(slow electronic music) (reggae music) (singing in foreign language) (speaks foreign language) Huntys and Huncles! (speaks foreign language) means what’s up or how you doin’ in Jamaican. Well, I should say Patois because that’s what they
call their lingo here. It’s Patois! So (speaks foreign language). Let me know (speaks foreign
language) in the comments below. (laughs) Anyways, today, I’m about
to give you a room tour. Okay, this ain’t no damn room. This is a condo, okay! This is a damn condo! It’s called a presidential suite. So let’s go ahead and
start at the front foyer. Yeah, because there is a
front foyer up in here, okay? Alright, so let’s go start in front. So, this is our door. (LaToya laughs) Yeah. It’s cute, right? And then this is the front foyer. Right here they have a
little selfie mirror. A little light there. Everybody say hi to our baby bump! And there’s a console,
that console is so cute. I love it, it’s marble. (knocking) Yes. Alright, let’s go to our room now. So this is my closet, aka, my closet that Adam’s stuff is in. So I guess this is Adam’s closet. (LaToya laughs) So there’s Adam’s closet. And there’s my closet. I’ve been living out of my
suitcase because honestly guys, I’ve been way too lazy to unpack. Okay? Baby! Anyways, this is our living area. Here, let me go on this side so you can get some better lighting! Yes, this is our living
area here. So cute. Television, two armchairs, a
beautiful coffee table that matches the console in the front foyer, a nice golden bronzey sofa to chillax in. And then, I love how this TV, this console right here,
separates the areas. So you have your private
little living room, and then you have the bedroom. The master bedroom. It’s so cute, it’s so
inviting, it’s so bright. I love the lighting. Oh my gosh, there’s another television. There’s a little area over here. The bar area, then some storage
to put your clothing in. We have my prenatal pills there. We have my Tylenol just
in case I get a headache. You know Adam be driving me crazy! I’m just joking. Alright, this is the en suite. It’s kind of messy, because it’s lived in. And whenever I’m on vacation, I don’t really care to put anything back! So it has two sinks. Double sink. It has a vanity area for me
to do my makeup and stuff. There’s the toilet. There’s the shower, love the shower. There is the hot tub with jets. So cute. So this is our section. Let’s go to the other section. (LaToya sings) Alright, so… (LaToya laughs) Here’s the other side to
our presidential suite. I am loving this side so much better. Like, I love the couch,
this sofa is so pretty. I love the dining room
table, I love the mirror, I love the little light chandelier. No, that’s not a chandelier. The light. And I am just in love with this view. Because I’m a nosy person. I wanna see what everybody’s doing. Like, who at the pool? Like, you know what I’m sayin’? Who’s on that cruise ship? You know, who is going down
that dang water slide right now? Like, who at the water park? What is Zayn and Samia
doing at the water park? There’s a little sand area for the kids. The beach is right over there. You know, this view is so beautiful. I love it. So I like to come on this
side and just like, you know, relax and scroll through Instagram while I am chilling on
this couch right here. So cute! Okay, there’s also a powder room. Just in case y’all have to go
potty there’s a powder room. Super cute, love it. Another little area. They should put another
mirror right there. You know! Or a plant or something. Then there’s a clos– Oh no, it’s not a closet. This is a sink! Cute! In case you want to make yourself a quick drinky drink, you feel me? Have a little sip right there! Alright, this would be
Zayn and Samia’s room. So cute, I cannot wait to
come back with the kids because they have their own
room, their own living room, their own sink to make themselves a drink! Just kidding. Well, not really, because they could make themselves some apple juice. Okay, and then we have their en suite. So cute! I am so excited to come back. There is a walk-in closet, you guys. Ah, this is like a dream! There’s all this storage
to put their clothes in, a little bar area, a little office area, desk, whatever you wanna call it. This is the life here, and honestly, Adam and I would have been
good in just one room. And one bathroom. But, it’s great to experience this kind of living on vacation, you know? And so, yeah, we good anywhere, okay? You could put us in a
damn tent, and we good. But yeah, this is great, I love it. So, that is our presidential suite tour. Don’t you love it? It is so dope, and we are
definitely going to come back. So yeah. I love it here, it’s chill, it’s relaxed. And, if you ever get sick of your resort, there’s always other
resorts you can visit. You can get day passes and stuff. This is not even sponsored, but I’m just really enjoying
myself, my time here. And this has been a great
trip for hubby and I. So, thank you, hubby, for surprising me with a quick trip to
Jamaica for my birthday. I love you so much, and ah! I don’t wanna leave, you guys! I don’t wanna leave. I think that I’m supposed
to live in the Caribbean. So, once a month, I think
that we should travel to the Caribbean. Yeah, so where should we go next? I’m actually dead-ass serious. But, anyways, I have a facial right now, and I’m probably late. But they’re so accommodating,
they’re so understanding, and since I’m pregnant, I
can blame it on the bump! (reggae music) We’re in Chukka. And I think that’s how you pronounce it. And we’re going horseback riding. That’s the only thing that
is pregnancy-friendly, so, we’re gonna go horseback riding. – In the water. – Yes, we’re gonna take a
little tour around Chukka, and then we’re gonna go
horseback riding in the water, which is gonna be cool. Because I’ve never experienced that. I don’t think Adam has ever
horseback rided in the water. Have you ever horseback ridden? Wait, have you ever horseback rided? No. Have you ever went horseback riding? There we go. (laughs) – I wouldn’t say riding,
but I’ve been on a horse. – You’ve been on a horse? Yeah, me too, many times. Anyways, let’s see what they’re saying. You have to take a tour and all that, so, we’ll see y’all on the horse. (reggae music) – Helmets are on, and we’re
about to get on these horsies. Should be fun. – Morning! – [Johan] Alright, now, my name is Johan. In a short while, I’ll introduce you guys to the rest of our tour
team today here, alright? Here today, we got three
main rules everybody’s supposed to follow. Rule number one, never get
dismounted off the horse without assistance of a guide. Rule number two, never
adjust the riding equipments. Rule number three, please
remember one and two. Let me see the hands up, the first timers here
today to be on a horse? Today’s gonna be your
first day to be on a horse? – Not me. – [Johan] So everybody is professional? – Yes. – [Adam] No. – I’m a professional. – [Johan] In a short while,
we’re gonna be having a guide come over and
demonstrate what to do. Alright, on top of the
horse, Mario got Sanjay. – [Sanjay] Hello guys! (crowd greets Sanjay) – Alright, first thing,
what they wanna see when they get on top of the horse, I wanna see a straight back sitting up, with both feets inside the stirrup. This, right here, is called a stirrup bar. While riding, never have
your feet all the way inside the stirrup bar. – [LaToya] Oh my gosh,
what is my horse doing? Mine’s the only one
moving all up and down. Why are they giving me Dark Shadow? Look at everybody else’s
horse, then you see mine. Why is it… Is it twerking? Dark Shadow, you good? Do I pet it? Oh my god. I guess I’d better. It’s okay, shh. Okay, we are about to go on our tour. They’re just getting us all organized, the horses settled, we’re
getting used to the horse, and then, we are going on a land tour, and then we’re going in the water. Deep in the water. And I’m kinda nervous about that, but, I’m just gonna live in
the moment, and enjoy it. Right, Kiwi? (LaToya laughs) Alright, we need a name
for our baby bump, okay? So comment below! Or do you guys like Kiwi and Tiwi? I want two! Yo, Adam. – They gave me the LaToya of the horses. – [LaToya] You are riding
the LaToya of the horses, this one’s just in its own
world, doing its own thing. (LaToya laughs) – All the other horses are just ready to start the trail. – Yours is hungry, yo. We be hungry out here. – We gonna take it to Kingston. – [LaToya] Yeah, you’re going to Kingston, you’re going to Wuju Wontons House. – Literally, look, all
the horses are just– – [LaToya] Yeah, chilling. (LaToya laughs) – [Adam] They sent me the LaToya. – [LaToya] Adam, control your horse. Control your ting, dawg! That is so funny. And of course, I’m first, why. Dark Shadow, my horse,
he’s getting so annoyed because of the flies,
and I don’t blame him. They’re annoying me too. Alright? So irritating, these flies. I know, Dark Shadow. Okay, oh my gosh. Anyways, man, how’s my Patois,
how’s my Jamaican, man? Everything nice, everything crazy. And then yours is still grubbing. (LaToya laughs) Okay, so Damien just said– Oh my gosh. That I’m on a racehorse. – Hey, that’s going on YouTube? – [LaToya] But hold on, yeah,
that’s going on YouTube. Wait, what’s your name?
– I don’t wanna be on YouTube. You don’t wanna be on YouTube? Dang, you don’t want no shine, okay, fine. Okay, look, so I’m on a racehorse. Can I go fast? Can I go fast? Can I go fast? Can I go fast? – [Damien] No, just for safety, we walk. – Okay, we’re gonna walk for now. I’m trying to show off, you guys. Because I can go fast! I just went fast, almost lost my camera, almost lost my phone,
but I was going fast. Damien got so mad when I was going fast. Damien, why you get mad at me? Don’t get mad! That’s right. (speaks foreign language) – [Damien] We’re going down the hill. – We’re going down the hill. Here we go! Oh my god! What? Hold on, hold on, let me try to– Yes. Oh my god. Oh my god, oh my god. Oh my god, oh. This is so refreshing. This feels so good! Babe! Hey! Oh my gosh, you guys, that
was an experience, okay? I can’t believe that I
was convincing myself to take you into the water with me. Because as soon as we got into the water, the horse started
galloping and I almost fell off the horse at least five times. Adam almost fell off his
horse, my shoe was coming off, it was a hot-ass mess in that water. But it was so fun, I had fun
in the ocean with the horse. I had one of the lifeguards control my horse the entire time because he was not listening to me. I’m like, lifeguard, if
you leave, I swear to gosh, I am gonna fall off this horse, and I’m probably gonna drown. Okay? And he was like, yeah, go on, okay! Let me attend to ya thing, girl. So he was with me the entire time. My accent kinda sounded
Trini slash Jamaican, I don’t know why. But anyways, it was fun
and we got some pictures so we’ll show you guys
some pictures on the horse. (reggae music) – We’re goin’ to a dinner. Apparently there’s gonna
be a show before the dinner of some sort.
– Yes. We’re going to a Japanese
restaurant, right? – There might be a little surprise. – For who? – Ah! A surprise is a surprise. – Oh wow! I didn’t know about this!
– Okay. – Oh yeah, it’s a surprise. More surprises, Adam? – We are heading out into sushi joint. – Yes, it is. – Should be fun. – Okay Huntys and Huncles, yo, we’ve been going all day. Like we’ve been active, we’ve
been entertaining ourselves, we’ve been having a fun excursion. Our outing. – Third outing. – Yeah, so we went horseback
riding in the water. Then we went– – Woke up early in the
morning, worked out– – First of all, why are you–
– Had breakfast. – Hold on, why are you cutting me off? – I’m trying to give them
the full scope of the day ’cause you’re cutting it short. – So he had breakfast on his own, okay? – I called you and told you to come down. – And then we had to get
on the shuttle for 8:30, I got downstairs at 8:30,
grabbed breakfast really quick and I had to eat it on the shuttle. – That’s your fault. – It’s your fault. – It’s not my fault. – You gotta take care of me and the baby. – You knew what the plan was. The planned was planned out
by no other than your boy. – Yes.
– So, get with the program. – He has a stuffy nose,
he has pregnancy symptoms. Did you guys know that? Your partner can have pregnancy symptoms.
– I have no symptoms. I’m not kidding. – You’re pregnant. Anyways, so yeah, went
horseback riding in the water and that was fun, I almost died. I almost went off the horse. – If you guys remember, she
wanted to take the camera in the water and I said we cannot. – And honestly I was
holding on for dear life. – Dear life.
– The entire time. Adam, you were freaking out too. – I wasn’t, no, I wasn’t freaking out. I never freak out, literally,
there can be a shooting right now and I’m just gonna
be observing everything and I’m just gonna like duck down. I don’t freak.
– What would you do with me? – I would bring you down like this. – Oh okay. He’s so calm. I was like, agh! Like freaking out the whole time.
– But I will say, the waves was intense. – They were intense. – On the cruise, on the cruise?
– I had to really use my muscles.
– Or on the horse? – On the horse. – Yeah. – Like I really had to pull myself up. And I kept thinking of the
guy who fell out, right? – There was a guy before us that fell. – Yeah, there was a set of
people, one guy fell out. And he was like the biggest guy. He looked like the most solid
guy there and he fell out. – And he fell out.
– In front of everyone. I kept saying, I don’t wanna be that guy. – Yeah. And honestly, I was about to be that guy at least five times in the water. I almost fell. – [Adam] Oh yeah. Wow. – Uh oh. – [Adam] Please be careful,
brother, I got no time for this. Oh nice. – If I stick with these I’ll slide. It’s a bit quiet so I slip sometimes. – If he cuts himself, I am leaving. – No worries, you’re just
gonna taste fingers today. (chef mumbles) Watch out! Oh my god. No breaking up. (speaks foreign language) – [Adam] I should have told him what if we’re celebrating our anniversary. – All you celebrating birthday? (woman mumbles) – Your birthday? What would you like, you
like this right here? Like Bob Marley? Oh god, we’ll sit at Richard’s tonight. – [Adam] We’re celebrating
our anniversary breakup. – Oh my god, I don’t like that. Anniversary breakup? – You never heard of that?
– Trust me, you don’t wanna see me cry. If I cry, oh my god, watching
Scary Movie part five. (LaToya laughs) So all we do is slice it nice. ♪ All night long ♪ (singing) ♪ All night, baby ♪ ♪ Dancing in the dark ♪ ♪ With you between my arms ♪ ♪ Barefoot on the grass ♪ ♪ And listening to our favorite song ♪ ♪ When you said you look a mess ♪ ♪ I whispered underneath my breath ♪ ♪ You heard it, ladies,
you look perfect tonight ♪ Thank you! – [Adam] Thank you, nice. – Jeez, girl, you look perfect tonight. This is called eggo. – [LaToya] Oh! – Got you. Little scratch over here. Oh not yet. I was going to make it a
Scooby Doo pop-up face. – [LaToya] Oh it’s so cute! Only if we could eat it now! Hehe. – [Chef] Eat it, don’t beat it. (LaToya laughs) ♪ Unbreak my heart ♪ ♪ Say you love me again ♪ ♪ I don’t know the rest of the song ♪ – Me neither. Me neither. Okay, guys, okay.
– You gonna catch? No catch, no problem. – [LaToya] You have to
catch the egg in your mouth. Adam, ready? – I don’t know if I’m ready. – [LaToya] Give me your
phone, give me your phone. (chef speaking foreign language) – [LaToya] Let’s go, man! Why are you thinking so hard? Okay, one, two, three. – One second, one second, one second. (speaks foreign language) You gotta try it first. – [LaToya] No, why me? – Throw that to her. – [LaToya] Why me? Come on. (man singing) – [Chef] One, two– (LaToya screams) (laughing) I’m scared! – Me too! It’s my first time doing this one. One, two, three, go. (cheering) – I got it! – Been singing– – I already won, I already
put a baby in there. – No, no, no!
– Way too many times. (LaToya laughs) – [Chef] You know what I’m
saying, ladies rule the world. – [LaToya] Let’s go, let’s go. – One! – [LaToya] Why are you
backing up so far, Adam? – Oh my god, he’s nervous!
– Why are you backin’ up? – You too, okay? One, two… (laughs) – [LaToya] Oh man, Adam,
why are you so far back? (chef speaking foreign language) (LaToya laughs) (chef speaking foreign language) – [LaToya] Oh my god. Okay, come on, man. – Put it in my hand, man. – [LaToya] No, catch it in your
mouth, bro, what the heck!? – One! (laughs) – [LaToya] Come on, Adam, be quiet. He’s nervous.
– One! Two! Three! Go! (LaToya laughs) – [LaToya] It hit his nose. Woo! – [Adam] I had to slide to get that. – [LaToya] I know, right? It was too far. Ooh, that rice looks delicious! Yes, that’s what I like! – You find you need more, just order more. I got you. Right here. Say hello to my little friend. – Ooh yes. Bon appetit! So I got steak, fish, chicken, shrimp, fried rice, and vegetables. So excited to eat! (island music) Good afternoon, Huntys and Huncles. How y’all doin’? It’s a beautiful day in Jamaica. You guys, I’m so exhausted, I’m so tired. I have morning sickness,
I’m so nauseous right now, but I am trying to enjoy and soak up all of this Jamaican
weather before we leave. Who’s on the phone? – I don’t know. Hello? ‘Sup, Huntys and Huncles? – Oh, I thought he was trying to be funny. Anyways, it’s so funny because first of all, thank you so much for all of our Huntys
and Huncles that tuned in to our previous vlog. Wait, wait! There we go! I’m pregnant, you guys! (noisemaker sounds)
Yay! Anyways, you know what we
should name our baby bump. – I already called it something. – Okay, so Adam calls the baby bump Kiwi. But I want two, so I
feel like we need to name the baby bump Kiwi and Tiwi. What do you think about that, you guys? Let’s get some baby bump
suggestions in the comments. (laughs) Adam calls the baby bump Kiwi. – [Adam] What did you call Zayn? – I know you called Samia peanut.
– Peanut. What did I call Zayn again? What did I call Zayn? I don’t know, but when he
was born I called him Depop. Named my baby that, that’s Depop. Anyways, we just drank some coconut water. Are these coconuts abnormally big to you? Like it’s taking me a decade to drink all of the coconut water? Holy crow. Anyways, look at our view right now. So pretty, that big old cruise ship. It has a outdoor waterpark
up there, do you see it? So cute. I wanna take the kids on a cruise. Yeah, people are finally
going in the water. Nobody was in the water earlier
because the sun wasn’t out. Woo! All right, coconut cheers! Woohoo! Wait, what are we cheersing too? A vacation. Just the two of us. – To the next series of vacations. – Yes. – We just bought like–
– I was gonna say a vacation, I know, right? We just bought like 100
weeks of vacations basically. (laughing) We just bought 100 weeks of vacations. – For life. – For life. – Oh my god. – Basically we could take a vacation every other month for life. (laughs) Yeah, so that’s what we did. – Oh my god, ridiculous. I don’t know what the heck– – Oh my god, let’s not even
think about what we just did. But we’re gonna be back. (laughs) Next month. So one of the workers came up to me and they asked me if I wanted anything. And I said, can I get some water please? And she was like, no, it’s wata! – Wata. – Wata! Not water, it’s wata. – [Announcer] Make some
noise for Captain Chris. – Woo!
(cheering) I don’t even know what was said, but woo! (dance music) Why did you have us look!? (dance music) You guys, now there’s a rainstorm in the middle of the ocean. Oh my goodness gracious. – Hey, Huntys and Huncles. – Good evening, Hunties and Huncles. – We’re about to have a romantic dinner on the beach.
– On the beach. I’m so excited about that. – It’s about 6:30 in the evening. – We’ve never had like a romantic dinner on the beach before. Like we eat on the beach,
you know what I’m saying, but we don’t have like dinner and– – And even if we do, we’re eating fries– – Fries and burgers, all that fried stuff. So yeah, I’m excited
for dinner on the beach and oh my gosh, look
at this setup you guys. It’s so cute! Hello. Okay, guys, we are at our
romantic dinner on the beach. So pretty. Adam’s matching the table, love it. Coordinating. – Excited about this new experience, having dinner at the beach. It seems so movie-like. – [LaToya] Yeah. Okay, so for appetizer we have bruschetta. Adam is going in on his food. – I wanna eat light. – [LaToya] Is it good? – It’s good. – [LaToya] He’s been loving
everything that he’s tried, here in Jamaica. He said it’s been his
favorite trip so far. – Favorite vacation trip. – [LaToya] Favorite vacation trip. – I think Dubai’s my favorite spot. I think Jamaica’s a better place, but I would live in Dubai over Jamaica. I think Jamaica is my favorite place. – [LaToya] Yeah, that don’t make no sense. – Okay, Dubai was always
my favorite place. But Jamaica is now my favorite place, but I would still live
in Dubai over Jamaica. – So you wouldn’t live here? I would live here. Wow.
– Food is amazing. Best food. – The food in Jamaica is the best. – Compared to anywhere.
– In the world, I swear. (Adam laughs) (laughs)
– In the world. – In the world. In the damn world. – How do you say it in Jamaican? (speaks foreign language) (speaks foreign language) – Trinidad’s good too,
but honestly, Jamaica… There’s something about it. They just put so much love into the food. But honestly, no, it’s tied for me. Trini and Jamaica. Maybe I’m being biased, but
both of their food is so good. I can’t compare. Because the curry chicken in Trinidad is so much better than
the curry chicken here, I’m just sayin’. The jerk chicken here is so much better than the jerk chicken in Trinidad, okay? That’s your signature dish, and curry chicken is my signature dish. – [Adam] Okay, the food is here. I’m eating lobsters again. With some fish, veggies. – Love. Love, love, love. – [Adam] Is eating… – [LaToya] Lobster and chicken. – [Adam] Chicken and veggies. – [LaToya] With potatoes and vegetables. – [Adam] And the birthday
festivities don’t stop. ♪ It’s my birthday, happy– ♪ I swear, every day was
my birthday this week. I feel so special and spoiled. Thank you so much, babe. I appreciate you, I love you, and… You’re the best thing
that ever happened to me. – [Adam] I love you too. – Give me a hug. (kissing) Love you. – [Adam] Love you too. – [LaToya] Yay! (hip hop music) – So we’re back in Atlanta. I was so close to say
we’re back in Toronto. – [LaToya] I know, right!? – So close to say it. – [LaToya] I’m so happy to be home! – LaToya was welcomed to
some love and birthday cake. Thank you, Zico, for coordinating that. – Got you guys.
– All purpose. Thank you, Aaron. – [Aaron] It was more of the kids’ idea. – [Adam] It was the kids’ idea? – Yeah.
– Thanks! Well thanks for executing it. Zayn, I missed you! I love you, baby, good to see you. – [LaToya] I love my babies. – [Adam] Samia? Thank you for getting the
birthday cake for mommy, that’s so sweet. – [LaToya] Thank you so much, baby girl. (kids chattering) – Anyways, we are out. We’re back. Be sure to comment, like, and
subscribe to today’s video. We’re so tired. We’ve been traveling
pretty much the whole day. But yeah, we’ll catch you
guys in the next video. Be sure to subscribe. We out. – Bye! (jazz music)

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