AWESOME PIZZA IN ARGENTINA! Traveling to TRELEW, Chubut, Argentina

AWESOME PIZZA IN ARGENTINA! Traveling to TRELEW, Chubut, Argentina

well good morning good morning right
guys from Puerto Madryn that last day we are on the road now
yeah it’s their last few hours we had a really good time here it’s time to hit
the road fortunately it’s too short travel day
for us I think it should be like an hours and a half or so we’re gonna have or so depending on the
bus we haven’t actually booked a bus so we need to get to the bus terminal I’ll tell you
what after after like 2 like 15 plus our journeys I’ll take it yeah yes do you
really back-to-back busy bus trips you have until people who ever going we are
going to a town called Trelew yeah it’s a Welsh town maybe Trelew how did the
Welsh say it that’s the question it’s really good but yeah a lot of Welsh
immigrants landed on these shores and you have these communities that you can
visit today so we’re really excited to be travelling around Trelew and some of
the surrounding towns and villages yeah but before we do that we’ll give
you an apartment tour of our place here in Puerto Madryn on Puerto Madryn okay so apartment tour
like we mentioned when we came back from Puerto Piramides we went back to
the hotel where we had been staying and they were like sorry guys do we have a
free room for one night yeah we had to figure something else and we ended up
finding this place on booking it’s an apartment it’s kind of like a studio
it’s just one open-concept space but it was everything that we needed for a
couple of nights literally it was just just the perfect size and yeah listen
let’s show it around okay why don’t we start in the bedroom section double bed
comfortable comfy duvet the lip tree they left us extra pillows our had three
pillows like this bookshelf thing as a divider to creep yeah there is an
they’re ready here yeah yes yeah you could have two more people sleeping here
so up to four guests yeah we use we use that to store our
bags I also a little bit of computer work there this desk was fantastic for
eating and an office area yeah a fully equipped pitch in the left of some teeth
which we almost depleted you snooze you lose in this relationship bathroom Oh
later on mm-hmm yeah you know pretty standard bathroom toilet bidet yeah
super standard shower so that is the apartment tour super quick we’re on our
way we have to go find a cab and yes get to the bus station and wing it on our
way to Trelew you’re allowing Trelew Trelew I’m gonna get that right at some point
so what’s the plan Stan while you’re yawning
no one no one yawns more than here by the way Hey that’ll solve a problem yeah no we’re
gonna have like out a bunch and then ask the restaurants and the taxi yeah
exactly and this is the place where we had that delicious lunch yesterday so
we’re know we’re getting a good meal too safe place for us to keep our bags and
we can arrange that taxi we couldn’t find on the street we’re real wait
little ways from the city centre so we didn’t see any it’s quiet now that’s no
longer worm see what does this remind you of those good you’re out of focus
anyway so it doesn’t make the final cut gracias Cafe con Leche in my opinion you don’t
need sugar but I insist that you do he makes it extra delicious
well the breakfast set has arrived roughly ten US dollars we get all of
this guy’s huge Cafe con Leche yeah it is
we get our own orange juices I got mine included in alfajor or yours came with ya
and then four pieces of toast some cream and jam
what good stuff huh that breakfast was so so good wasn’t it so so good and they
called a taxi for us no great success okay so we made it to the bus terminal
yeah we sure did so we picked up our tickets for three dollars and 25 US
cents point the deal and I think the bus trip is gonna be roughly an hour yeah 45
minutes when I looked on Google Maps like for driving and the bus
always takes longer more stops and slower maneuvering in and around the
city so yeah looking at it roughly an hour trip and there are two bus
companies that cover this route there is Mar y Valle yeah and also 28 De
Julio and they basically have non-stop departures like all day long all day
long and they sell tickets to the same booth yeah yeah yeah so it’s easy to
grab a ticket and like look what we did you can basically just show up at the
station and get the next available bus we’re leaving and roughly a half an hour
we’re catching the noon one the one that goes at 12 p.m. and right now
33 mm-hmm that’s pretty awesome so while we wait for the bus impressions of
Puerto Madryn after spending a few days here what did you think good loved
it we love like the chill pace of this city it’s just yeah aiya please sleep
everything’s just leisurely to go out for a meal two hours all any good way
just like no one’s in a rush no one’s in a hurry here and you just you really
pick up on that vibe love being by the beach I mean the museums you were
fantastic yes they were I got excited about the museums both of them were so
outstanding currently the best museums I’ve been to a long time to be honest
for her the food was fantastic here we we had great seafood we had really good lamb
Pizza so guys if you’re thinking of coming here definitely do so and this is
obviously where you arrange your trip to the peninsula alright you go see
wildlife I’m guessing some people don’t linger here though but if you do have a
few extra days like we did makes a really pleasant place to stay and it’s
just so nice walking along on the boardwalk and the beach I come back here
again I’d actually like to like to come back here during whale watching season you yes and
I love to visit here in the winter a it does get a little chilly the guy one of
the cab drivers we were talking to said it can get is like minus three minus
five every once in a while they get snow but not very often though just one looking new you up in my eyes every day you with me when I think I
can’t stand I think I can’t stand that you were giving me salvation you will
keep me moving if I pass on I just wanna get my – they’re inside let me so I
could I’ll become place well guys we have arrived and movie
home sweet home for the next five nights I’m really excited about this place
because firstly we’re arriving fresh we have five nights here we’ve been moving
around a lot and the last week we’ve been in what three different places so
it’s gonna be nice to stay somewhere for a while this place is also really big
and comfortable as two bedrooms we’ll give you a tour not on this vlog but
when we leave but anyways comfortable and we’re hungry
so we’re thinking maybe getting some pizza I don’t understand how Sam is hungry because we just had brunch
like before going to the bus terminal okay more food ah we are still waiting
for the pizza but Sam’s wine is here so we’ve ordered a pizza I don’t think we
told you guys we ordered Pizza that’s basically four different
kinds of pizza 4 seasons perceivable for these are special what’s it called
like watch or something whether it’s this quattro stagioni d us literally fourth
season literally four seasons and so we’re getting I’m trying this type of
wine a first time carcassonne I noticed that is one of their the medium
size bottles classic oh yeah yeah I just haven’t tried this so I thought let’s
give it a shot it’s one of their cheaper ones at 120 pesos and then Audrey
ordered the soda water which comes in the classic soda siffon yeah container
and just basically the waters in here press down on the lever and it comes out
and are you gonna add some soda tear wine Argentine style no I like a strong forte three on the table we need more practice carefully with the pan it is hot what
quattro stagioni Four Seasons guy oh my gosh is so much much better than I
was expecting when I saw the size of what the pizza was gonna look like on
the menu I thought it’s just gonna be six slices
to each extra my husband that is conscious I’m accidentally over film
that’s up close and personal and I’m necessary gosh
it’s gonna be left over stay home oh my gosh oh my gosh I don’t even know which
of the four stations I’m having right now stations seasons and going yes out
here like a veggie medley with garlic nice garlic see I have this addiction to
raw garlic I love it so much and then Sam accuses me of being a vampire yeah
I’m glad you like to eat it it’s not the best funny thing is I know it’s good I
like it too before I get that Pizza going I don’t
have a bit of wine put the wine chewy yeah that’ll do that’s a better place to
put it house red all right so I’m gonna have
pizza with the cheese that’s Argentine pizza guys best quality
oh yeah just going in there with a fan so my
pizza is has ham tomatoes and mozzarella let’s try this bad boy fuck up mountain of cheese over here
it’s just really good pizza so excited to be having this guys we’ve had so much
peaks in Argentina we have it’s someone you know what not even funny but it’s
just so good and it’s so readily available like why wouldn’t you you know
is that good good point so after lunch we did some groceries
yeah we sure did and you know what the crazy thing is the the groceries
literally cost exact same amount as our Pizza bill uh-huh
Pizza was 500 pesos yeah beautiful eight slice pizza you know four different
kinds and wine and a sauna and soda water and this is also what thirteen US
dollars of groceries looks like in Trelew Argentina right now and Trelew oh Trelew
today Trelew oh my apologies guys so we got two bottles of argon gas with yeah
soda water four pairs one two three four six apples yeah for peaches mm-hmm
these are seven seed crackers yeah seven seed crackers some walnuts three bananas
and local Patagonia Maureen that was on sale so this is Marcus it’s a Malbec
2018 and it is from the bodega I think is Humberto canal a very good and it is
bodega familiar there’s oh it’s been around since 1909
yeah from Patagonia you guys we should also show the receipt see you guys know
that’s all we actually pay actually I felt a clip of that
oh and so the last thing for me to do is I’m gonna try a bit of this uh-huh yeah
and what you were saying earlier is that in Canada you can’t even buy a bottle of
wine for $13 yeah 13 US dollars well I guess drinking that all that you
probably could because that’d be more like 17 or 18 Canadian so you could get
a bottle of wine but you wouldn’t have this yeah you wouldn’t be getting all of
this we’re trying to eat a little bit healthier we are returning
we’re having a lot of pizza and bananas meets yeah we’re just getting fat in
Argentina so we’re trying to have some lighter meals in between and our bigger
ones okay guys so we got Marcus Malbec 2018
it’s Humberto canal a from Patagonia Argentina we’ve been trying to try the
regional distinct wines who ever been going and most wines when
you try and Argentina typically come from Mendoza and so it’s nice to be
having some Patagonian ones I’ve already poured myself
some of it is Chaya anyways guys that’s a lot of 13 US Dollars and I guess
that’s the end of our episode of it let’s say people say goodbye and we’ll
see you with more content from here we’re also going to Gaiman here these
two places Welsh history Welsh culture that’s what’s coming up peace out peace bye

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