Backpack and Boots…what to do with them Hammock Camping

Backpack and Boots…what to do with them Hammock Camping

I’m Shug and I’m talking to you what
I’m talking to you about today is your backpack and your boots when
you’re in your hammock this is kind of a worry for a lot of new hammockers but the
question has come up over and over and over and over and over and over again
about where you put your pack and your boots at night so I wanted to say I’ve
done a video on packs and boots before but it was 2014-2015 and what happens as
new viewers ask the question they don’t want to go back into my catalogue and
look for it nor do I a lot of people worry about their boots if they just
leave them on the ground at night that a possum or some sort of varmint will come
up and start licking that salt and drag that boot away now that has happened to
people and a good way to possibly prevent that is take your boot laces and
tie your boots together what I did here is I put a couple of metal stakes in the
ground and you could just take your boots and it kind of wrap around that
stake like that but what that’s gonna do is keep an animal from you know dragging
your boots off but a lot of people worry about spiders and slugs and stuff
getting inside the boot just take a sock put your sock down in there and just
sort of spread that over the top of your boot like that all right
or just stuffing the sock in like that now I happen to have some camp shoes
with me on this fake trip I’m on because I’m not going to use my boots in the
night and I’m worried that something is gonna come and run off with them but you
take your boots and you pretty much just flop them over your hammock suspension
like that usually I just leave my boots on the
ground right by me why cause I’m lazy I’m lazy all right
here’s one more idea with the boots I took these metal stakes I have them put
them in the ground but what you could do is go out in the woods find yourself a
couple of sticks you know knee-high or whatever and just pound them into the
ground with a rock or another log or something like that and
what you got is you have a little place to take your boots and hang them upside
down like that that way your boots are hanging at night more than likely
stuff’s not going to get in there they kind of air out and that’s a really
effective way to secure your boots as well so uh let’s take a look at our pack
now and what are a couple of options with that when I’ve been riding my steed
all day and I pull into camp and I hitch that nag on up to a tree
I got to figure somewhere to put my boots and my saddlebags what I like to
do is take my saddlebags and I’d like to unload them in the uniform manner and
put everything in its proper place so it’s protected and not from varmints
that’s the way I do it you may do it just a different way everyone’s good at
that when I get to camp I just parked my mule and I dismount from my mule and my
saddlebags and I don’t unpack them too good
I’ll lay them on the ground and kind of just worked out off them that way I
really put anything away that’s what I don’t do the same things apply when you’re
working a dia hammock everybody style is different so you got to think what kind
of person you are how you load how much stuff you take out of your backpack at
night so when you’re in your hammock what do you need to access in the night
what are you gonna reach down and get are you willing to get up out of the
hammock to go get it or are you like me the Lord of lollygag and want to be
right in your hammock and reach down and get it without leaving the warmth of
your nice down under quilt and top quilt all right so with your backpack here
what I pretty much have is my backpack hanging off my hammock suspension – is
coming off my continual loop right there and I’m using a stick and that stick is
just through my pack strap like that just a pretty strong green stick and
it’s going right through my continual loop and that just hangs it right there
or you can bring a beaner and hang it either way they get your pack up off the
ground so even if I’m laying in my hammock my pack is right here I can I
could put things I need in a side pocket I could pretty much lean back there and
access that thing and and get things pretty well without even getting out of
my hammocks now I just happened to have a hand a little knob sticking out of my
tree right here but Hickory actually carries a separate little strap that he
uses just for hooking his backpack to a tree so I could have this thing here
it’s really at a nice height to work out of it for the day my hammock is right
there if I wanted to leave it here in it rain
I’m gonna take my pack cover and just cover the pack at night so I
always use a pack cover if I’m hiking in the rain all day and it works out great
at camp for hanging your pack against a tree at night gear hammock another great
option and I mentioned it in that last video I did on gear storage is the gear
hammock it is a small hammock that just hangs right beside the hammock that you
are currently laying in enjoying the view or getting ready to have well if
you’re like me 10 to 12 hours of slumber the gear hammock right I’m a pack on the
ground guy and I’m a boot on the ground guy and normally at night I just take my
laces and put them inside my boots and I’ve got them right there and if I do
not have camp shoes with me these are what I’m stepping into at night if the
ground is mucky sometimes in fair weather I’m sleeping barefoot or just
get up and go pee barefoot because that’s usually what I’m getting up in
the night to do if I’m in doubt sometimes think it’s gonna rain or
there’s too many critters on the ground I just kind of take my boots and do them
like that get a slug or a spider still get in there yes they can but good ideas
with the boots before you slip them on if you’re barefoot just give them a
shake before you put your foot in there you’ll be thankful for that tip if you
did not know that tip so my boots go right on the ground my pack will sit
right on the ground during the day and during the night and I always carry with
me and I have for years it’s always in my
pack the piece of plastic right here I’ve had this now for 20-something years
and that would just normally go on the ground right there a my back just sits on it like that
so my pack is normally right by me occasionally I take a boot and I just
put it right there by the pack to just shim it up so it doesn’t fall over so in
the day time when I’m working out of my pack I’m all in it right here and it
night want to go to sleep same thing I might have a water bottle
jacked up under it or a small rat terrier so what I’m laying at night and
I’m here and I need to get something I usually put my poop bag for in the
morning I’m ready to go for my morning constitutional right in one of the side
pockets maybe a piece of clothing I might want to add in the night goes in
the top if it rains and my pack is on the ground
I make sure just like with my tents water can’t get onto my piece of plastic
down there my pack will be under my tarp and if it’s a torrential rain I used to
put my rain jacket from the pack cover over it and it might be laying back on
the ground but normally mine is kind of sitting up
like that so then when I’m back in my hammock and I’m kick back and I’m under
it’s all right here I got it all by me tarp will be pitched boots are down here
camp shoes and that’s pretty much what you’re gonna do with your pack or your
boots some form here they’re willy-nilly of what I just showed you best way to
find out about this stuff is you know take it as an excuse to get out in camp
more because you’re only gonna find your groove by getting out and doing it and
find out what kind of a camper you are and how you like to arrange your pack
and your boots or your you know for those of you that use trail runners same
things applies it’s got to be very literal here what I do at night is I
loosen my laces at camp I have the boot spread wide open so when I get up I
don’t have to fight my foot in there I’m just stepping right in and staggering
over there and taking a pee and then staggering back getting out of them and
getting back into the glory and the wonder of this hammock Oh secure in
Sector seven whoo buddy why so stilbene oh you hate it oh you
don’t like to do

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  2. Some common sense and practical ideas, Shug. But, what do you do in sub-zero temps, say -5-10 deg below zero? Your up the next morning and your boots, which you left on the ground or hung on your ridge line are now frozen. How do you then cope with putting your feet into your now frozen boots? Do your warm feet warm them up while you grin and bear it, or do your frozen boots keep you uncomfortable? Do you have some special technique, like foot warmers or other method for combating this? Another good video, Shug.

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  5. I carry a Helinox ground chair. That gives me the advantage of setting my pack and shoes in the chair at night. I usually am hanging high enough to keep the chair right underneath me. Makes it super easy to have access to anything in my pack during the night. If my shoes are muddy, I put them in a trash compactor bag I also always carry.
    Don't hate the chair, it is worth the weight for me.

  6. Wrap my boots in a bag , then when i go get them in the morning there is only a dyson in there, it's a mystery…….. Early.

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  11. I've normally leave my pack leaning up against a tree.. and I'll leave my boots on the ground. Never had a problem. >knock on wood>
    Thanks for the video

  12. The very first video of Shug I saw was the original what to do with your pack and boots video. He had me hooked after that.

  13. I havent tried this before but when it is cold outside people have suggested putting boots in a grocery bag and put them in you under quilt to keep them warm.

  14. pack hangs on the tree, boots go under my hammock, if I worry about them going anywhere, they get tied to my hammock pouch strap…

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  18. I always carry two plastic grocery bags(weighs nearly nothing) for sitting/kneeling on, collecting trash, etc but I’ll put a boot in each and their completely covered from getting wet and protected from bugs.

  19. For me its not so much critters running off with my boots.. The porcupines are fine eating the boot laces right under the hammock..

    I use a large compactor bag as a pack liner, and I just put my pack, boots, etc inside it, and lean it up against the tree im hanging off of.

  20. hmmmm…..

    Hammock camping is done to stay away from where bugs are, the ground…. usually in tropical climates where the jungle floor moves like in an Indiana Jones movie. When I was camping in Guyana I put up my hammock (with mosquito net tied around it, opening down) and left my flip flops (too effing hot to even wear tennis shoes) either on the ground beneath me, or resting inside on the bottom of my mosquito net, make sure the weight is holding the net closed, not open. I did have tennis shoes and socks with me, only used shoes when walking long distances over uneven terrain, then hung them on hammock line and rinsed socks and threw them over hammock line as well…..

    When camping in South America, remember to bring extra metal fishing leaders… if you lose one on a rock on the bottomed the river and don’t have a spare, you’ll never catch anything after that as piranha will bite through any non metal leaders…. (trust me on this)

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  23. If you're wearing boots especially tall ones you can always nest the one in the other, top of one boot into the top of the other boot. It makes a u and would hold your pack up pretty well. A lot of folks aren't lucky enough to live in places where there aren't poisonous spiders ,snakes, and scorpions.

  24. You don’t worry about porcupines? They can be buggers. Heard one chewing one night in a crowded campground before he came shuffling by our tent. I knew my stuff was safe because I took precautions but the neighbors weren’t so lucky. He chewed all the grips off their hiking poles.

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  26. Because of all the black widow spiders here in SW Mississippi, I put my boots down in a garbage bag and then twist and tie it closed so the little devils won't get in. Got bit by a black widow a long time ago and it made me very very sick. At 60, I probably wouldn't survive another bite like that. Plus we have a poisonous snake called a pygmy rattler sliding through the piney woods. Little rascals like small, dark places like boots to hide in.

  27. It all started with a diy video on tarps this winter. The poster said if I wanted to know anything about hammock stuff, to look up Shug. I've spent WAY too much time watching your videos, (even some circus stuff) and I am a long way off from my perfect set up, but I need to thank you for passing on all your knowledge , the laughs and inspiration. I am a fan for life. Sincerly. George

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  30. Greetings from Australia, bare feet and boots on the ground can equal instant death by our eight headed spider snakes. I’ll take the boot hanging option thanks. Just saying!

  31. Fucking insane 🙂

    Hey Shug, ever have a chance to use the ULA Photon? I am looking for a daypack for longer day hikes.
    Any recommendations?

  32. This was the first video I saw from you a couple years ago. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching your adventures and have begun my own due to you. Thank you for all you do for the community. Please know your knowledge and antics are heavily appreciated.

  33. I bag my boots and put them in the bag with me. They tend to be cold as (blank) in the morning. Or, home to unwelcome guests. Depends on the state your boots are camping in. Depending on the evening pre sack beverage quantity they just stay on. The most important question were is the pee spot border marker. The flip flops stay on the footprint under the hammock.

  34. This is the yard at Shug’s House.
    This is the tree that grows in the yard at Shug’s house.
    This is Shug’s pack that hangs from the tree that grows in the yard at Shug’s house.
    This is the hammock that hangs near Shug’s pack that hangs from the tree that grows in the yard at Shug’s house.
    This is Shug who sleeps in the hammock that hangs near Shug’s pack that hangs from the tree that grows in the yard at Shug’s house.
    This is the video made by Shug who sleeps in the hammock that hangs near Shug’s pack that hangs from the tree that grows in the yard at Shug’s house.
    This is earlymusicus who watched Shug’s video made by Shug who sleeps in the hammock that hangs near Shug’s pack that hangs from the tree that grows in the yard at Shug’s house.
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  35. Good tips Shug and I like the glasses! 😅 I'm planning to hike a few miles on the SHT in late May. I'll start at the 270 lookout and hiking back to Castle Danger. Maybe it will be more than a few miles!

  36. Hey Shug: o hammock master of all things swinging! Do you have a tutorial for simple “Frame” idea (other than an old swing set) that could be built in the backyard so I could have a cool setup for just hanging around?

  37. I was inspired by Kevin…

    I would cinch them if I could

    I would plug them with some wood

    But the splinters in my booties

    Would surely end up in my tootsies.

    So I dangle them from my ridgeline

    Just before the clock hits nine.

    and so the bugs and grubs stay out

    the spiders though, may scope them out.

    My water bottles in my shoes
    They'll stink… it's what I have to do!

    There's nothing worse than a tarsal bite

    After sleeping in a hammock for a long night.

    It's written in some old lore,
    at least for what I know for sure…
    that there's nothing institutional
    about a bad morning constitutional.

  38. Dear Mr. Mule Rider,
     I understand your reluctance to part with some hard won trail ride-en experience … I'm a bit shy me self. So I'm asking a kindred spirit here to to pass along a message to The Shug he's a bit of a wild one .I've bin drinking coffee all morning and still haven't got up the nerve to talk to him about the favour…
    I've started a home business selling a campfire cooking device I invented. I think every Mule ridding stud worth his salt should own one.
    Tell The Shug I'd like to give him one, If he'll cook something with it on his channel . here's a one minute demo-
    Yours truly Mr. Nomadic Oasis & the Mighty Mule ;)'

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