Baby Travel Packing Checklist | How to Pack

Baby Travel Packing Checklist | How to Pack

– In this video, we’re gonna
be talking about a checklist that you can use when
you’re packing for a trip with your baby. We’re gonna be talking about carryon stuff and suitcase stuff. Right, Kai? Yeah, yeah! (giggles) (upbeat music) Recently, I went on my
first international trip with my four-month-old. We went to England and Malta
and it was a really good trip. You can see how the flying experience went in the video that is
going to pop right now in the corner. Before we left for our
trip, I started to plan what I was gonna bring
for this trip for her like a week in advance which
is not typically what I do. Usually, I pack the day before
if not the day of leaving on a trip because I’ve been doing it so many times for so many years, I feel like it’s like second nature to me. I don’t even really need to
think when I pack for myself. But for her, it was a different story. So I’m gonna be sharing in this video what I brought with me, which
I’m so glad that I brought with me because there are other things that you don’t end up using. So I’m not gonna mention
those in this video. I’m just gonna mention the
stuff that came in handy. So get ready and if you
head on over to our blog, you can actually download a PDF checklist for when you’re packing
to travel with your baby. Okay, let’s break this up. What are we taking in our
carryon bag or the diaper bag. First and foremost, you
wanna travel with a passport. Yes, your baby needs a passport even if they’re one
week old, one year old, it doesn’t matter. Baby needs a passport in order to get into different countries. What’s really funny is the
passport picture is so cute and they’re so small and it can last them for five years in Canada I don’t know, the States
might be different, other places in the
world might be different but for five years. So five-year-old’s gonna be
like here’s my passport, sir at the customs counter and
it’s gonna be a photo of them when they were like two
months old, it’s really funny. All-purpose disinfectant wipes. So important to bring with you, specifically for the airplanes
because they are dirty and you don’t want your baby
touching and licking things that are gross, that have
not been cleaned in months because yes, airplanes don’t
get cleaned that often. So we use this to wipe down
her crib, our seating area, the trays, just to keep
things nice and sanitary and they are safe for baby,
this brand specifically. Also, this is huge but I
couldn’t find a travel-size so what I did is I just
took out some wipes and I put it into a Ziploc bag so that they stayed nice and
moist and very easy to pack. Soothers are great,
especially in the airplane if you are not going to be breastfeeding or feeding your baby
during takeoff and landing. Get them to suck on a
soother if they will take it because it will help them pop their ears. Also it’s great if your baby
is used to have a soother to calm them down, it’s
great to have on an airplane or just traveling in general,
if you’re at restaurants, at nighttime, it’ll come in handy. Creams, I carry them for myself, specifically when I’m in an airplane. It’s especially handy
because it gets really dry and I like to lather out
my baby every single day, specifically after she’s taken a bath. So I’ve got all-purpose
balm which is also good if she scratches herself because babies scratch themselves often. I got some all-purpose balm which is great for rashes
as well as all over the body and this one here by Eco
Chic is really great, especially if your baby has eczema or extra dry spots. Disinfectant spray, this is
great to have on the airplane as well as every day when you’re traveling when you don’t have
access to soap and water. This will do. Diapers, you need diapers! But you don’t need as many as you think. Bring enough that are gonna
last you throughout the flight. I’d say bring one diaper per
hour you are on your flight and enough to start you off on your trip but you can get diapers
everywhere in the world. There are babies born
everywhere in the world so don’t feel like you need
to bring so many with you. When we traveled, we use
Huggies disposable diapers. Now we are actually
using reusable diapers, the cloth diapers but I have
not traveled with these yet. I don’t know how it’s gonna be. If any of you have traveled
with reusable diapers, please let me know if it’s possible. And I have a wet sack as
well which would be good for using a reusable diaper
when traveling but again, the whole washing thing,
washing the diapers properly, I don’t know how that would go down. So if you’ve done it, let us know. Baby wipes, so you can wipe them when they poop and they pee. And also, you don’t need a lot of these. Just bring one package with you, enough to get you through the flight as well as the first couple of days when you’re traveling. You can buy these anywhere
in the world as well. This change pad is awesome. I highly recommend getting one, it looks kind of like a
clutch, very fashionable but it is a reusable change pad, keeps things sanitary when
you’re changing your baby on a flight or anywhere
in a public washroom or anywhere public really. A doggy pee pad. Yes, you can use a doggy
pee pad for your human baby as well as your dog baby. (giggles) I like these because sometimes
you’re in public washrooms and they’re really extra gross
or planes are extra gross and you don’t want to use
your reusable change pad, you want something that
you can just toss away. So doggy pee pads! You can use them for
more than just your dog. Milk! If you’re breastfeeding, you’re
carrying your baby’s buffet. So there’s that. If you are not breastfeeding
and you’re feeding formula or whatever, just bring
some bottles with you. I would recommend bringing bottled water with you on the plane
because water that they have on planes is kind of gross
and the filtered system is… It’s just gross, it’s gross. Bring your own water and your formula. They can heat up the formula
as well as breast milk for you, if you’re putting breast milk in a bottle. They’ll heat it up on the plane for you, you just have to ask the
flight attendant and yeah, they’ll hook you up. Clothes, you wanna bring
comfortable clothes for your baby for the flight so that they’re comfortable and they will sleep
well and just be happy, as happy as possible. I love this company, I can’t
remember what they’re called. ZippyJamz, ZippyJamz! I will link them in the video description because you can zip it
this way and you can zip it this way so you don’t
have to take off everything when you’re changing
them, I love this company. I’d also recommend bringing an
extra couple pairs of outfits for the flight, especially
if it’s a long one because sometimes accidents happen and also bring extra clothes for yourself because your baby might spit up on you and you don’t wanna be covered in spit up for a seven hour flight. Blankets, bring blankets
for your baby for the flight so that they are warm
as well as comfortable. You can lay it down if you get a bassinet, which if you don’t know I’m talking about, bassinet, check out Flying with
the Baby video in the iCard. Check it out but bringing
extra blankets, it’s good, keeps them comfortable. Hat and mitts, if you’re
going specifically to places that are a
little on the cooler side, you wanna bring hats and mitts. If your baby’s bald like mine and only has the old man haircut, then definitely gonna
wanna bring some hats. Now when it comes to hats,
you’re gonna wanna something warm as well as a sun hat, even if you’re going to a colder destination,
the sun is strong, it’s there and you don’t want
your beautiful baby’s skin to get burnt so protect it. Bring them a sun hat. Toys, keep your babies
occupied on the flight, when you’re traveling, when
you’re at a restaurant, having a romantic dinner with your husband or wife or whoever, wanna
keep your baby occupied. Bring toys that they know and love. Headphones, yes, baby headphones. Where are my headphones at? Sweet, these little guys. They’re so cute. These are really good if you’re gonna be in loud environments, even for the plane. Really good to have if your
baby will put up with them on its head, then this
will keep them asleep when there’s like loud announcements or if you’re going to like festivals or just having them with
you on any trip is handy because we use them when we
least expected to use them and they really came in handy. So yeah, baby headphones. Plus they’ll look so cool. A sleep sack, a sleep
sack, it’s like a swaddle. This one is by HALO, I love it because my baby likes having her arms out and not like swaddled in. Sleep sacks are great because
they keep your baby safe so when you’re sleeping, you
can have the peace of mind that your baby’s not gonna
have a blanket over their face in the middle of the night. Medicine, if your baby is on
medicine, bring that of course. Also bring preventive
medicine like Tylenol, that’s what I brought. It’s the only thing I brought, just in case baby got fever. Yeah, that’s it, Tylenol. If you hear rattling, that
is baby playing with her toy, her favorite toy that
came with us on our trip. Nail clippers and nail filers, can’t leave without them because
my baby’s fingernails grow like every day, a lot so I have to cut them like every day or else she’ll scratch herself. So I brought these with me, couldn’t leave the house without them. And can’t forget, snot suckers. They also work for you. Yeah, you don’t wanna
travel without one of these because of your baby gets sick
or they got a plugged nose on the plane, this can
help relieve that pressure. You just stick this up the nostril, if you haven’t seen one of these and suck. Yes, you won’t get anything
your mouth, I promise. Everything that I just shared with you, I pack in this diaper bag. It all fit in this. Everything else that we put in
our suitcase that we checked for Kai, our daughter, was just clothes that she wore every day, that was it. I was gone for seven days
so I brought an outfit for each day that I was
gone so seven outfits plus a couple extra pairs of pants, a couple of extra long sleeve shirts and some night wear. I was told to bring like
three outfits per day by other people but I thought
that was a little overload. I could just wash outfits
in the sink if I needed to but if you’re going for
a longer period of time like a month, I would
still just pack for a week and then just do laundry and what I did was I packed all of her outfits
in Ziploc bags like this so this would be one outfit. And it just made everything super easy. All of her socks were in here as well. Everything that she
needed for the one day. So even if my husband was dressing her, I’d be like, “There you go,” just toss him one of these
bags and we’re good to go. Booties, we brought a pair
of these for the times that we didn’t have Kai in her stroller and we wanted to carry her in the carrier. We wanted to keep her
feet warm so booties. And a carrier, that was
probably my favorite thing we brought because it
allowed Kai to face outward and basically, see
everything we were seeing as we were exploring different places. Just from that, I noticed
such a change in her after a week of traveling through Europe. She was more curious,
she was more engaged. She just had more life to her. She looked like she actually
had a great travel experience and she grew as a person from that even though she’s only four months. Stroller and car seat. You want to have a good
stroller that’s collapsible as well as a car seat, if you’re
gonna be doing a road trip or even just going from
the airport to your hotel. You can bring your own
car seat if you want but you can also rent them
when you are at the destination or call taxis ahead of
time and let them know that you are traveling with a baby. We preferred to bring our own because we knew we were gonna rent a car and we just wanted to have
our own car seat with us plus it doubled as a stroller
where we could put our baby in and walk through London and
Malta and all that stuff. The Mommy Hook, this thing
came in handy so many times when we were shopping or we
had our diaper bag with us and we were walking about. Having this hooked onto the car seat and then it can like hold so many bags. So you’re not like
carrying them all yourself, carried our camera bag. This thing is heavy-duty, the Mommy Hook. We also brought our cover for our car seat which keeps Kai super warm
because we were going to Europe during the wintertime. So that kept her so, so, so warm. And then when we decided to
carry her in her carrier, we brought a onesie type jacket that also kept her very warm. And if you are breastfeeding,
recommend bringing your breast pump with you and a haakaa. If you don’t have a
haakaa, go get a haakaa. It is so good because
I don’t know about you but when I’m breastfeeding,
the other boob’s always leaking and I don’t wanna waste
that precious gold milk. So I just put it on
haakaa, can you see that? And I collect the milk from the other boob and then I can pour it in a
glass bottle and there you go, you got bottle of milk
that would have just leaked onto your clothes. And that is everything we brought with us for our one-week trip
in Europe that we used. We use every single thing
I just shared with you and I’m so glad I brought
everything that I did bring. Now I wanna know if we missed something that really came in handy
when you were traveling with your baby. Leave a comment below. Let us know and again, there
is a downloadable PDF checklist for everything that I
mentioned in this video on our blog which you can get the link to in the video description below. Be sure to check that. Alright and for more travel
with baby, be sure to check out the links in the video
description as well. Good bye, say bye, Kai! Bye-bye, bye, we’ll see you later. See you next time. Mwah!

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