100 thoughts on “Backstage Megadeth European Tour 2020 Copenhagen ( legendado)

  1. Hey Kiko I just started recording, What is the best way to get a good chug breakdown sound off the top string. I have a line 6 pod and a boss metal zone pedal but it doesn't sound good.

  2. Kiko, o que eu preciso fazer pra conseguir algumas palhetas tuas pra minha coleção sem vcs tocarem na minha cidade? hehe

  3. Hi Kiko, what do you do to keep your fingers from falling apart, playing every night must be painfull! Hows Dave doing?

  4. I’m sure every fan has there story. I’m so glad you show more of Megadeth.

    To be honest Their the only band I listen to. I’m not kidding…. it started when I was 15. As kids we started playing guitar. You know Metallica Guns n roses. Even Pink Floyd. Until I herd Megadeth. It was like a punch in the face. From then I was hooked. Started with the killing road.

    Now I’m 33 and still ONLY listen to Megadeth. It’s hard chatting music. Because people always ask me. “ oh have you herd these guys or those guys?” And i reply “Megadeth?” Every album well almost every album is amazing. As a guitar player who only plays Megadeth I have noting but the most respect for Mr Dave Mustaine. His speed, thrash and shear anger he puts In just fuels my fire.

    You could say life’s been tough for me and Megadeth has helped me through for 15+ years.

    I don’t know if you’ll read this. But if you do. Thank you !! I wish I could say it in real life. But if this is the closest I get I at least want you guys to know. Thank you. 5 magics is my fav to play for the record. Thank you again. A fan in Canada 🙂

  5. Amor, você continua mais lindo a cada dia!! Só de te ver meu dia já fica mais feliz!! Um beijo grande meu lindo Xuxu Guitarman

  6. Acabei de receber a notificação do seu novo vídeo agora meu coração!! Você é sempre um sucesso pra mim, com show ou sem show, com turnê ou sem turnê!!

  7. Cara, que legal. Quando você segura a câmera e anda no backstage, dá pra imaginar a gente indo pro palco. Que sensação. Valeu por compartilhar.

  8. Hi Kiko! I met you in Helsinki vip meet and greet and later on the stage (I was the young guy in the middle) I was speechless then and forgot to say I love you man you are so cool!

  9. Kiko, thank you for the concerts and for your videos. They are really interesting, I've never could see what a band does before and after the performance. Keep it that way!

  10. ohhhh its cool man its awesome megadeth and mahogany body ibanez yeaaaaa rite its great rite ,,, oh wait a minute just hold on a second

    I just realized Im not 12 years old so yea hmmmmmmm nahhhh it sucks

    and u r talented player and what r u exactly ??? 12 yrs old trapped in 50 years old physical form or what if u r that good then u should have published your own solo album so

    which means u r not real solo guitar player bcus u haven't published any remarkable solo album like slash so I say slash is awesome and u aint so ,,,

  11. I love the way Kiko is such a normal dude.. He vlogs on YouTube, Shows us his gear, His warm ups. So down to earth. Even though he is in Megadeth, He doesnt have that "celebrity" attitude and keeps things real.

  12. How many hours of preparation do you have to put into every gig? I know you play for about an hour every night, but I was wondering if you have any time to enjoy the city you're in, or you're just travelling/practicing most of the time.

  13. Hey Kiko,
    Are you going tourist mode in Warsaw?
    I would love to meet and maybe talk a little bit about city. Unfortunately going on gig is not option for me (epilepsia).

    Take care!

  14. Nice tone Kiko… Really nice tone. You're getting even better and it is not just your equipment, your playing seems clearer than ever.. Saw you in 2004 I guess during the workshops of No Gravity in Cascavel/PR and it was a quite nice experience for a 1-month guitar player like me. When I got home I almost threw my guitar away. Haha.

  15. Kiko, is your spare guitar the Indonesian-made Kiko 10bp or is it the Japanese kiko 100? Ibanez no longer makes the kiko 100 and there are no proper demos of the kiko 10 online so was wondering if you could maybe give us your views on how the kiko 10 compares to the kiko 100 (overall feel and sound, trem and tuning stability, etc.) Thanks

  16. Hey, when writing harmonies, could you tell us which intervals you tend to use maybe for different feels or effects? 🤟

  17. IM some glad i found you your wicked love the video lessons. Be Safe and happy hello from St.John's Newfoundland. Canada

  18. I have a question: You showed a bit of Alesis Playback MIDI Controller and said it's the computer which is used for changing patches. So Dirk plays to a click and all the sound changes (for instance rhythm and lead patches) are mapped and everything is done automatically (like you can do it with Axe FX), right? Do your techs switch in/off anything, then?

  19. Hi Kiko, have a good day/afternoon/night, could you explain us how you setup the sound levels for the different effects sections of a song in guitar, be it in several tracks in live for example. rhytim, solist, etc, in various songs
    What kind of gain/level volume, various examples if you can :), or what kind of problem and experiences did you have with that , THAAANKS!

  20. KIKO Did U Hear THE new G11 from ZOOM ?? are u in the picture of the Zoom boot at NAM , thks brother congratulations for u Career.

  21. This is awesome, thanks so much for taking the time to do this for us. Does the whole band jam with a click track or is that Dirk that just warms up with it?

  22. Hey kiko!! How you been? I’ve been wondering what gauge strings you use for standard tuning? I know you touched on it in the video a little bit it’d be cool to hear more. Thanks and have a great time on tour.

  23. kiko hello am the big fun of yours from the phillipines..i play guitar almost 20 years but even i start i never had my own guitar..maybe do have a guitar the cheapest that i can have tnk u so so so much kiko laurero

  24. The general public (i.e., those who have never had a peek behind the scenes) will learn a lot from this, though it scratches the surface of the lllllllong days, quick shows (by comparison to setup), and llllong loadouts… all to do it again somewhere tomorrow (or the next day, if lucky), over & over & over.
    But you broke a golden rule: showing the current tour's AllAreaAccess laminate!!! Aaaargh!
    I've seen crewmembers kicked off of tours for showing theirs on social media posts or letting them be photographed by groupies & fans!

  25. Meu irmão, eu admiro muito vc pela sua humildade… Um abraço desde Cd. Juárez Chihuahua México… Abençoado dia!!!

  26. Kiko..vc é nosso herói mano. Queria uma opinião.. Eu sou comissario e viajo o tempo todo. Fico 24h em hotéis e queria aproveitar pra estudar mais música. Você conhece alguma guitarra que caiba em mala com o braço de um tamanho real ou bem próximo que eu possa levar pra estudar? Algum modelo que vc já tenha visto que valha a pena investir? Abraço, cara. Sucesso sempre!

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