BACKPACKER JOB ISSUES IN AUSTRALIA✔Work and Travel Vlog #23 – Gatton Farm Work Area – Weltreise

BACKPACKER JOB ISSUES IN AUSTRALIA✔Work and Travel Vlog #23 –  Gatton Farm Work Area – Weltreise

our chef so, today is easter sunday and we met a very nice italian couple 2 days ago Gian Luca and Arianna and together we go to Lake Dyer unfortunately the weather isn’t looking good we want to watch the surroundings and we’re gonna relax there, have BBQ to honor the day because it’s Easter see you later so welcome Ramona is busy too we have again an uninvited guest 😀 we already had at Lorraine’s home a gecko inside the house and now here again there he is it’s a big one maybe he goes out by himself we have a tupperware box no, not with this yes, let’s catch it with the box and put the lid on top where is the camera? I’m already filming 🙂 we caught it! our little friend i can’t see it ah here ok release him to freedom we are looking for a job again and the funny thing is just here on this place were the laptop is only there we have wifi connection and here is our flatmate 😀 it always visits us yes…. well, we’re already looking for a job since 1,5 weeks we had…… it is very annoying when you can’t find anything it’s a bit boring here you can’t do anything here the problem is this morning we drove to many different farms went there by ourselves and talked to the farmers but they all say the same now is the season over for two months at the little farms but at the bigger ones it starts in two or three weeks everybody says the same then there should be plenty of work and they need a lot of peoples but now we just found something on Gumtree it’s again 3,5 hours further inland but it sounds very good we have to drive tractors or something probably ahh, the cat how lovely bites me in my leg we haven’t got experience with that but i talked with him that i’m a mechanic i told him i think he liked that so he sayed that he’ll call our last farm chef from our pecan farm i gave him the number and than we’ll see probably we leave here to drive 3,5 hours further inland we better do this instead of sitting around here I’m sick of this Hello, i’ll tell you something briefly we noticed the water here from the tap is not suitable for drinking it smells weird and disgusting and i asked our neighbour where we can refill our water bottles than she showed us where to refill them and i sayed, ok thank you…… and than a few minutes later, when i came back surprisingly there were standing these waterbottles and i thought ähh where did they come from? i asked our neighbour again and she gave us the water bottles things like this happen to us all the time so great always be thankful 😀

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