B.S. Natural Resource Tourism – Colorado State University

Travel is a really important activity
to undertake if you’re fortunate enough to do so because it expands the mind. It
allows you to learn a lot about other people, other cultures, other destinations
and really it teaches you to learn a lot about yourself. Our major has two concentrations. We’ve
got the Natural Resource Tourism and the Global Tourism site. The Global Tourism
concentration has more of a focus on tourism in an international context, and
the Natural Resource Tourism concentration provides students with a
understanding of key tourism management, marketing and planning skills supported
by a strong foundation in natural resource management and protection with
the two really going hand-in-hand. My name is Julie Lipson. I am a senior in
the Natural Resource Tourism program and I’m born and raised in Toronto Canada. I’ve been traveling since I was a little kid. Most of the time, you know, I’m
learning something new every time I go somewhere. So like I was learning how to
ski on my first trip to Colorado and that’s kind of what stuck with me when I
moved out here Tourism is important because people are
traveling to new destinations they’ve never been to before and people want
something different and they want something to remember. Tourism benefits the
region and the tourists. They benefit from each other. You want to keep bringing these tourists
in, but you want to educate them at the same time so they can help you make that
difference. And this program has given us that awareness piece that a lot of the
industry doesn’t have. Studying tourism gives our students the
opportunity to do what they love for a living and honestly, what better way to
spend your life?

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