every tourist area. Even in cities in the USA, they just don’t approach directly as much as in India.

  13. Once again ✌️ rock army ?? successful ?️? mission accomplished ? scammer's ??✌️? love you Karl ??✌️♥️???? namaste ? from India with love ?❤️

  14. I helped an American friend in 2005, who was scammed by Hotel 55 ( Fifty Five ) lady who would start lobbying ' let's take you here' lets take you there. All this was dismal sounding when he told me what he had paid $ USD 1500 to go to Agra, Jaipur, Udaipur and Delhi with hotels covered. When i called the hotel to threaten to report them to the USA embassy they were scared. And handed back the money in Canadian Dollars. Cheats .. Stay away from Hotel 55

  15. Bald and Bankrupt has started his channel after Karl and he has already past 1M subscribers but why is Karl Rock still at 0.6M ?

  16. Karl even if you exposed these scammers, Indian government won't do a s**t about it… This is just a tip of iceberg.

  17. Being an Indian I'm very thankful for the good you are doing to our country by exposing such people who let down the name of our nation… I must say that your videos are always awesome , very natural and distinct form other travel blogger…

  18. Hay Carl , do u think that these private scammers are only culprits scammers, no no no…! both government and private agencies together to become a scammers in INDIA.
    U cannot found anywhere else in this universe, except INDIA.
    Here government do practices and involve in various scams.
    These government agencies gives permissions by accepting bribes from scammers.
    Here in India government itself a big big cheater and scammer.

  19. “You don’t need to check, this is India”

    Like, what is this bsdk insinuating, huh? That every Indian is a scammer? Benchod kahi ka…..

  20. karl Indian govt do sell the tour packages, You can go and book them at the official irctc site under holiday packages section.

  21. Hey karl, Just imagine if you run a business won't you think of making some profit? Will you sell something exactly as govt. price? These guys are trying to make a living. they too have family. You just came to india to ruin the fame . shame on you!

  22. One more reason why they scam foreigners, because these people think that foreigners money is much stronger than Indian rupee. Because of the currency differences there's misconception in their minds.

  23. Everyone knows India is the land of scam … Just see how dirty Is the country… N the government servants r the most bribery in the world…

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  27. I had person from fake travel agency approach me near Mumbai CST, his price was double than the normal price for a bus and I wanted to take a train, I didn't fall for his shit, so I walked away, also I had no idea where to report this scammer, so I just walked away.

  28. These scammers need to be exposed ..put them behind the bar.. government of India need to work in tourism field…because this is field where they are geeting more benefits…hope so they will understand it….

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