Baby Loves a Sunrise – Camping Day 5

Baby Loves a Sunrise – Camping Day 5

– Look at this guy’s new swimsuit. Check this out. Watch this. He’s a shark! (upbeat music) Good morning, everyone. It is another bright
early morning, 5:00 a.m. Duncan and I are the only ones awake, but we’re happy about it. I’m not gonna lie, the mornings
have been kinda hard for me, but we have gotten some good time to bond together, Duncan and I. Yeah. And right now, we’re
going on a morning hike, which I haven’t had a chance to do yet, but I’ve always wanted
to go down to the lake and check it out as the sun is rising. So far, very impressed. It’s very beautiful. Would you say it’s beautiful? (Duncan murmurs) Yeah, it’s right over there. See the lake? Like the lake? Yeah, me too. (uplifting music) All right, we did it, we saw the sunrise. What’d you think of it? Was it pretty? It was pretty. And we saw birds, and fish
were jumping out of the lake. That was awesome. Totally worth it. What do you think? Was it worth it? Yeah, it was worth it. You see him? Do you see the bear? One of the things that
Duncan asks for every morning is to go say hi to the bear, so we’re gonna go say good
morning to Mister Bear. Hello. That’s Mister Bear. Right there. Good morning, bear. (upbeat country music) All right, everyone’s awake. It’s time for us to go to the lake. Right? You wanna go to the lake? Ow, hey, ow, hey, ow!
– That rhymes! – We’re going to the
lake now to go swimming, and look at this guy’s new swimsuit. Check this out. Watch this. He’s a shark! He’s a shark! – [Parker] And it’s zippered! It’s a zipper!
– He’s a shark. Jacob, take it away. – Yee-hoo! We’re going to the lake,
and the lake is this way. – [Chris] Come on, guys. – And it takes a while to get there, and our friends are there already. Well, some of them are, and we’re just gonna hang out at the lake. Go swimming, stuff like that. – [Chris] Uh-oh, this
lake’s got a shark in it. What do you think? You having fun? Yeah? Is that fun? Do you love the lake? You love the lake. (upbeat country music) – [Kid] Watch out for me! – [Chris] Ooh, did you find some dirt? Ooh, Jacob found some too. Oh, you found a ball. Can you give him the ball? – Thank you.
– [Chris] Good job. – I’ve been doing a lot
of protecting the camp. I’ve been hanging out
with Duncan while he naps. It is very warm–
– My floatie, my floatie! – Protect it at all costs. – My floatie, it’s (mumbling)! – Christopher’s chopping wood. – [Parker] I did it! – Hi!
– Hi, hello. – [Jessica] Mountain man. ♪ He’s a lumberjack and he’s okay ♪ – Jacob and Bailey and their
friends just started a fire. Did you guys just start
that fire by yourselves? – [Kids] Yeah. – It’s hot! (Jessica giggles) – We’re about to put a bunch of potatoes that are all washed up and
ready to get baked in the fire. They’re covered in aluminum foil, and this is baked potato night. It’s one of my favorite
nights of our camping, and I’ll show you what
they look like right now. (exciting music) Do you like baked potato night? – I don’t know what it is. – You bake potatoes in the fire, then you cover them
with whatever you want. I prefer cheese and butter
and that’s about it. Oh, Frank’s Red Hot hot sauce. So, what do you think you’ll
cover your potatoes with? – Butter and done. – Why the sad face? – ‘Cause I didn’t get to start the fire. – Yeah, Parker’s a little disappointed because he wanted the match, and he wanted to start the fire, but the boys have been through extensive fire-starting training with their little, like,
it’s like a Boy Scouts, it’s called Trail Life, and they’ve been learning
how to do this for a while, and Parker is starting this year with learning how to do that, and he hasn’t had his
matches training yet, so he’s going to hold off this time, but next time, he’ll be all equipped to know how to start the fire
and light a match and such. Christopher might take the
big kids again to the lake. I’m going to stay here with my friends, and we’re gonna play a
board game or something while we wait for the baked
potatoes to cook in the fire. It takes a while. We don’t leave our fires unattended. – We are going back down to the lake. Duncan’s been asleep for a little bit, and he’s probably gonna be
asleep for a little bit more, so we got maybe like 20 minutes. We can do something fun in 20 minutes. I really like our
campsite this time around. It’s nice and big. There’s a big community space, so all the other campers
that we’re camping with are coming over and hanging
out with us at night, and it’s close enough
that this hike is nice. It feels like invigorating
as you go down to the lake. Bailey, what has been your
favorite camp activity this year? – I really like doing dot to
dot reading books in the shade enjoying the nature, but I
also really like swimming. – And then this is the beach that we’ve been hanging out at a lot. It’s really nice ’cause the bulk of the lake is back that way, and we’re on this little
peninsula, which juts out here, and it keeps this part
of the lake super calm while the boats make all of
this real choppy out here. Oh, it looks like they found a log. (triumphant music) (splashing) Oh, Bailey! All right, did you guys
have fun at the lake? – [Kids] Yeah. – I’d ask Jacob too, but he ran off ahead. – Daddy, you need to shave. – Yes. – I did not bring a razor, Bailey. I’m roughing it. I’m in the woods. I’m growing a lumberjack beard. ♪ He’s a lumberjack ♪ – [Chris] What, You don’t
like my lumberjack beard? – I like it. – So Parker, what has been
your favorite camp activity on this trip? – Water and– – Drinking water? – No, no, no, no, the water. – Oh, playing on the lake? What else? – And marshmallows! – Oh, marshmallows are a must. We’re excited about
marshmallows tonight, aren’t we? And potatoes. Love me some baked potatoes. Look at those potatoes,
getting nice and warm, cooking on the coals, and that’s just one of the campfires we’ve got going with potatoes. So, there’s that one, and
the one the kids built. Ooh, potatoes! Jake, is that a hot potato? – [Kids] Hot potato, hot
potato, who has the hot potato? If you have a hot potato you are out. (fun upbeat music) – [Chris] Jacob is cooking up a s’more. Uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh, flip it,
flip it, oh no, oh no, oh no! It’s lost. Jake’s getting a do-over on his. Alright, oh dear, oh no,
watch out for the baby. He’s doing a twirl move to
get it to the graham cracker so it doesn’t fall on the ground. I don’t know why he’s jumping. I feel like the jumping
might be hurting it. He needs a graham cracker quick! Somebody help him! – Wait, chocolate, chocolate! – I’ll put a chocolate on it. Just, what, is it telescoping? – [Adult Off-Screen] If you
don’t want to eat it, though, I’ll eat it for you. – Yeah, Miss Katy will totally
take it off your hands. – [Chris] Let’s see what
victory tastes like. – [Kid] Chocolate! – [Chris] Delicious! What’s going on in yours? You got a regular marshmallow? – Maple. – [Chris] Maple? – Like Jacob. – [Chris] And what kind of chocolate? – Reese’s. – [Chris] Reese’s? Maple, Reese’s, gluten-free,
cinnamon graham cracker. Amazing. Is it good? – Amazing. – [Chris] I called it. – Daddy. – [Chris] Whoa, this is the smokey side. (Upbeat music) – [Chris] There you go,
there’s your s’more. – Thanks. – [Kid] Mine is really bad. – Mine almost caught on fire. – [Chris] It almost caught on fire. – I’ve never had this kind of… – [Chris] What kind is it? What do you got going on there? – Mint. – [Chris] Mint? Mint Oreo, milk chocolate, and a delicious marshmallow, perfectly cooked. – And there’s chocolate inside. – [Chris] Yep. Hi. Let’s talk about what we learned today. We learned to beware of the lake shark. We learned that Bailey is not impressed by my lumberjack beard, and finally we learned how
to do the dash and twirl, which is a technique to
keep a melting marshmallow on the end of your stick. Thanks for watching, everybody. We’ll see you next time. (Giggling) – [Chris] Bailey’s doing a
very aggressive technique, which is called losing
the top of the pole. Oh, Bailey caught something. It’s the other end of her fishing pole. There it is. Oh, that’s a beauty. Yeah, we’ll fry that up for dinner. That’s lovely. You want to hold it out as a trophy? There it is, there’s Bailey’s

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