B2 Visitor Visa: 4 Tips to Approval b205

B2 Visitor Visa: 4 Tips to Approval b205

This is Fred Wahl the VisaCoach Todays topic is: 4 Tips to get a B2 Visitor
Visa Visa Coach Fast, Easy and Personal I am Fred Wahl, the VisaCoach, I am known
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of our beautiful relationship to get you the immigration approvals you need. This is what two of my clients Shawn and Leticia,
had to say: Leticia comes from Brazil and I helped her
get her Fiance visa., Hello, Mr. Fred Wahl. I would like to thank you for
helping me and Shawn with the process. My interview yesterday
went super well, and it was not as difficult as I thought, We had no idea how to start the whole process,
but with your help everything was extra easier. I’m really happy it is finished now,
but I remember the begnining of everything and the caring
you had on preparing our documents, everything looked super good. Now let’s talk about the 4 tips to get a B2
visitor visa to the USA If you already know me you know I help couples
get their fiance and spouse visas to immigrate to the USA. The ultimate goal for these couples is to
have a happy married life living together in the USA. I normally avoid talking about visitor visas. Because generally the people who ask me about
visitor visas are intent on bringing their girlfriends, boyfriends, fiancée’s or spouses
to the USA. As far as US immigration is concerned, by
definition, any visitor Visa applicant who has intent to permanently live in the USA
is automatically ineligible. Realistically, what candidate is more likely
to want to remain in the USA than someone who is in love with a American. Visitor visas are certainly appropriate when
foreign-born individuals have the time, money and interest to come sightseeing and
visiting the USA and who have ABSOLUTELY no interest in EVER living in the USA. If this describes you, then the following
tips should be useful. Tip Number 1: Demonstrate you have no intent
to live in the USA Before the interview begins, the consular
officer Automatically assumes you want to migrate to the USA. It is up to you to prove that that is not
the case. It is up to you to demonstrate you have many
good reasons to return and enjoy your life in your home country How do you do that? By proving you are grounded in your home country
by an established career, by business or property Investments, by your family and/or professional
or social networks all based outside the usa. Tip Number 2. Demonstrate you can afford the travel. While it is true that a sponsor in the USA
can offer to pay for your trip and expenses typically the consulate does not pay much
attention to that when considering to approve or deny. Being able to pay for your own trip and having
plenty left over when you return to home country makes your visa application much more likely
to succeed. Tip Number 3. Prepare what you will say in advance. The consular officer interviews many candidates
on the same day. He is busy and likely stressed, prepare what
you will say to him to quickly summarize your situation. Prepare a 1 minute “Elevator Speech”. Say what you plan to do while in the USA,
and be sure to confirm why you will return who is paying for the trip. Tip Number 4. Appear well dressed, confident and poised You probably have heard the story or know
someone personally who during their interview were denied within moments of appearing before
the consular officer with their stack of documents untouched and not even glanced at. This is because the consular officer is busy. At some embassies he may interview as many
as 100 applicants in one day. As such he will often rely on visual clues
to make his decision. If he feels an applicant doesn’t quite “look”
like a potential tourist and instead looks somehow urgent or desperate to get to the
USA, he won’t bother to continue. It will be “denied” and “next”. The way to handle this is to dress appropriately
and be calm and confident. After all this interview is not a life altering
event it is only an administrative step needed to be taken before going on holiday. Overall about 70% of visitor visas are approved
so if you are eligible and you follow these tips you should have a good chance of getting
your Visa approved. Enjoy your holiday to the USA. This was Fred Wahl, The VisaCoach Please “like” or add your comments to this
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approval and denial, and could save you months, or years, of lonliness and separation. What have you got to lose? Book your free consultation today.

94 thoughts on “B2 Visitor Visa: 4 Tips to Approval b205

  1. Hello, Is it okay if i can tell them honestly that my plan to go to the US is already on first week of March when I get an interview schedule soon? Am I sound desperate to get an B2 Visitor Visa asap as I get my passport late? Im not yet having a schedule for an interview. Please advise. Thank you

  2. My wife's visa was rejected two years ago. We wanted to go to my
    sister's wedding. I am American, my wife is Pakistani, we live in
    Dubai, and have no intention of settling in the USA anytime in the
    foreseeable future, so a K1 visa is not an option for us. We just
    wanted to got to the USA for 1 week, attend my sisters wedding, and
    allow my wife to meet my family. They rejected on the grounds that we
    are married and should apply for a K1 visa (but again, we don't plan to
    settle in USA, just a quick visit and back to our lives in Dubai)
    My brother is getting married in May, and we will try again this week.
    We have now been married for 3 years, but still plan to live in Dubai
    for the next few years, at least. Any suggestions to allow my wife to
    attend my brothers wedding?

  3. My wife got rejected three times in visa interview for F2 dependent even I don't know the reason We have completed all require documents but any way now I'm planning to apply for my graduation ceremony visiting visa to my spouse is it possible if I go with these 4tips to prepare her for interview.

  4. I am an F1 student. My boyfriend wanted to visit me but his visa is rejected under 214b. He was in complete formal dress, all prepared answers. He has stable job and family in India. We dont have any intention to settle in USA. He wanted to just visit for 18 days (visa officer also asked how long does he want to visit). On asking the purpose of the trip, he said he would like to meet me. Officer asked why cant I come down. He said because I will have classes which is very true. No idea why is it rejected. However he is applying in a span of 10days hoping to get through as the migration does not hold good. Any suggestions?

  5. Hi thank you for your video. I have my elder brother in California. I would like to visit him and my sister-in-law for 27 days. I'm going to do higher studies in my country and resigned from my job. So currently unemployed. But I have planned to whole trip and even has return tickets booked. I have my father,mother and gf back home. How good are my chances? anything I can do to enhance my chances?

  6. I want bring my fiancé to visit to USA for my 30th bday and then come to stay in America the following year is that possible?

  7. Hi sir I want to know to dravel about tourist because I really want to go to US but I'm here working in UAE but this nov 10 I go back my country to apply to tourist I hope you give me advice Thnks you so much

  8. sir should i apply for visa because my friend want wish that we both travel together so is possible for apply because i am patel and he is jadav so i kindly reqest to u help me out of this

  9. Sir I am a 8th grader and our school is taking us for NASA visit on 5th July to 16th July so for interview what questions might be asked I mean will it be hard

  10. hey sir,I have my own business eat and fund in account as well as good traveling status from 2012 and u untill now
    please gudie me a right way to get F1 visiting visa with my wife

  11. Hi i'm Bernard d. Palaganas i would like to asked about on how to be fit and qualified to get Tourist Visa in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. actually i have a relative in the US my mother Auntie and her Husband ( AMERICAN ) They are both US CITIZEN and live there for about 50 yrs , my main question is they like me to invite and visit them in US and sent me the documents for the VISA and i am currently work here in DUBAI but i planned to finish my work contract here by this coming July 16 2017 before i come there in US just to visit . they are the responsible for all my expenses while i am there in US and also they have a own house and lot there with 4 bedrooms , they also visit the Philippines for 8 trips few years ago after there last trip way back 2010 . since there last visit in the Philippines year of 2010 they are not able to travel just because in there condition so almost 7 years were not see each other so they wanted me to visit them for 6 months vacation by this September . and i planned for schedule the interview after i receive all the documents from them this May , so could you please give me a tips to be qualified and granted to take the US TOURIST VISA specially during the interview ??? here is my email Address : [email protected] you can contact me if you wouldn't mind. I've been watching your video its help me a lot , looking forward on you.

    – BERNARD-

  12. I want to go in the USA for visit but I have no idea where to start from I currently live in the UK but I have the five years permit,please can you help me

  13. Hi Sir , I'm so grateful of your awesome tips , just i wanted to ask you, do you think that an Invitation Letter from my friend who lives in USA and she is an american citizen , does it works? , I just want to attend to her graduation of her school and also to visit her for just one month !! she wants to send me the Invitation Letter !!! thank you in advance. so i need your advice!!!

  14. Hello. I went for interview in 2009 and was refused. I learnt that after every 5 years all informations of applicants are cleared from the embassy data base and I want to find out how true this is.

  15. Hello visa coach. I applied for Dv lotto in 2007 and won the lottery but I did not proceed to migrate to the USA. In 2009 I applied for f1 student visa and was refused with reason that my info was already in the system because I won the lottery. Now am applying for b2 visa and will go to interview in July. Now the question is should I tick YES to the question on ds 160 which states 'has anyone ever filed an immigrant petition on your behalf with us citizenship and immigration services. Am confused because my info is in the system that I won visa lottery. What should I do.

  16. hello sir….
    m sandeep kaur from india….i have an interview aftr 4 day….m so scared..i dont have travel history nd m going 2 usa on my cousin sister's mariz….is there any chance to approve my visa..?

  17. I am applying visit visa for USA to meet my son studying in baffle university NY ,and for pleasure,definitely i will come back becouse in PAKISTAN at home i have young unmarried daughter ,working at as army officer, my husband and my other children ,i have sound ecnomical background ,what type of question will be asked from me at time of interview and at USA IMMIGRANT

  18. Hello sir, I from Guinea, I am studying in Malaysia right now and I have an appointment on the 21st of July for visitor visa B1/B2.
    Any chance for me since I am not living in my country?? Thank you, sir, best regards.

  19. I'm a US citizen living on a permanent visa in the Philippines.  I would like to take my wife on a visit to Washington DC.  I had previously applied for her immigrant visa to the US but when we decided that I would retire early and make our home in the Philippines, we allowed the documents to expire (did not complete the interview within the year time limit). We have property and social ties in the Philippines, as well as my retirement benefits being sent to a Philippine bank monthly.  Will the fact we had previously applied for an immigrant visa but did not complete the process and my permanent visa status in the Philippines be negative factors in the consideration for a B2 tourist visa for my spouse?    Thank you.

  20. I and my family(my husband&son) intend to get a visitor visa to usa in august…a bit scared. my husband is a lawyer.we are nigerans

  21. Sir my gf in USA she was meet me 6 months ago in India. She have her stomach in my baby 6 months..do she can sponsored to me tourist she sick. I want get him come to India ND after delivery she can go to back usa..

  22. Hi sir ! May i ask if im having a chance to be granted if ever i applying a us tourist visa . My sister's is currently living in missouri with her husband(american) and my niece . They want me to visit them in the us for a couple of months . And my brother-in-law are going to sponsoring me for my applying . The problem is im unemployed in my country . . How can i prove to the consular that i will return to my country after my trip . ? And i don't have intended to stay in the usa just only visiting my sister and my niece only. Thankyou

  23. Hello sir….now days m in USA nd I have a b2 visa…I want to take a advice of yours that's how many days or month I should stay in USA so that next time I will not face any trouble to re- enter here ( usa)

  24. My Visa was denied even when i have strong ties to home and mum would pay for a visit as we still study and we have no intention to live there the interviewer was kinda not even looking at us and appear to be righting the letter and how can I tell him what ties I have if he haven't asked or to demonstrate anything

  25. i applied for B1/B2 and consular officer said " unfortunately you're not qualified for visa at this time" he only ask me a 3 questions. 1. why you want to travel in us 2. what's your company name 3. what's you role in your company he didn't asked me for bank statement or any other documents* if i apply again do i have any advantage?

  26. Hi Sir. I am applying for b1/b2 visa for tourist purposes and visit my fiancee. I am permanent resident in Canada. I am a nurse here and I am going to get my 9 year old daughter to migrate here in couple of months. Will I be granted a visa? Thanks

  27. sir i m India i recently applied for the us tourist visa and got rejected so when can i apply again .i wanted to come to spend my vacation with my family

  28. hello sir i have a cypriot friend he has a american passport his mother she is american and he invite me to visit him but i liv in north cyprus how many chances to get a visa

  29. Hello sir…. Again m sandeep kaur from india… I have 10 years multiple visa of us . I have a 6 years old baby girl… Now i want 2 apply for her…. Can i get her visa easily… Nd when should i have to apply for her? I got my visa on 3 july 2017… My husband dont have us visa… Plz reply… M w8ing for ur feedback… Thnk u…

  30. Hi,

    I am an Indian working for TCS as an Analyst with 8months of experience and a package of 3.5 LPA . My girlfriend few months back went to US for her graduation. I have applied for visitor visa to meet her and spend some time with her on her December vacations. I had my air tickets booked for both the ways and i had around $5000( gifted by my dad) in my account. My trip was of 12days. Finally the day has come, MY VISA INTERVIEW. I am very excited that i would be meeting my girlfriend almost after 6months from previous meet. But unfortunately my visa got denied and we were very upset. I have no intent to stay in US for more than 12days and my trip was also very well planned with flight tickets booked and which was a non-refundable fare. I just want to visit my girlfriend and spend sometime with her.

    My ties that show i wont stay in US for more than 12 days are:

    I have written an agreement of 2years for my company and i have completed only 8 months.I have my return ticket booked and which was of a non refundable fare.I am the only child for my parents in India who are government employees.

    But my consular didnot asked me about anything. He just asked me about my annual package, experience and purpose of visit to USA. He then denied my visa. I was unable to show my ties to my home country.

    Please help me what can i do now. Me and my girlfriend were eagerly waiting for our meet and unfortunately this was happened. We both are really very upset and unable to digest the truth that we wont be meeting for this december. Please help me what can i do now! Please

  31. I am 14 years old and my mother is housewife and we applied for a B2 visa and got rejected the reason was that we will not return back to our native country….. So my question is how to prove them that we will return back(even when they dont ask about the documents)

  32. Hi sir, my husband's sister invited us for 1 month to visit her n we hv invitation letter from her. My husnabd has no travel history n i m a student.she ll bear all our expense.so can we get visa or not.plz reply me

  33. Iwantfoulnameofmyfiance birthdate now wereshelive passportnumber writtenleterbyemal plaese form filler askedme sendtomeqikely?

  34. Those where awesome tips! Thank you sir. I want to apply for a US Visa but I’m not sure which one. My best friend is getting married and I’m her maid of honor. And of course I don’t intent to live in the States, the only reason to go is her wedding. So… what advice can you give me?

  35. Hi sir good afternoon I want to ask few questions is my first time go in u. S spend vacation and I have friend there his American citizen if possible my visa approved I'm married my family living here in Saudi Arabia . I want to stay in u.s 45 days maximum bcz want to see some places in u. S and visit my friend 3 years.
    I didn't see him in real

  36. Hello sir, which is better to use to show that I have money for our trip with my BF who bought our ticket, is it better to use my own bank account or our joint account?
    Thanks in advance.

  37. Hi Fred, my boyfriend can’t travel to visit me because off some reason. If I apply for B2 just for evidence we meet face to face and later on he can apply K1 visa without travel to my country . Please guide me how to take B2 visa

  38. I am a female trying for visitor visa. Last time I tried with my daughter & was rejected. This time I am trying alone. I want to,see my father who is very sick in US after two major brain surgeries. Earlier I mentioned as a home maker. Actually we own a society or trust established by my husband. We run it. Three educational institutes and a nursing college run under it. So as we run it, now I am applying choosing the option "Other" as a coordinator and the salary as " Does not apply. Here I also mentioned that we own agricultural,lands whose responsibility is on me. But here I didn't mention about my house or investments in mutual funds as this is a place where only work can be mentioned.
    Actually I have the responsibility of my only daughter, my aged parents in law and also the institutes. But salary I don't earn from our institutes but if asked I can say that it is credited to my husbands bank as he established it. Where to mention about properties
    I want to know that when they don't ask about the documents still may I say that "just couple of weeks will be enough for me to see my father and I will return for our institutes, my only daughter, husband and my parents in,law and we also own properties as a house and agricultural lands. "
    I doubt as I don't have any income or salary from our own institutes they may reject without asking an further questions. So I want to mention about my responsibilities in India. Or may I fill another DS 160 form mentioning properties house and Mutual fund investments in work option? In USA, my brother is there who is a US citizen and my parents as they r unable to return due to my father's critical stage they r now green card card holders. Also I mentioned that I will pay my self for my trip but didn't mention any where that my brother will sponsor for my expenses in US as there is no such option to mention. Please guide me how to get my visa. I am really in need of it. Please help me in this respect, as later I may may not be able to see my father. Last time they didn't even listen any thing about my father when I requested after CO said No for visa

  39. Hi sir my visa has expired and we (husband,son and myself) would like to make a trip to miami as a housewife how challenging that would be for me . My husband works.

  40. Ok so how can I meet my fieance then if he can't visit without them thinking he won't return. I was told we had to meet before he can do the k1

  41. Hey Fred, can I get my wife a b2 tourist visa for 6 months or 1 year? And at the same time the USCIS still works on my form I-130 for my wife, please help me out,

  42. Hello Sir.what if i fill up on the form that i am planning for a two weeks vacation ang when i am already at the US e extend for a month…is that prohibited?

  43. Hi
    I want to apply for US Tourist Visa because my friend invited for his birthday celebration and gave me a ticket for the tour. I’m currently working as staff for five years. I’m preparing my ten days leave. I never been to any country. I do have my bank cert.
    Just wanted to ask if I have the chance to approved by the VO?
    Thank you so much ☺️

  44. Sir y me im only like to visit my auntie and i have a bank accounta work property and i left my daughter while visit my auntie what happen denied again

  45. I wish it would happened as you said about being confident which I was and of course my attendance was such waste of my own money. She did not look to my documents provided as a proof. Rejected and it very sad. I have decided not to go anymore to the U.k embassy anymore! I could tell she was sorry for me and feel the rejection of this beautiful country of USA! Would love to visit soon….only trough a miracle….

  46. Dear Sir, Thank you so much for your reply.I want to visit only.mean I'm not hope to marry with visit visa.before apply fiancee visa must meet no?.That's why I hope to apply to visit visa for visit him firstly.Is it good and May I could take visit visa?I haven't good knowledge about it.please help me sir.

  47. I’m from Nepal.Today I had my interview I had all the papers that proves my each and every steps . The interviewer asked me few questions and gave me 214(b) and sent me .They didn’t even checked my documents . Can u please explain why is that sooo ? And also please show me the way that what I need to do corrections for applying next B2 visa .

  48. Hi sir im having my bridging visa A on my hand due to my grand mother was admitted in hospital. I wan to go amd come back. What should i do ?

  49. hlo sir i had to apply Canada's visa to celebrate the Christmas for the New Year. I was denied two times to make America's visa easier, I wanted to get Canada's visa because I have already visited to Australia. And I have to take part in the wedding in USA and what I tell the officer about making a visa in the interview.

  50. Dear Sir, I wanted to visit my fiance.so we applied to B2 Visa and was interview yesterday.but They asked 4 questions and reject my visa.I don't know what is the reason and he told apply K1 visa.but for K1 visa want meet.That's why we applied tourist visa firstly.now what can we do?

  51. thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us!
    I hope it will really helps us for the further proceedings of our B2 Visa..
    I truly appreciate your efforts!
    I wish you a merry christmas
    thank you!

  52. Hello thank you for your video.
    My husband is Khmer. I'm American. We have no plans of living in America. We've known each other for 2.5 years and have been married for six months. I'm a teacher and he's a social worker in Cambodia. We want to visit America this summer to see my family, SD, and some popular sites like New York over my summer school break. By then we will have been married one year. We both have signed contracts from our jobs showing a signed contract for my teaching year after I return from America and a letter vouching for my husband to be absent from his job from the head organization with proof of job upon his return. We also have a lease agreement, a letter of invitation from my family, and money in our bank to cover any costs. Do you have any suggestions. Yes he is married to an American but our lives are in Cambodia and we are not imigrating there.

  53. I can ask I am person I am having special child or disabled person I like to know that can i with my mother with me to of two of us that we planning to visiting my grandmother on US ? Because grandmother is she sick already And also I can ask we can apply for visiting visa together mother and son us one ?

  54. Hi coach! Would it affect the result or would there be an issue about status if i apply US tourist visa and i will indicate i am legally separated but my passport surname is my surname before i got married? Would appreciate your reply.

  55. Tip 2 is good but stupid and dumb on embassy part Having a need for lots of money in your bank when everything is being paid for is soo stupid.

  56. Good day sir! Im attend of my mother in law’s wedding im a made of honor ,can i get a visa even i am unemployed?

  57. Hi coach !! My girlfriend is trying to get the B2 visa, she has 2 failed attempts, we are venezuelans and I have traveled a lot to the US but this time I want to go with her, She has traveled to france, she has a good job, she had Visa when she was a child but never traveled. Why is her visa Denied every time 🙁 ?

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